As I write this, Americans in Puerto Rico are grappling with one of the greatest natural and humanitarian disasters to hit the United States in years, after a supercharged Hurricane Maria slammed the island...

We need immediate action to address the climate emergency our nation is facing. 

We're delivering this message to the Senate on Wednesday, so add your name TODAY.

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At the same time, the entire state of Florida is still reeling from the record-setting Hurricane Irma, and Houstonians in Texas are putting their lives back together after never-before-seen rains led to epic flooding brought on by Hurricane Harvey.

Catching a trend? This summer, climate change has been making itself known in the United States like never before. Extreme warm waters have fueled hurricanes that have gotten stronger faster and stayed stronger longer than we've seen before. Meanwhile, out west, millions of acres of scorched earth have been left from an epic wildfire season. As if it wasn't obvious already, it's now clearer than ever that a climate emergency is upon us.

An emergency of this scale requires a response commensurate with the problem we face. For too long, our members of Congress have pushed half measures and inadequate proposals. On Wednesday, representatives from hurricane-affected communities will be paying a visit to Senate offices to demand a real response to the climate crisis: a complete end to all new fossil fuels and a rapid just transition to 100% renewable energy.

Join us in telling Senators that we won't accept anything less. Petitions will be delivered straight to Senate offices on Wednesday, so be sure to add your voice today!

Together with and community leaders from Houston and Florida, we'll make sure your message reaches the Senators who most need to hear it.

Our demand is rooted in research and analysis. A year ago, Oil Change International released a report that clearly shows that if we want to have any chance of stemming the climate crisis, we must put an end to ALL new fossil fuel development. And yet, the Trump administration is pushing an "energy dominance" agenda that is a fossil fuel bonanza. This summer's storms and fires have shown us how urgent it is that we push back on this disastrous agenda.

Tell Senators: Our climate emergency requires a commensurate response. End all new fossil fuels now!

Truthfully yours,
Brant, Emily, David, Amanda, Matt and the rest of the Action team

P.S. Our thoughts remain with those impacted. Give today to support frontline Puerto Rican communities recovering from the devastation caused by Hurricane Maria. If you've been impacted by the recent storms, flooding, or wildfires and want to share your story, please reach out to us by replying to this email.


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