Kambiz Fatehi

  • commented on We face difficult global warming choice options as we stare down a high probability Great Global Collapse and possible later Great Global Rebirth 2021-08-08 07:52:58 -0700
    When the world’s Illiterate scientists talk about global warming, it means that they do not pay attention to something more dangerous and even the cause. They have no knowledge that they are being suffocated by colloidal particles that are present in dust storms and cannot be seen with the naked eye. They are unaware that after the end of the dust storms, colloidal particles will still remain in the atmosphere, contrary to popular belief. They do not know that these particles are scattered on the earth like a layer of air and a thick blanket. Yes, they do not have a proper scientific explanation for how these dangerous colloidal particles may have a huge impact on increasing global warming and the density of airborne particles and suffocating humans. Yes, they have made a huge scientific mistake because they observe global warming without any prior knowledge of the behavioral properties of these particles in the atmosphere and their effect on tree drying and fire.
    Also how to explain to them that the effects of fossil fuel consumption are very small compared to the effects of hydrophobic colloidal particles on global warming and the destruction of living things!
    The main question now is how to make this vital issue of the planet understandable to the world’s Illiterate scientists so that a well-proven scientific solution can be presented to the world community?