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    Volunteer to Help Everyone Survive Climate Change and Global Warming

    Thanks for volunteering!

    Ready to play a bigger role? Please see our volunteer page to see ways you can make a bigger contribution to end global warming.

    If you have any doubts about volunteering to help spread our life-critical message and mission, we strongly recommend that you click here and watch this 4 Minute Global Warming Video by Greta Thunberg given at the United Nations on September 23, 2019. It should help you to quickly understand and feel the seriousness of the global warming-caused mass extinction emergency we now face and why we must work together to get our politicians to act now.

    Special Update of November 6, 2020: Job One for Humanity and UniverseSpirit.org are now working together to create the new urban, suburban, and rural eco-communities described below. If you are interested in volunteering and helping us or learning from what we are doing send us an email as described below.

    To deal with accelerating global warming, the 11 other most critical global challenges, and the many coming catastrophes, we have started creating the first of many sustainable eco-communities. These new communities would also have a high potential to survive and thrive in the safest global warming locations and have the best chance to survive the 11 other global challenges that are rapidly worsening.

    These intentionally designed communities will have a new system of personalized democratic political management that will better serve the community's wellbeing. They will also have new fair exchange driven economic models. 

    We hope that someday these new economic, political, and social models that we will be creating will become a new, better model for the post-collapse future worldwide. 

    These communities will be developed using open-source models. Anyone joining and contributing may use all of the information we have assembled and branch off on their own at any time to form their unique urban, suburban, or rural new community.

    We plan for this first new rural community to eventually have up to 500 people, so we are looking at potential land purchases up to 2,000 acres.

    This first community is designed to be a place for the best of appropriate modern technology, sustainable gardens and farms, (an agrihood) net-zero energy construction, a focus on ongoing personal growth and education, off-the-grid independence, green energy generation, complete recycling, environmentally sensitive policies.

    It will also be a place where humanists, individuals who value rationality and science, and individuals with progressive spiritual practices will feel comfortable.

    If you want to help co-create these new communities, email manage@Joboneforhumanity.org and put "New Sustainable Community" in the subject line.

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