Great news! The White House has just withdrawn the nomination of Koch-funded climate denier Kathleen Hartnett White, who Trump had tapped for the top environmental post at the White House. Hartnett White is yet another one of Trump's extreme and unqualified nominees withdrawn under controversy...

There's an important lesson here: When we stand up in large numbers to horrible Trump nominees, we can keep them out! So here's our next opportunity: Jim Bridenstine's nomination as head of NASA is already a controversy — and if enough of us speak out, we're confident we can convince senators to stop this nominee.

Tell your senators today: Reject Jim Bridenstine for NASA administrator. NASA is no place for an anti-science climate denier.

This is yet another major, high stakes role that Trump wants to fill with a fossil fuel-funded climate denier. Let's stop this nomination in its tracks.



Jim Bridenstine is the wrong choice to lead NASA, and we need to make sure the Senate hears this loud and clear.

Tell your senators: Reject Jim Bridenstine. We can’t have a fossil fuel-funded climate denier running NASA.


Bill Nye was feeling the heat this week for attending Trump’s State of the Union address as the guest of Rep. Jim Bridenstine, the climate denying, fossil-fuel funded politician who is Trump’s controversial pick to head NASA.

That heat was thanks to all of us! Together with partners, we delivered over 40,000 petition signatures to Bill Nye. And our joint campaign was all over the news in outlets like CNN, The Washington Post, Bloomberg, The Hill, People, Slate, and more. On Tuesday, the group 500 Women Scientists put out a powerful op-ed in Scientific American that denounced Nye's decision to attend and quickly went viral.1

Now we must redouble our efforts to stop this nomination in its tracks, and ensure that Rep. Bridenstine does not become the next administrator of NASA. Momentum is on our side — Bridenstine's nomination is now a controversy and, if enough of us speak out, we're confident we can convince senators to stop this from moving forward.

Tell the Senate today: Reject climate denier Rep. Jim Bridenstine as NASA administrator.

Jim Bridenstine has no formal scientific or engineering background — but he does have a history of accepting campaign contributions from the oil and gas industry and of calling climate science into question. As a member of Congress from Oklahoma, he's racked up over $170,000 in campaign contributions from the oil and gas industry.

NASA performs critical climate science research to improve predictions about climate, weather, and natural hazards. If the Senate confirms Bridenstine's nomination he could undermine NASA's earth science missions and ground essential research satellites. He's tried it before. As a member of Congress, Bridenstine sponsored legislation to remove earth science from NASA's remit.2

Tell your senators to reject Jim Bridenstine as NASA administrator. NASA is no place for an anti-science climate denier.

For these reasons and more, bipartisan opposition to Bridenstine's confirmation has been growing, including concerns from both Florida Senators Nelson and Rubio.3 In a recent letter, Senator Patty Murray of Washington said, “Rep. Bridenstine's failure to accept fundamental scientific truths about Earth's climate make him an ill-suited and dangerous choice to lead the agency."4

Thanks for keeping up the fight.

Truthfully yours,
Janet, Brant, Amanda, Matt, and the rest of the Action team



[1] "Bill Nye Does Not Speak for Us and He Does Not Speak for Science," Scientific American, 01-30-2017

[2] “Would Jim Bridenstine Be a Down to Earth NASA Administrator?” Union of Concerned Scientists, 10-06-2017

[3] "Rubio, Nelson blast Trump’s NASA pick," Politico, 09-01-2017

[4] "Dem senator calls on Congress to oppose Trump's pick for NASA chief," The Hill, 10-26-2017




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