From one friend of the Earth to another, Happy Holidays!

The ever-vigilant team at Job One For Humanity is most grateful for the help and support you’ve provided us over the past year. We are working tirelessly to put the final touches on our unique plan to slow and eventually halt global warming.

We are on the brink of releasing a major new blockbuster book entitled Climageddon that will blow the lid off the overly cautious forecasts too many governments are relying on to prevent the looming catastrophe. It will astound even the most hard-bitten climate activist!

It’s a tough job, perhaps the most difficult challenge facing humanity today. And we are up against far tighter deadlines than most have yet to realize.

We are coming to you asking you to donate $25 or more toward our 2016 year-end goal of $39,000. That modest sum of money will enable us to increase our staff and level of effort as we prepare to launch a full-scale onslaught against the forces of denial who now have a champion in the highest office in the land.

With each new month bringing record warmer temperatures and a new US President-Elect who denies global warming science, it’s past time to take action.
Why Job One for Humanity?

Of all of the organizations that exist to combat the imminent climate catastrophe, why would you single us out for a donation?

I can think of a number of reasons, but let me mention just two.

First, we are unique among these groups in that we have a science-based, highly focused, and eminently achievable new approach to solving global warming. If you’ve read our Plan, you know what I mean. If not, I would strongly suggest you visit our website and read the Plan for yourself.

Second, we work very hard to keep our team small, our goal laser-focused and our financial needs at a minimum. That’s why we are seeking a relatively modest amount of total donation at this holiday season. We don’t waste your money. Much of our work is done by dedicated and passionate volunteers. You can be sure that your donation to Job One for Humanity will be carefully monitored and spent only on the necessities.

You should donate because in our first year of operations we have been wildly successful in our mission to alert, educate, and encourage people to take action to end global warming.

In another major milestone, we are weeks away from releasing the game-changing new global warming book, Climageddon. This significant new contribution took 5 years to write and will shake up how we think about global warming as well as help to realign our efforts to fight it. Look for more details in our next email.

Make a $25 tax deductible holiday gift & receive
a Free download of Climageddon when released in January!

Please support us now. Any size of gift is extremely helpful, if you donate now any amount up to $25, you will receive 50% off to buy the new book, Climageddon! But if you can afford $25 or more, you’ll get your own copy ABSOLUTELY FREE! Help stop the climate deniers soon to enter the White House. Please make your tax deductible donation now.

Lawrence WollersheimInternationalHolidays.jpgThank you for your support!

Lawrence Wollersheim
Job One for Humanity
[email protected]

Green-Donate-Button_style_text.pngYour tax deductible donation is made through FACTnet Inc., a 501(c)(3) IRS approved nonprofit educational organization in the USA. ALL of your gift will be used to further the mission of Job One for Humanity. (Job One for Humanity is a DBA of Factnet)

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