We have just run out of an endowment given to us by a wealthy donor years ago who understood the importance of our mission. Because of this new financial reality, we have had to make drastic cuts to our free services and organizational operations. This is because we have still not been able to raise enough new donations to meet our humble monthly obligations...

Here are the service and other changes we have had to make:

  1. We have had to stop sending out our monthly newsletter containing the most important Global Warming Blog headlines for that month. This means you will not see any of the many great global warming news stories that you are used to receiving every month unless you sign up for our free Global Warming Blog RSS feed. This free RSS feed will replace our monthly newsletter and email you the most important blog stories once a week.
  2. We have had to lay off ALL paid staff and now function only with volunteers and 3 consultants who have critical technical skills that our volunteers are missing. These remaining consultants have also had their consulting contracts cut from 70 to 90%.


If our monthly donations do not improve, these are the additional changes we are contemplating and may be forced to make to save the organization:

1.) Requiring a small annual subscription/membership fee for access to critical global warming warning signals, emergency recovery plans, safe zone information, as well as other essential information relating to the escalating continuous catastrophes of irreversible global warming.

2.) Removing any members and subscribers from our mail lists and web access who have never made a donation. We pay per subscriber for our mailing list contractor. If a current member/subscriber has never made a donation to support our mission, we reluctantly will be forced to take them off our mailing list to reduce our monthly mail list costs. Additionally, these individuals would no longer have access to restricted areas of our website with our most valuable global warming information.

What you can do...

1. If you value our organization and our continued efforts to provide truthful, timely information on the escalating global warming emergency, please make a donation today and help keep this organization operational for another month. You also will be protecting your future security and safety as well as ours.

Click here to make a quick and easy online tax deductible donation today of any amount.

2. Help us find new wealthy donors to make larger donations and help keep us going. 


Here is how our mission has evolved

Our recently updated mission:

to warn and to prepare society for the now unavoidable 20 worst present and future consequences of irreversible global warming!

The substeps to achieving this mission are:

  1. To help individuals understand the global warming-aggravated disasters they will inevitably experience. Click here for that information.
  2. To provide individuals with strategies designed to help them quickly recover from global warming-aggravated disasters physically and financially. Click here for this new information.
  3. To help individuals create the emergency backup plans and emergency supplies they will need for short term recovery from the future escalating consequences of irreversible global warming. Click here for details on how to do this.
  4. To help individuals, wherever possible, to adapt locally to the new realities of irreversible global warmingClick here for details on how to do this.
  5. To help as many people as possible migrate to global warming-safe locations, as well as relocate essential key infrastructure near or above the 45th parallel north or, near or below the 45th parallel south, where local adaptation strategies are neither possible nor wise. Click here for details on how to do this.
  6. To help individuals and groups create self-organizing, independent, and sustainable eco-communities in global warming-safe locations, as well as to make sure these new communities are well-prepared to survive the onslaught of inescapable catastrophes. (See the Universe Community sections of our sister website for all the information you will need to do to create your own independent, sustainable eco-community in a global warming-safe zone.)
  7. To slow and lessen the escalating effects of irreversible global warming to prevent the collapse of civilization, and avert humanity’s total extinction from what is called the Climageddon Scenario. In order to help preserve critical infrastructure and save as many individuals as possible, we are educating individuals and groups on how to create or expand their lifestyles and livelihoods toward a true Sustainable Prosperity, which will in turn help slow and lessen the speed of this rapidly unfolding catastrophe. (If extinction seems unrealistic to you, please see the phase-by-phase global warming extinction process as it unfolds briefly described in the Climageddon Scenario here or more fully in the new Climageddon book.)
  8. Once we have survived and learned from this catastrophe, we will promote our new understanding of sustainable living and sustainable livelihoods to help us thrive again in the future.

How our challenging mission will be executed:

  1. While maintaining a positive perspective, we will come together to cooperate, live more sustainably, and make the best of a nearly impossible situation. We actively foster tapping into our deepest philosophical and spiritual reserves to help us succeed, endure, and make sense of the tremendous suffering and sacrifice ahead. We also will seek to utilize this unprecedentedly difficult and urgent situation to enhance and expand the meaning and purpose of our lives, and to help us develop and broaden our character and skills.
  2. We use the best climate science available.
  3. We do only what is deadline and effectiveness prioritized in the proper sequence to save as much of of humanity and civilization as we can.
  4. We use the free Job One Plan to first survive global warming and to help individuals cope with the emotional implications of irreversible global warming, create emergency preparedness, and effectively adapt for a difficult future. (As of January 17th, 2018, we are still working on upgrading of the Job One Plan, but you can still download the older version for free. The older version has most of what you will need until we can finish the upgrade sometime before May 31, 2018.)



Lawrence Wollersheim

Executive Director

Job One for Humanity

[email protected]


PS: We would be more than glad to hear from you about how you feel about the above draconian changes we are being forced to make as well as any suggestions you might have to help us survive this financial challenge.

Job One for Humanity offers a science-based plan to end escalating global warming that is practical, prioritized and effective

for the time we have left. It's contained in the new book Climageddon.

For more about Climageddon go to: Climageddon Information 

You can also keep up with Job One For Humanity on Facebook.


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