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    Be a Volunteer Climate Hero or Heroine and Help Humanity Survive the Climate Change Emergency

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    You will be immediately emailed everything you need to know about our volunteer projects and how to start!

    Our volunteers are true climate change heroes and heroines. They are independent, self-organizing individuals who understand if we do not fix the accelerating climate change emergency before it is too late, there is no future a rational person would want to exist in. 

    All volunteers work independently on self-chosen projects or positions online. Welcome to the growing worldwide army of volunteer climate change heroes and heroines.



    Job One for Humanity is an all-volunteer, IRS-recognized nonprofit educational organization. Being an all-volunteer nonprofit organization with no paid staff is unheard of nowadays. It tells you much about who we are and why our team shows up. 



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    Get Free Support for the Climate and Runaway Global Heating PLAN B Here

    Thank you for signing up for the free support for the Job One for Humanity PLAN B. This support sign-up step is critical if you want the best chance of success with the PLAN B actions. Extensive research has shown that having support for completing a task can be up to 90% of the reason why that task was completed successfully.

    You also will be able to ask questions and share your experiences and successes with this support tool.

    The Job one Support Team

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