Job One Action Steps Summary

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Here is a brief summary of its personal and collective action steps needed to effectively fix the escalating global warming crisis.

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The personal action steps:

  1. Realize that we are already in a global state of climate emergency.
  2. Change your language and the way you “frame” the escalating global warming challenge in your conversations with others. Take the Stop Saying Climate Change Pledge!

  3. Divest from any fossil fuel related industry investments that you might have. Do everything you can to convince everyone else you know to do the same.
  4. Evolve your diet to eat fewer animal products. More than any other action to lower your fossil fuel and carbon eco-footprint, this is by far the single most effective thing that you can personally do to reduce global warming. See why.

  5. Do everything else you can to lower your fossil fuel eco-footprint. Unfortunately, even if hundreds of millions of us started eating fewer animal products and taking other actions to lower eco-footprints, it still will not save us in time from irreversible global warming. Only the collective actions listed below will do that.

The critical collective action steps:

1.)  Demand a new global warming risk analysis to fix previous underestimation and other errors. Also include the high-impact climate tipping point scenarios. This will necessitate funding additional climate tipping point research and transferring the new climate risk analysis to properly funded, properly resourced organizations and agencies well experienced in national and global risk analysis procedures.

2.)  Call an emergency meeting of world leaders as soon as the new global warming risk analysis is available. The purpose of the meeting will be to enact independently verifiable and enforceable global warming laws and carbon and methane pollution reduction targets to prevent irreversible global warming.

The new international global warming laws that need to be quickly passed are:

a.) International laws that would create a Fee and Dividend carbon and methane pollution reduction program. This is not the grossly flawed and “business as usual”  Cap and Trade program that you hear promoted in the media.

At every level, the Fee and Dividend program has the greatest hope of motivating the necessary energy generation and energy use changes that will keep the greatest possible amount of global warming-causing fossil fuels in the ground forever!

In addition, most of the carbon fees from this new law would go directly back to the public in the form of cash dividends to help them become more energy-efficient. Part of the Fee and Dividend program proceeds would also finance the following special areas:

    • to create employee job retraining as well as a business and nation recovery fund that would assist all individuals, businesses, and nations who will suffer significant financial losses because of the rapidly falling use of fossil fuels.
    • to fund research into new technologies that may become our last hope and back-up plan to remove carbon and methane pollution from the atmosphere before we go over the climate cliff Into irreversible global warming.
    • to fund a special global education and public relations campaign on why we all have to comply with many new, difficult, and costly global warming reduction changes soon to be enforced by our governments. The general public is not currently ready for the rapid behavioral transition needed to go through the radical changes in energy generation and energy distribution to reduce carbon and methane pollution. It will take a massive global public relations and education program to help the general public understand why all of these rapid changes are needed and beneficial to their futures.

b.) International laws that would remove all government subsidies from fossil fuel energy generation.

c.) International laws that would provide generous government subsidies for expanding green energy generation.

d.) International laws that would provide special investment incentives for companies involved in expanding green energy generation. We have to scale up green energy production as fast as or faster than we are reducing and replacing fossil fuel energy generation.

e.) International laws that would incentivize divestment from all dying industry fossil fuel energy generation and related companies.

f.) International laws that mandate the creation of a separate 5% of national GDP emergency reserve fund for each nation to cope with the rapidly rising costs of escalating global warming catastrophes. The modern world has never experienced the rising scope, scale, and frequency of losses and destruction that will occur as escalating global warming races towards critical tipping points. Some estimates propose it will eventually take between $400-$600 trillion dollars to repair all of the damage of escalating global warming as we cross various tipping points.

To put that amount in perspective, that is roughly 4-6 times the total annual GDP of the whole planet! Without creating a minimum 5% emergency reserve fund for each nation, business, family, and individual, how will we ever deal with these soaring catastrophe costs?

g.) International laws that would affirm the necessary long-term global climate stability maintenance limit of reducing carbon pollution in the atmosphere down to 350 parts per million (ppm) or less.

3.)  Cleverly enforce the new international global warming laws. The enforcement of any new international climate laws and carbon and methane reduction targets will require financial and other penalties placed on all violators. (In the soon to be released upgraded Job One For Humanity Plan, we disclose how this can be effectively done using only existing global mechanisms.)

4.)  Prepare global warming emergency backup plans. Because we are losing the battle with escalating global warming and have been for over 30 years, we have to face the reality that we may not change our global fossil fuel use behaviors in time to prevent irreversible global warming and catastrophic climate destabilization. Because of this, it is now critical for every individual, family, business, and nation and to have a global warming emergency plan in place and ready. This plan would include the creation of emergency supply reserves and possible migration plans depending upon where you live in the world. (In the upgraded Job One Plan you will be given adequate information to begin this emergency preparation process.)

And finally, in the soon to be released upgraded Job One for Humanity Climate Restabilization Plan, you will discover surprising yet highly-proven innovative strategies that actually can get the needed remedial global warming changes done on time. These new strategies also sort out the differences between who is morally responsible for our current escalating global warming crisis and who is practically responsible for getting it fixed.

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