Most environmental organizations are not telling their members about how bad global warming actually is. This is because they believe their members would lose hope. They also know that if their email messages to their members are not full of hope, progress being made, and optimism, many members will stop donating...

Job One for Humanity is different. It is not afraid to give you the facts as they are. We will not hold back any bad news about our current global warming situation and emergency.

We will always treat you like adults and we will protect your absolute right to have ALL of the information you need to manage what is coming—- even if it's upsetting and discouraging. We hold firm to the belief that our members, as mature adults, can deal with bad news and quickly adapt to it!

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So here is the latest bad news…

New updates and analysis of current global warming research now show that nearly all of our climate scientists, governments and the UN’s IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change), have grossly miscalculated global warming consequence timetables and global warming consequence severity. (Even worse than we disclosed in the new Climageddon book.)

This miscalculation means that global warming is far worse than we're being told by the media, our governments or the UN and, some of the worst consequences of global warming are coming far faster than anyone—-even our wealthiest governments—-are prepared for. (We will soon provide the details on these deadly miscalculations and sooner-than-expected cataclysmic consequences so that you can quickly adjust your future personal, family, and business planning accordingly. We will also soon release disheartening updates on how we are not making any meaningful progress relating to the most critical global warming deadlines, which we cannot fail to meet or we will go extinct.)

At Job One, we have been consistently informing you of all the facts to help you make wise decisions about how to re-plan your futures in light of the global warming emergency, but we urgently need your help to keep our nonprofit running and financially viable. In fact, we need each other now more than ever, because if you're going to survive what's coming, you will need the continually updated emergency preparation and migration information, which we soon will be providing as part of our wider mission.

Telling people the disturbing truth about global warming and how fast its worst consequences are coming is a message most don't want to hear—-even though it's the exact message that will keep them alive and help them prepare. Because Job One is not afraid to do speak these difficult truths, our donations are not nearly what they should be to sustain our organization.

Unfortunately, our organization has now reached a financial crossroads. We face the difficult decision of drastically cutting back our free information and our ground breaking Global Warming News Blog at the time they're needed most. Because of what we already know about the gross global warming miscalculations by climate scientists, governments, and the UN’s IPCC, we now need to quickly shift Job One’s information services towards emergency preparation for survival, adaptation, and migration information for those wise individuals who will be actively preparing emergency plans or who will migrate out of the way of this escalating catastrophe.

Unlike most other environmental organizations, we will never tell you to do eco-actions that won't resolve the global warming emergency in time or properly prepare you for all of its terrible outcomes. We always keep our full focus on only critical path actions—not deadline-insignificant or ineffective feel-good actions that won't save either you or the future.

If you support us with your tax deductible donations, Job One for Humanity will continue to be your honest hotline for all of the global warming crisis information and alerts, as well as emergency preparation and migration information you need now more than ever.

Please donate today to keep us from being forced to cut back our free information services and even possibly go off-line. We have thousands of members subscribed to our free information and updates on a regular basis. There should be no reason why we cannot get the basic financial support we need to keep up this work


All of us at Job One for Humanity are deeply grateful for any and all tax deductible support you provide as well as your ongoing involvement in the growing movement to resolve global warming emergency.

Lawrence WollersheimThank you for your support!

Lawrence Wollersheim
Job One for Humanity

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