Charles Duemler

  • commented on 10 Facts the World's Governments and Largest Environmental Groups are Hiding about Climate Change 2020-11-17 21:12:27 -0800
    yes yes, we’re in trouble but you’re wrong about geoengineering

    there are methods with my project to reduce co2 in the atmosphere but even with taking a chunk out of the atmosphere this part of the problem i’m not confident my project would solve

    but controlling the temperature of the earth is another thing. we just need 5% more clouds over the ocean to counter all the added co2 in the atmosphere

    just need to control hurricanes with my 20 mile diameter structure that’s powered by the hurricane, capture a tropical storm coming off africa or one that’s going to hit landfall, turbo charge it to a cat 5 and drag it out into the middle of the ocean. with 5-10 structures one could provide water for drinking and irrigation around the world and cool the ocean and cool the earth

    there is so much more to it along with advanced methods i haven’t gone over, ways to not kill billions and such, ways to better the quality of life for everyone and needing to work on r&d that will change everything

    there’s the problem that it will change weather patterns cooling down the earth but weather patterns have shown that they have changed and it will get worse

    right now i’m just waiting for joe to take over and scientists that can understand the physics of free methane breaking through a permafrost barrier generating a 2,000’ blow hole with a bottom made up of material frozen in place by the freezing effects of the frozen methane coming up with all the debris. it’s kinda complicated but there’s no way methane hydrates could create such a blow hole and the gasses coming out are way more than the hole could hold or so natalia has stated. so far as i know nobody has a clue, it’s so disappointing