Special Briefing #2: Within the next 6-10 years only the immediate top-down influence of the world's wealthiest individuals and corporations can save us from irreversible global warming and eventual extinction.


Getting something fixed usually entails properly assigning responsibility to whatever or whoever created the problem. This is true, but only in part when it comes to fixing our current global emergency.

The initial good news is that assigning moral and ethical responsibility is a relatively simple concept: The more you have caused, created or have contributed to the problem existing or continuing, the greater your moral and ethical responsibility for fixing it.

But, when we talk about who is responsible for fixing the global warming mess, we also need to think about how to assign this responsibility in two important and distinct ways:

  1. moral or ethical responsibility (climate justice as it is often called) and

  2. practical responsibility (someone who has some level of responsibility for the problem and the capacity or capabilities, which can actually do something effectively to fix it).

The moral or ethical responsibility for resolving global warming lies proportionately with those individuals, corporations, and nations that, by continuously burning fossil fuels (coal, oil, etc.) have proportionately contributed the most to the global warming problem since the First Industrial Revolution, which began sometime between 1760 and 1820. While this is a morally and ethically true assignment of responsibility, in practical terms it presents a considerable challenge and problem.

We will waste much more time we no longer have trying to scientifically determine or litigate exactly what it is the proper and fair proportion of moral and ethical global warming responsibility (the cleanup costs, total liability etc) for every nation and corporation still around since the first Industrial Revolution. Next, we would have to try to enforce that moral and ethical responsibility on those nations and corporations all over the planet. This alone could take at least another 3-5 decades, if it could even be done.

But, we no longer have decades. If we are lucky, we have at best only another 6 to 10 years left to prevent irreversible global warming. (See new Climageddon book at Amazon for all of the new research and documentation behind the 6-10 year boundary for action.)

This ethical and moral dilemma presents another imposing problem. Many of these corporations or nations most responsible for global warming have varying and frequently conflicting cultural, religious, or other social and legal value criteria and definitions for defining responsibility, morality, ethics, and justice themselves. This means that finding some common and universal meaning of moral and ethical responsibility across these intersecting boundaries is all but impossible --- especially within our dwindling 6-10 year time window.

In other words, as wonderful, fair, or reasonable as it sounds to simply enforce moral and ethical responsibility proportionately on all of the large and small creators of global warming, we could still be arguing about implementing such liability and enforcement issues long after we have tumbled into irreversible global warming and closer to possible extinction.

If we can't take an exclusively moral and ethically responsible approach to resolve the global warming emergency in the time we have left, we are forced to take another approach. Unlike previous plans to halt global warming, the new Job One for Humanity Plan to end global warming (also found within the new Climageddon book) focuses on using the practical responsibility approach.

Practical responsibility in the context of resolving global warming is defined by several factors:

  • Who has enough influence and power to force the immediate creation of new verifiable and enforceable global warming remedial laws or treaties in time to avoid irreversible global warming and extinction.

  • Who has the most to gain or lose.

  • Who also has good reasons for bearing at least some additional moral and ethical responsibility in this area.

  • What will most effectively take into practical account the unbearable reality that we no longer have time left to bottom-up educate the masses about the incredibly complex and difficult issues of global warming as a complex adaptive climate system, and that we also do not have enough time left to slowly build political will person-by-person from the bottom up until a growing angry public will finally demands that its self-interested politicians create these critically needed new verifiable and enforceable laws or treaties.

So this then leads us to the 600-trillion-dollar question: who has the greatest practical responsibility for resolving global warming? Yes, average individuals do have moral and ethical responsibility for global warming to the degree that we have contributed to it in our lifetimes, but average citizens do not hold very much effective practical responsibility for resolving it, as they have so little real political influence in the needed areas.

Because the United Nation’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has failed so completely during the last 30+ years in spite of dire scientific warnings about this problem, the five key entities who now bear the greatest practical responsibility for resolving the global warming emergency in order of priority are:

  1. the world's wealthiest individuals

  2. the world's wealthiest corporations

  3. the world's wealthiest or major celebrities

  4. the world's wealthiest nations

  5. the world’s intelligence agencies within world’s wealthiest nations (This group’s reasons for holding such great practical responsibility is fully discussed in the new Climageddon book at Amazon.)

First, we must explain what this does not mean. We are not talking about the world's wealthiest corporations, individuals, celebrities, nations, and intelligence agencies individually setting up new companies and/or research projects to find new technological and non-technological solutions to global warming. That will never work in time without first having globally enforceable and verifiable warming reduction laws or new treaties and a global Carbon Fee and Dividend program already in place.

This also does not mean that the world's wealthiest corporations, individuals, celebrities, nations, and intelligence agencies cannot privately invest in global warming remedial solutions; it just means we can't rely exclusively on their individual or private wealth to solve the global warming problem. That being said, in addition to their ability to influence our political leaders to act now, there is a lot of successful management and execution experience the world's wealthiest individuals, corporations, and intelligence agencies can bring to the table to help all of the world's nations plan and execute the largest energy generation transition project in human history.

If you are wondering, as far as the world's wealthiest celebrities are concerned, their importance in quickly educating the masses about the seriousness of the emergency and the necessity of the difficult, painful, and costly changes we must all immediately endure cannot be overestimated. The celebrities of the world command the needed attention to make sure this new and very difficult-to-swallow message is successfully understood and accepted.

Why the 1 % will want to solve the escalating global warming emergency

The reason why the 1% should or will want to use that influence is because they are the ones who have the most to gain or lose. These wealth-endowed entities in one way or another, control 90 percent or more of the world's wealth and assets. They do in fact have the very most to gain or lose as escalating global warming continues toward irreversible global warming and then extinction finally for most of the world’s population.

As we move into irreversible global warming, first millions and then billions of their citizens, customers, or fans (not to mention they themselves) will begin to suffer and die. First, weaker and then stronger national economies will begin to crash. As national economies crash, so will our governments.

Normal large corporate or small scale business as we have known it will become more and more impossible to conduct because the safe, stable, and consistent environment needed for any kind of reliable and continuous manufacturing, supply distribution, retail, or other business operations will be so unpredictable and so disrupted by an escalating chain of ever-increasing global warming consequences and catastrophes that maintaining a continually profitable business of any kind will be all but impossible.

Entering the state of irreversible global warming of itself and alone, is a no-win game for everyone, no matter how much wealth one now controls. Those wealthy corporations, individuals, and celebrities who are already buying land and facilities in the northern most countries eventually will not be safe there as well. Mass migrations of desperate, aggressive, and armed “climagees" (climate refugees) and displaced southern national armies will eventually overrun any and all border security measures, angrily take their fair share of what's left, and punish anyone who by either commission or omission had any significant part in letting this horrific global warming meltdown and now irreversible catastrophe occur.

Eventually the private security companies that the ultra-wealthy corporations, individuals, and celebrities have hired for protection in their new northern security compounds will turn against their affluent bosses, realizing that they now live in the Mad Max world of the later phases of the Climageddon Scenario where only superior firepower and military-style personal training determine survival, final ownership of available resources, and safety. (The Climageddon Scenario is a new time-sequenced prediction and future planning model to better understand the complex and intertwined processes, contexts, relationships, transformations, and consequences of escalating global warming up to and including predicting the unfolding of irreversible global warming and human extinction. It’s 6 phased stages are described fully in Climageddon.)

Worse yet, and well worth repeating, the climagee survivors of the most painful and devastating catastrophe in human history will be so angry and traumatized, they will aggressively and relentlessly seek vengeance on anyone they hold directly or indirectly responsible for causing or contributing to the global warming meltdown and catastrophe, or for failing to act when they reasonably could have prevented the worst of it! In their unimaginable anger and pain, some of the remaining climagee survivors who desperately fight their way into the remaining temporarily safe northern zones, like some survivors of the Holocaust, will relentlessly hunt down anyone who they believe knew about the escalating global warming emergency and had the influence or resources to address it, but did not.

Things will be even worse for wealthy corporations, individuals, or celebrities who acted to protect only themselves, did nothing, or sought to profit from the escalating global warming catastrophes and chaos as they developed. When those individuals and other guilty parties are identified, it is highly likely that all their personal wealth will be removed as well as from their trusts, heirs, and businesses. They will be imprisoned indefinitely for what will be defined later in the history of the global warming emergency as crimes against humanity, future generations, and the future.

Additional reasons for the world’s wealthiest individuals, corporations, and nations to act to save our future

The world’s wealthiest individuals, corporations, and nations also have other good reasons for bearing more moral, ethical and practical responsibility to act to end our global warming crisis.

  • For the most part, they have caused measurably more fossil fuel pollution in the creation and maintenance of their vast wealth than any of the rest of us as individuals have, and because they continue to use far more fossil fuels than any of us do in the maintenance of their current jet-setting lifestyles, expanding business activities, and growing national economies.

  • They have a greater moral and ethical obligation. It resides within the concept of “wealth obliges,” similar to the old French concept of noblesse oblige. The updated concept of noblesse oblige also implies the moral and ethical obligation that possessing great wealth extends beyond mere economic influence, comforts, and privileges. It also requires the person or entity who holds such status to take on reasonable and rational social and leadership responsibilities to promote and protect the common well-being. Under this updated concept that wealth obliges, the world's wealthiest nations, corporations, individuals and celebrities are in fact more morally and ethically bound to act and lead than any common citizen. And, finally, but most importantly,

  • There simply isn’t enough time for anyone else with sufficient influence over the world’s politicians to fix this emergency before it's too late. Yes, we really are nearly out of time. If we are very lucky, we have at best about 6 to 10 years left to prevent irreversible global warming and its eventual consequence of massive human extinction. We should have started making the necessary changes 30 plus years ago when we were warned by our scientists. At the current time, there is no one else available with the necessary levels of immediate controlling influence over today's self-interested politicians other than the world's wealthiest corporations, individuals, intelligence agencies, and celebrities.

Getting out of this mess

If you are not one of the world’s wealthiest individuals, corporations, or celebrities and you are not a high-ranking member of an intelligence agency cognizant of the escalating global warming damage continually being created, you now know you are not the one who is primarily responsible to fix this mess. With that in mind, let's explore what you are responsible for getting done by seeing the global warming emergency in a new way.

New solutions are needed to bypass the failed solutions of the past

If we are going to solve this global warming emergency, we have to let go of the idea that the bottom-up mass public demand solutions of the past are still viable. They are not. There are no bottom-up solutions that would work within the 6-10 year action deadline we now face. We must surrender all such illusions or die.

Only a top-down solution driven by those who have the proven influence to immediately enact verifiable and enforceable national and international global warming reduction laws or treaties will work. There's really no other way to say it. Global laws or treaties driven into existence by the proven influence of the world's wealthiest individuals, corporations and national intelligence agencies are our last best chance of resolving global warming emergency before it's too late.

Do not underestimate the driving evolutionary power of self-interest

Politicians and national governments have repeatedly proven themselves to be highly susceptible to the influence of the world's wealthiest individuals and corporations or other nations as evidenced by the lavish ongoing favors, subsidies, and special interest laws they have passed, which greatly favor the interests and profits of wealthy individuals, corporations or other nations over the interests of their own common citizens or our collective well-being.

We can count on the time-proven reliability and power of the deep evolutionary truth that self-interest drives almost all of the actions of the world. The world's richest individuals, corporations and nations will aggressively act to save themselves and their futures once they come to realize that the escalating global warming crisis is the ultimate no-win game for themselves and their heirs.

There's a bit of good news here. To finally resolve the escalating global warming emergency all we have to do is get the world's wealthiest, individuals, corporations and national intelligence agencies to understand their own extreme personal risk and exposure and then thoroughly convince the politicians of the world that our current escalating global warming is a quickly collapsing no-win game. They (the world’s wealthiest individuals, corporations and our national politicians) can be reliably depended upon to save us. Not because of any powerful sense of duty or human obligation to others or their citizens, but because they want to save themselves, their families and their vast assets first!

If we fail to educate and motivate those who have the power to immediately influence and remedy this situation, we are in the deepest trouble. There is no long-term or viable backup “Plan B.” If the world’s wealthiest nations, individual, and corporations don't turn this Titanic of a disaster away from crossing more global warming tipping points or points of no return in the next 6 to 10 years, all will be lost in the ensuing climate meltdown and the collapse of civilization as we know it.

The strange logistics of how the world's wealthiest individuals and corporations will lead the rapid global transition out of fossil fuels and into green energy generation

It will not be all of the world’s wealthiest individuals and corporations who will finally understand their responsibilities for this crisis. It will only be about two thirds to three quarters of the wealthiest individuals, corporations, and nations that will lead us through this survival-critical transition.

The reason is simple. Approximately a third to a quarter of of all of the world's wealthiest corporations individuals and nations derive a great part of their wealth from fossil fuel related operations and industries. They are not going to part with that wealth or watch it dissipate without a long, drawn-out fight, no matter how many of the rest of us have to suffer and die because of their foolish and ultimately self-destructive greed.

The good news is 2/3 to 3/4 of the world's wealthiest individuals, nations and corporations do not derive the greatest portion of their wealth from fossil fuels or fossil fuel related industries. This means that they will not want to see their wealth destroyed as global warming escalates beyond any controllable level. This also means they will have considerably more resources and far greater numbers to defeat the counter-efforts of those unwise wealthy individual and corporate dead-enders who obstinately link their futures to a dying, old 19th century energy, technology, and industry.

All we have to do is communicate to those two thirds of the world's wealthiest individuals, nations and corporations that their physical and financial survival depends upon overriding any well-funded counter efforts to stop the rapid transition to 100% green energy generation or to stop the rapid global reduction of fossil fuel use.

This tactic is also an ironic turnabout. Since time immemorial, the world's wealthiest individuals have been playing other classes or groups against each other to forward their own interests. This time, we as the general public are doing it to them, not for personal gain, but to protect and preserve everyone's ultimate self-interests and common well being…

A final warning to be diligent with the 1%

From many experiences over the last 30 years, society has learned that some of the world's wealthiest corporations, individuals, and nations greenwash their political and profit-making activities to make themselves look like good citizens while not actually doing anything substantive. Their real motivation for the greenwashing remains to surreptitiously increase profits or private advantage, often in some other area of their existing carbon-polluting activities. For more information on greenwashing, see this article by Tim McDonnell.

Wealthy corporations or individuals should not be allowed to greenwash or hide the real dangers of escalating global warming. Rather they need to be educated and inspired to use their influence and control to get the politicians of their respective nations to enact the necessary enforceable and verifiable global warming remedial laws or treaties. (These new laws are  also discussed fully in the Climageddon book.) If they try to greenwash with insincere and hypocritical actions, they need to be exposed.

While not ignoring the greenwashing risk—in fact, being vigilant about it instead—it’s still true that the world's wealthiest corporations, individuals and celebrities without a doubt have the necessary influence and control to get the attention and/or compliance of the world's political leaders to create and enforce the new global warming reduction laws or treaties that must be enacted if we are going to survive.

In conclusion

  1. If we are lucky and have not already unknowingly passed some point of no return or tipping point within the many climate and climate related systems and subsystems, we may still have about 6 to 10 years left to prevent irreversible global warming and its eventual human extinction (This is documented in the new book Climaggeddon. Yes, Al Gore once again gets the global warming worst consequences and time frames wrong in his new movie An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power)

  2. Because of the massive and immediate amount of globalized change that is needed to fix global warming, there is no way bottom-up mass political mobilization can make this happen in time.

  3. Only the 1% wealthiest individuals and corporations in the world have the needed immediate access and political influence to get their respective national politicians to pass the necessary verifiable and enforceable international laws and treaties that will effectively reduce global warming.

  4. Without verifiable and enforceable new laws and international treaties, there is no practical way to both sufficiently reduce global fossil fuel usage and scale up green energy generation to the necessary levels needed to prevent irreversible global warming.

  5. We have wasted 30+ years of warnings by our best scientists. With 6 to 10 years left to prevent irreversible global warming, our current risk and threat level is extreme. We are leaning so far over the precipice we may already be falling off the cliff. Once you finally understand what the real global warming condition is, it is completely appropriate to experience regular flashes of panic and dread. Let that panic and dread motivate you to act because there is now no time left except for immediate, radical action.

  6. Once the top 1% of the world’s wealthiest individuals and corporations truly understand the full consequences they will also face, they too will urgently want to fix global warming before it becomes irreversible. Nothing will be worse for their businesses or preserving their individual wealth, no matter how wealthy they are, than irreversible global warming and its eventual extinction level consequences. It is the ultimate no-win endgame for them, their families, heirs, humanity and civilization.  (More about why the 1% will not survive what is coming, no matter what they may believe or do, is explained in Climageddon.)

  7. The key remaining responsibility for all individuals who are not part of the 1% is educating the 1% about what is coming if global warming becomes irreversible within the next 6-10 years. As the 99% we have to resolutely hold the 1% responsible for fixing this mess within 6-10 years or, we ALL suffer and die together. (The Job One for Humanity non-profit organization and the climate research in the new Climageddon book will help you do this.)  

What do about the global warming emergency if you are not part of the 1%

Although you and I as average citizens do not have the influence to get our politicians to act in time, there are still lots of things we can do:

  • Sign this petition to call an emergency meeting of the world leaders to enact the necessary new verifiable and enforceable global warming international laws and treaties.

  • To help educate the 1% about what is coming forward this Special Briefing #2 to any individual or corporation you know in the 1%.

  • Let other environmental organizations know about this Special Briefing so they can adjust their missions and deadlines accordingly.

  • Help educate others. Buy the new Climageddon book as a gift for your friends in either eBook or printed versions at Amazon. In this book, you will find the complete Job One for Humanity Plan, which includes prioritized action steps that will help individuals and organizations educate the world's wealthiest individuals, corporations, celebrities and intelligence agencies about their senior responsibilities in this area. This book also explains in detail all consequences for why these wealthy entities will want to immediately influence their national politicians and push for new enforceable and verifiable laws or treaties needed to remedy the global warming emergency before it is too late.

  • Keep up with the latest global warming news, progress and new research by signing up for the Job One Global Warming Blog here.

  • Make a one time tax deductible donation to help financially support ending global warming and the unique nonprofit educational voice of Job One for Humanity organization by clicking here. Job One for Humanity has been a leading voice in offering original and effective new solutions to this emergency and in exposing the false global warming information that we are still being given by our governments and media.


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  • Make a personal commitment to help educate and hold the 1% responsible for fixing this mess within 6-10 years  or, we ALL suffer and die horribly when global warming becomes irreversible.

Lawrence WollersheimYours for humanity, our children, and the earth,
Lawrence Wollersheim
Job One for Humanity

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Illustration Credit: Jean Arnold

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