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The first wave of an estimated 200,000 Puerto Rican global warming climagees (climate refugees) is already hitting US shores and they are planning on making the continental US their new and permanent home. This is in spite of many of our politicians denying that global warming is real, it will worsen, or that global warming-intensified hurricanes like Harvey, Irma, and Maria are only a small preview of what is to come...


Ignoring any form of denial, it seems like the average Puerto Rican citizen is not overlooking the harsh new reality of the 21st century. Afterall, in spite of what you are being told, It's hard to ignore a reality that has just flattened your home and will do so once again with the next global warming-exacerbated storm.


To add insult to the Puerto Rican injury, shortly after the two previous global warming-intensified hurricanes hit Texas and Florida, Puerto Ricans experienced a poor response from the US government to their life and death crisis. Puerto Ricans quickly learned an important global warming catastrophe lesson for the future --- resources to fix escalating global warming catastrophes are not inexhaustible nor are not distributed to everyone equally!


Climate predictions foretell that no government or any collection of non-governmental aid agencies will soon be able to keep up with what's coming in escalating wildfires, droughts, superstorms, rain bombs, floods, and the other global warming natural consequences. We have entering the new global warming world. A world where if you can't care for yourself during any of the coming global warming-intensified catastrophes, you soon will not be cared for at all.



As these global warming intensified storms will certainly continue to batter Puerto Rico, it seems many of its citizens have carefully calculated the lowered likelihood of their being adequately protected in Puerto Rico and have thus decided to leave permanently for the US mainland. Unlike the tens of millions of other new climagees in the near future who will try to enter the US or other northern countries illegally to move up at or near the 45th parallel, these estimated 200,000 new climagees are already US citizens, and as such, they will not have any problems moving to the US mainland permanently.



Soon, more citizens realize that global warming is far worse than we're being told, and climagee migrations will rapidly increase worldwide. Real estate prices will certainly begin dropping in those areas as climagees try to sell their properties before prices crash.



No one can blame the Puerto Rican people for recognizing that their island will continue to suffer and there will be less and less resources available to help them recover from future catastrophes. They are demonstrating the good sense to know that those in global warming vulnerable zones must soon migrate if they're going to have any reasonable hope of a stable life. They may already even sense that it will get much worse as other citizens around the world also recognize escalating global warming will force them to either migrate or suffer and die where they are...



If you want to know more about your global warming future, such as where the global warming “dead zones” are and when real estate values, regional markets, and political stability will destabilize in these zones, get the new book Climageddon at Amazon.



(Editor’s note: In another soon-to-be released article, we will shed light on the growing yet largely uncovered migrations out of coastal Florida and the south coast of United States by US citizens to more northerly and global warming safer locations. It appears that besides the world’s ultra-wealthy [who have been well-briefed by their high cost, personal risk analysis teams and who are already secretly buying security compounds and land in the safe northern zones,] a growing contingent of other intelligent or intuitive US citizens also appear to know something bad is coming and it's time to get out of the way before they really get hurt.)


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