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    The Green New Deal or the Green’s Green New Deal,  (whose deal do you want and trust?)

    by Stephen Verchinski

    The Green Party of the Albuquerque Metropolitan Area has been aware of a move by Democratic Party to take on the work of the Green New Deal. We see a vision statement on the table delivered by Alexandra Ocasio Cortez to Congress. It is an open initiative with vision such as net zero carbon and language about promoting social justice. It also assumes trusting the Democratic Party with imposing a carbon tax. All sure to be brought up as  topics during the Congressional District 1 New Mexico town hall Sunday February 17 at the African American Cultural Center.. 

    The Green Party Green New Deal is different in many ways.

    First, we do not support anywhere a revival of the nuclear power industry nor the use of geoengineering or solar radiation management. Both are bad ideas but are being quietly promoted.

    The Democrats Green New Deal is silent on this.

    Second, we are in full support with our indigenous brothers and sisters from the Standing Rock, Line 5, Bayou Bridge and TransMountain fights and others in their demands of going off from fracking, tar sands oils, and offshore oil and gas pipelines. 

    The Democrats are just silent on this in face of science that shows we have to fully curb as much as possible our fossil fuel emissions globally.

    The timelines are so short that the Green Party calls for 100% clean energy goal by 2030 for the U.S.A. 

    Third, we do not buy in the Democrats call for a “Carbon Neutral Economy” that is brought into being and financed by carbon tax that goes to Washington.

    Carbon neutral does not fully commit a transition from oil and gas pumping.  That pumping risks more methane, releases more carbon burned, and climate disruption. 

    The Democrats idea of Net Zero Carbon also assumes use of the best available Carbon Capture and Underground Sequestration (CCUT). Trouble is, it is unproven tech.  If  it were a basis for the market pricing tax they propose, it would have to be set, at the best estimates, a per capita carbon tax of over $100 a carbon ton and Americans do over 16 tons per capita per year. That’s $1600 per person. That’s a lot of money going to D.C. to trust to a Democratic National Committee or a federal bureaucracy if it even goes on to a bill.

    Fourth,  we Greens call for no centralized command and control for the climate emergency. We instead trust the people and their communities.

    Instead of the Democrat’s taxes that has only seen its successful adoption and the climate gas reductions in a few Scandanavian and Swiss nations (People trust their governments in those nations enough to handle high carbon taxes.) Greens see a use fee on carbon with virtually all of it returned yearly as dividend to the public. 

    Why the public? It is their money. Fees on carbon increases costs to you only if you continue to consume without care that product.  Everyone should have freedom to make choices as to how to make the best short and long term changes. 

    Fifth, we Greens see the role of the military as very important to the carbon transition by redirecting a good portion of their work to addressing climate resilience and security at home. 

    Democrats are silent and do not address this.

    Finally, not to ignore the President, but I am confident Greens would tell him that the Green’s Green New Deal does not take away your car or truck. We are not asking to slaughter cows to stop methane farts. And we see the military in a new role  to really serve We the People instead of War, Inc. 

    The Green Party is an independent political party that stands in opposition to the two corporate parties. GP candidates promote public policy based on the Green Party four pillars: grassroots democracy, nonviolence, ecological wisdom, and social
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    “It is a climate emergency. Just as on a boat sinking we have to don our individual life jackets and help the young and the less able to don theirs. 

    It is one boat, similarly called our spaceship earth, and it is in dire straits."


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    Divest out of fossil fuels pledge

    Divesting from all fossil fuels and moving fully to green energy generation is critical to our survival.

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    In order to stop escalating global warming and climate change emergency, I pledge I will divest out of all of my holdings in the dead-end fossil fuel industry. I will then do everything within my zone of influence to convince others to do the same. I will work toward convincing other individuals, businesses, pension funds, endowments, and national governments to also divest out of the dying fossil fuel industry as soon as possible.

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    Why Divest?

    1. Money is real influential power! Money talks and it talks effectively! One very strong way to convince our governments and the power elite that the age of fossil fuels is over and the age of green energy generation is here is to pull all financial support and subsidies from the fossil fuels industry as soon as possible.

    2. Personally divesting from all fossil fuel holdings helps us keep fossil fuels in the ground and is one of the more effective personal action steps in the Job One for Humanity Climate Restabilization Plan.

    3. The fossil fuel industry is a bad investment. Other than for limited use in the future for the military, air travel, space exploration, and other limited applications, the age of fossil fuel has already ended. No individuals or organizations will want to invest in an industry with its subsidies being removed, its profits being taxed at increasing rates, and growing legal liability to restore damage done to the environment over the last 130 years. Get out before you get caught since there is little future left for fossil fuel energy on a planet that has to move rapidly to green energy generation.

    "Money does not just talk, it screams influence and power. If you want to see a change happen fast, properly incentivize it with strong monetary rewards or penalize it by removing its profit."               — Lawrence Wollersheim

    Still not convinced?

    Please view, What is fossil fuel divestment and why does it matter?

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