André-Louis Hermans

  • commented on Did the US Supreme Court Judge Nominee Lie about Climate Change Under Oath? 2020-11-01 13:23:39 -0800
    All googled studies with the moving magnetic poles use latitude and longitude. Those are two dimensions and not three as you suggest.  
    You get three dimensions in Google Earth, which incorporated the bathymetric data since 2009, which I discovered at the beginning of 2019 by plotting both paths. 
    Please display them on your website next to the Keeling curve from the magnetic reversal of 780,000 years ago (the famous hockey stick).
    Between 1845 and 1846, the height evolution of the south magnetic pole changed and has since continued to decline, increasing the influence of solar activity on Earth’s atmosphere through the polar cusp as well. 
    Read wiki Retreat_of_glaciers_since_1850 & List_of_California_wildfires (before and after 1850).
     In 1859 you had the solar storm where the magnetic north pole, then at its lowest latitude, changed direction towards Siberia (Norilsk).
    The acceleration of warming began when the North Magnetic Pole plunged into the Arctic Ocean in 1995/1996 .
    The elevation changes at the ALPHA or the deepest point of the MAKAROV basin (> -4000m / -13250 ft) are also noticeable in the post-2000 statistics of the California wildfires, especially the record of burnt wildfire at the greatest depth of the magnetic north pole since 1590.
     Note that the swine flu coincidentally coincides with the ALPHA ridge and Covid-19 coincides with the LOMONOSOV ridge just as the Neanderthal exctinction coincided with the LASCHAMP excursion and that this one. one cycle ago of the obliquity happened.
    I don’t think you can read all these phenomena from your Keeling curve?
      Are we in big trouble? Yes, if you don’t adapt to climate changes.
     CO² mitigation will happen automatically when the alternative becomes cheaper worldwide.
     In the meantime,the studies need to be re-examined in connection with food and water supplies for the future 11 billion fellow citizens and remember de Amundsen basin is deeper than Makarov while the magnetic South pole goes deeper and deeper in the antartic ocean direction  Indian ocean.