The two releases also shared another nearly identical sentence. “These jobs will have a multiplier effect, creating many more jobs in the communities that service these new investments,” Woods stated in the ExxonMobil news release. With only a slight change, that sentence appeared, unattributed to Woods, at the end of the White House news release.

Requests for comment to the White House were not answered.

ExxonMobil’s Jeffers said that “our goal today was to illustrate the very significant investment we are making in the region, creating thousands of jobs and billions in economic activity — all thanks to the shale revolution.”

In the White House video posted Monday on Facebook, the president takes credit for the oil behemoth’s investment program, the product of years of growth in U.S. shale gas supplies. At the 2013 CERAWeek conference, the company announced a multibillion-dollar expansion of its gigantic Baytown, Tex., refinery to “boost its capacity for turning natural gas into petrochemical building blocks.”

“This is something that was done to a large extent because of our policies and the policies of this new administration, having to do with regulation and so many other things,” Trump said Monday. “I said we’re bringing back jobs. This is one big example of it.” He added: “I want to thank very much ExxonMobil. Special company. Special people.”

  March 6 at 6:48 PM