Is migration necessary to avoid climate chaos and extinction for much of humanity within the next 10 years? Special Briefing #5...

The above illustration reflects a new global warming reality described in detail below. 

If you are among the billions who live between 45 degrees north and 45 degrees south, you will need to "migrate to survive" far sooner than you think! 

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In last month’s special briefing, we told you that global warming has become irreversible. (If you missed what irreversible global warming means to your future, how long it will last and how and why this happened, click here.)

This month, the news is even worse. Two months ago we told you about the gross miscalculations by our global warming authorities as well as the other factors which have created today’s irreversible global warming.

What we did not say is that this new state of irreversible global warming will lead to extinction for as much as 70 to 90% of humanity within as little as 30-50 years. Yes, you read that correctly! Extinction-level global warming is devastating news but, if we act immediately and effectively, there are still many positive things we can do to save much of humanity and have good, meaningful lives for as long as is possible 

Here is a brief overview of what is necessary to survive and even thrive in our new world of irreversible global warming, now carrying us ever closer to extinction:

1. Get yourself, your family, and business prepared for a string of global warming catastrophes continually increasing in frequency, severity, and scale. To do this, create emergency backup supplies and resilience described in the new first step of the upgraded Job One Plan.

2. Create a backup migration plan for your family and business to re-locate to a global warming safe zone. You may be needing it sooner than you think.

Global warming safe zones are those areas that will be least affected by global warming aggrivated sea level rise, super-storms (like the recent US hurricanes of Harvey, Irma and Maria,) wildfires and super droughts. Click here for more of the consequences that will increasingly plague the unsafe global warming zones.  

Depending upon your location, many of us have roughly a 10-year window to move near or above the 45th parallel north, or to move near or below the 45th parallel south. The reason for that rough 10-year window is that land will soon become scarce in the global warming safe areas. This is because the best land (available water, good soils and defensibility) will disappear quickly as more and more individuals realize that things are only going to get worse. Also, the real estate prices on any remaining lower quality land in the safe areas will continue to skyrocket as prices drop in the unsafe zones as more individuals realize they must also migrate or die.

To make migration matters much worse, near or above the 45th parallel north where most global warming safe land is available, those nations will soon be adding difficult new immigration restrictions as they come to realize billions of people will soon be desperate to move to their countries. (Please see the first new step of the upgraded Job One Plan for your migration evaluation and strategy details.)
3. Get super busy helping us slow and lessen the impacts of the worst consequences of global warming so more may survive and thrive. To get started with the critical action steps to help slow and lesson escalating global warming, you can download the free Job One Plan. However, know that in the next several months we will be releasing the new upgraded version to better manage our rapidly worsening global warming reality. The first part of the new and upgraded Job One Plan to be released will help you get prepared and it is available right now by clicking here.

Additionally, we will need to to create powerful new support networks of deep meaning and value for those individuals hearing this terrible news for the first time. When one fully understands that our global warming future is now is out of our control for centuries to thousands of years, and, it is going to get much worse before it gets better, it is devastating.

Some of our own team members have gone through extensive periods of depression dealing with the life-shaking facts we are sharing with you in this special members and subscribers briefing. They have had to work through the Kubler-Ross grief recovery model numerous times. In the months to come, we will release an improved collection of support strategies for all early adopters who realize this emergency is not going to go away and we have to deal with it --- especially to help with the grief and sadness this news causes.

In case you're curious about why our current level of global warming is accelerating so fast and how many critical tipping points we will cross within the next 30 to 50 years that it will lead us to extinction if we do not follow these advices, see the new book, Climageddon, The Global Warming Emergency and How to Survive It contains everything you need to know.

But, if you haven't yet bought the book Climageddon:

a. You can get a quick overview of the Climageddon Scenario--the step-by-step pathway to our extinction--by clicking here.

b. You can review the top 20 consequences of global warming, by clicking here.

c. You can review the 11 biggest tipping points that will push us over the climate cliff into the chaos of extinction—-if we are not well-prepared.

d. Click here to see emergency preparation strategies for the coming global warming disasters. (It is the first part of the update Job One Plan to be released.)

None of us want to hear the disturbing truth about how fast the worst consequences of global warming are coming — even though it's the only message that will help keep us alive and thriving. In this special briefing, we have given you the new information link to the emergency preparation strategies that are critical to keeping you, your family, and your business as safe as possible. Not only will this information prepare you for what is coming, it will also help you become a part of the emerging movement of intelligent and brave early adopters working to save humanity and our civilization from a complete collapse described in the last phases of the Climageddon Scenario.

Job One is not afraid to speak these accurate but unpopular truths.

Each month, the Job One organization continues to face difficult financial decisions. Do we cut back on providing free information or our ground-breaking Global Warming News Blog at the time they are needed most? Do we cut back on staff because we do not have the funds to execute our full mission?

Please help support Job One for Humanity’s critical mission work as we enter this holiday season and its spirit of giving with your individual or monthly tax deductible donations. We receive 30% of our annual operating budget during the holiday giving season. 


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... If you do nothing else after reading this special briefing, please read part one of the newly upgraded Job One Plan on how to prepare yourself, your loved ones and your business for the next wave of global warming-aggravated catastrophes. Also, please share this special briefing with other individuals who you feel are also thoughtful early adopters.

Thank you for your support and your work to help us survive and thrive through what is coming!

Lawrence Wollersheim

Lawrence Wollersheim
Job One for Humanity

PS: Two months ago, we promised that we would soon be giving you all the details and science proving the gross miscalculations on the timetables and consequence predictions that have been provided by the current global warming authorities. Please be patient just a little longer. We have almost finished this massive task and we will be releasing it very soon to everyone who has subscribed to our website. It is one of the most important pieces ever produced on the facts of the global warming emergency. And finally, a special thanks to all the individuals over the last few months who have stepped up and have donated to support our mission.

 Job One for Humanity offers a science-based plan to end escalating global warming that is practical, prioritized and effective for the time we have left. It s contained in the new book Climageddon. For more about Climageddon go to:

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