Stop All Current Toxic and Dangerous Environment Polluting Practices

Collective Action Step 7:

Full cost, triple bottom line accounting, common sense and Sustainable Prosperity principals also demand that we stop all ongoing toxic and dangerous pollution and polluters appropriately. This means that all toxic and dangerous polluters will fully remove (and/or make safe) all toxic and dangerous pollution they create either before or after it enters the environment at their full cost!

The most powerful and effective way to do this by creating new and enforceable national and international laws that enforce full consequence capture for pollution onto those who have created the pollution consequence. Clear international toxic and dangerous pollution laws and consistent enforcement is the essential and necessary structure needed to deal with our primal and overriding natural self interests.

In evolutionary terms and systems, self interest is the dominant driving force and motivation for the parts of the wholes in evolutionary systems. (We as individuals are parts of the whole evolutionary system known as humanity.) Unless these primal self interests are managed by some form of government with the enforceable power to reward and penalize --- private individual or corporate self-interests will win out over the commonwealth and well being (the self interests), of humanity as a whole.

New consistently enforceable pollution laws must be designed so well that the most ignorant and selfish person among us will want to follow them because of the negative consequences for not doing so are so swift and certain that there would be an immediate reduction in achieving their self interests by not following these wise laws. Alternatively, these new pollution laws are designed so well that the most ignorant and selfish person among us will also want to follow them because of the positive consequences for doing so are so swift and certain that there would be an immediate increase in achieving their self interests (graduated rewards), by following these wise laws.

If any nation goes first in setting these new enforceable pollution laws and other nations do not follow, that nation would need to set tariffs on the products and services of the other nation so that no nation or business could gain competitive advantage by polluting.

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