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We, the citizens of our nation and of our Earth, are endowed with certain rights, powers, and obligations, which demand we act both individually and collectively to protect and preserve the ongoing evolution of life on Earth, including our future generations.

Based upon a preponderance of scientific evidence we recognize our global climate is rapidly warming and becoming increasingly unstable due to human-caused carbon pollution from the burning of fossil fuels. If we do not change course before global warming tipping points are crossed, this destabilization of our climate  will continue to cause ever-increasing suffering and potentially irreversible devastation for both current and future generations. If left unresolved, it could cause the extinction, or near extinction, of the human species.

We further recognize that rapidly escalating global warming and its consequent climate destabilization and consequences is the greatest currently active threat to the security of all nations, comparable in scope of impact to global nuclear war. Escalating average global temperature rises will lead to destabilization affecting first millions, then billions of people forced to deal with ongoing climate catastrophes, food and other resource depletion, and mass migrations.

Nearly all of the major problems our world faces today worsen and multiply due to escalating global warming. All of the ecological, economic and political problems listed below will cross-intensify and therefore worsen as average global temperatures rises.

  • Food and resource depletion
  • Severe droughts, floods, and wildfires
  • Rising sea levels
  • Water pollution and water table loss
  • Desertification and deforestation
  • Ocean fish stock depletions
  • Growing economic inequity, poverty, and instability
  • Political instability and injustice
  • War and regional conflicts
  • Increasing potential of pandemics and other health crises

Despite 30 + years of education, study, and discussion about the possible irreversible effects of human-caused carbon and methane pollution of our atmosphere, global warming temperatures have escalated to levels that may have already passed or be close to passing global warming tipping points with impacts that are irreversible. We must immediately reverse the continued rise of average global temperature by decreasing human-caused production of greenhouse gases from the burning of fossil fuels.

Failure to resolve global warming for ourselves and future generations is simply not a survivable option.

As global citizens of every nation on Earth, we ask you, our national leaders, to initiate the necessary steps to formally declare a national and international global warming State of Emergency, calling for the immediate allocation of the needed research, resources, personnel, and interventions to quickly resolve this State of Emergency and sustainably protect, preserve, and advance the continued evolution of humanity and life on Earth.  

By signing this petition now, I pledge to act together with others as one human family to acknowledge and resolve the escalating global warming-caused global warming emergency.

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  • signed 2017-02-03 10:25:13 -0800
    Effective response to Climate change requires action not only about the big boys, but also each and everyone of us – We must not only talk the message, but live the message first – one person may be a small candle, but that candle can inspire others and our light will glow brighter and brighter – We must listen as well as talk. Listen to understand, not to refute or argue. We must ta;k the same, not to insult and be the loudest, but talk to create understanding – Understanding leads to cooperation and Harmony – Team Work
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    Katherine DaSilva Jain
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    Please sign the petition: Declare a Global State of Emergency!
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    This petition is one of the most important petitions I’ve ever seen.
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    Please sign the petition: Declare a Global State of Emergency!
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    Let’s look at new options to make living enjoyable for today and the future.
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    Please sign the petition: Declare a Global State of Emergency!
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    arthur kuntz
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    Make changes now before we aren’t able to go back.
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    Climate change will affect people all over the world – in fact, already is. We in the U.S. will be dealing not only with our own extreme weather, floods, fires, droughts, etc. , but also with climate refugees, famines, water shortages, and wars started over lack of resources and disasters caused by climate change. We have to do everything we can NOW. Even doing all that is possible, we can’t avert further consequences of greenhouse gas emissions already in the atmosphere. With Trump in the White House, we have to use every possible means to stop his agenda to prioritize fossil fuel development over the URGENT CLIMATE CRISIS!