Global Warming Panic Now Appropriate Says Expert Bill McKibben

Watch Bill's five-minute "time to panic" video here

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The 4 most Critical Global Warming Deadlines and Tipping Points We Must Never Forget

There are just 4 global warming deadlines and tipping points to never forget because if we miss or cross them... ...

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The most important thing to know about Earth Day 2019 and your April's global warming news

On April 22 we celebrate another Earth Day, but what is the most important single thing we should take away...

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Hacking Global Warming

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Job One for Humanity is a non-profit organization with a new plan for how to prepare for, adapt to and survive the global warming emergency. This plan is based on global warming research and science. It provides practical, prioritized and effective action steps you can start today.

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  • Disasters aggravated by global warming are growing more severe, occurring more often and covering bigger areas. Learn more here.
  • How bad global warming is going to get is not being adequately discussed in the media or by our politicians. Learn more here.
  • We are no longer be able to avoid many of the catastrophic or irreversible consequences of global warming. Learn more here.
  • Actions to manage global warming are not working fast enough to prevent the collapse of biological, economic or political systems! Learn more here.

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