Sign the Petition to Declare a Global Warming State of Emergency and Help Prevent Mass Human, Animal and Biological Extinction within Our Lifetimes

We, the citizens of our nation and of our Earth, are endowed with certain rights, powers, and obligations, which demand we act to preserve and protect the future of humanity as well as Earth's other animal and biological life.

Based on abundant scientific evidence, we recognize that our global climate is rapidly warming and becoming increasingly unstable due to human-caused atmospheric carbon pollution primarily at this time from the burning of fossil fuels.

We also recognize that in spite of 35 years of credible scientific warnings, global warming is still rising and is now at dangerous levels!

We have already seen global warming-aggravated weather, like record-breaking floods, hurricanes, and wildfires. We have witnessed the "worst in centuries" droughts and dust storms. We have experienced alternating unseasonably cold then warm winters, extreme storms, bomb cyclones and rain bombs where weeks or months worth of rain falls in a few hours or a few days.

With our own eyes, we see that something very abnormal is happening to the previous stability of our normal weather and seasonal patterns. We have also noticed that global warming connected consequences (like those just mentioned,) are becoming more frequent, more severe and are affecting larger and larger areas!

We recognize that if we do not immediately and radically reduce our global fossil fuel burning behaviors before additional global warming tipping points are crossed, the destabilization of our global climate will continue at even faster rates causing among other things, unprecedented crop failures and unthinkable mass starvation.  

Our brightest climate scientists have determined that if we do not meet or come very close too the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets (found here,) we will face a massive extinction event where as much as 70-90% of humanity will die in as little as the next 30-50 years. Unsurprisingly, escalating global warming will not only affect humanity's survival possibilities. It also presents an equally grave and ever-increasing extinction threat to animal and other biological species as well.

Rising global warming have already become the 21st century's single greatest disruptor of economic, political, social and biological stability. It will also act to amplify our other largest global problems. 

If we fail to make the life-critical 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets, escalating global warming will also become all but out of our control.

No one is ultimately safe from this global warming extinction emergency. Global warming consequences are already affecting millions in many areas of the world. Many individuals and businesses are already being forced to deal with escalating catastrophes, food and resource depletion, and the mass migration of desperate climagees (climate migrants.) In the not too distant future, global warming catastrophes will be affecting hundreds of millions then billions of individuals everywhere on Earth! 

We now face a world in which rising global warming can cause mass human extinction and create increasing social, economic and political chaos, not sometime near 2100, but as soon as the next 3-5 decades.

Worse yet, as our average global temperatures continue to rise, the world's six other major social, economic and political problems (see * list below) will also worsen, amplify each other and cross-react with each other and the 11 key global warming tipping points (found here.)

Our largest global problems (other than immediate global nuclear war or nuclear  biological or biological terrorism) are:

  • Conventional war and regional conflicts*
  • Food and resource depletion*
  • Political instability and injustice*
  • Growing economic inequity, poverty, and instability*
  • Water pollution, water table loss, and other pollution*
  • Overpopulation*
  • Increasing droughts, floods, and wildfires
  • Increasing desertification and deforestation
  • Loss of biodiversity
  • Ocean fish stock depletion 
  • Rising sea levels
  • Increasing potential for pandemics and other global health crises

Rising global warming can further increase the severity, frequency, and scale (size) of the above other largest global problems we all now face, making them even harder to resolve!

Despite 35 years of scientific reports as well as 21 International conferences about the near-certain extinction effects of the carbon (and methane,) pollution of our atmosphere, global warming temperatures have both continued to rise and have accelerated to levels that have passed dangerous tipping points.

There is true urgency to this global warming extinction emergency!

Our average global temperature and atmospheric carbon levels are far too close to crossing the near-extinction and final extinction tipping points. 

If we fail to make or get very close to the 2025 fossil fuel reduction targets, this extinction emergency becomes a no-win game for everyone, no matter how much money or power they might have and, no matter where they might try to escape to!  

Our current global warming extinction emergency can only be resolved by immediately reducing the human-caused production of carbon and other key greenhouse gases produced directly and indirectly from the global burning of fossil fuels.

At this "it is almost already too little too late" moment in history, the necessary fossil fuel use reductions needed to save us can only be achieved by successfully meeting our last chance 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets enforced by our governments! 

Therefore, as global citizens of every nation on Earth, we demand that our national political leaders act now before it is too late to prevent mass human, animal and biological extinction within our lifetimes! 

We demand that they:

1. Meet immediately to formally declare both a national and international Global Warming Extinction Emergency. 

2. Pass enforceable and verifiable national and international laws that would successfully achieve the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets or, at least get us very close to them. (Even getting close to the 2025 targets allow us to slow down what is coming so we can be better prepared.) And, 

3. Call for the immediate mass mobilization of ALL the necessary resources and personnel to execute ALL critical actions required to fully resolve our current global warming extinction emergency(See Part 3 of the Job One for Humanity Plan for a complete list of all critical government-driven actions needed to save the future.)

By electronically signing this petition (in the box below,) I am personally and officially notifying my national politicians of this demand to immediately meet and take all required actions described in this emergency petition in order to protect, preserve, and advance the continuing evolution of humanity and life on Earth.

Furthermore, realizing that most of the worst global warming consequences will take centuries to thousands of years to repair, which will create an unthinkable nightmare for any surviving future generations, I further pledge to continue to act to help resolve this extinction threat and emergency until it is over.


If you have any hesitation about signing this petition, please see this page which discusses the four extinction-evoking global warming tipping points soon arriving!

See Key information about how this petition will be used.

Learn more about the story behind this nonprofit organization's mission and why this petition must go worldwide and be presented to politicians all over the world by clicking here.

When you sign the petition, you are also giving the Job One for Humanity Organization permission to send you critical global warming extinction emergency progress updates about once a month.

(If necessary, see this page for additional proof that all of the statements of this petition are true.)

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  • Kelly Roy
    signed 2016-10-29 18:13:13 -0700
    Kelly Roy
  • Alan Hiatt
    signed 2016-10-29 12:20:00 -0700
    We owe it to our children and their children to take better care of their world.
  • inbar cohen
    signed 2016-10-29 09:35:36 -0700
  • P K Razack
    signed 2016-10-27 15:04:59 -0700
  • kwame emma baidoo
    signed 2016-10-26 09:33:08 -0700
    The earth is increasingly heating it need your actions and mine too to mitigate the heating effect by natural and anthropogenic factors
  • Tim Lipington
    signed 2016-10-25 08:49:59 -0700
    Man-made CO2 comprises 5% of total natural carbon emissions. Requires an additional to existing of 6 million sq km plus of dense forest just to balance and more to pull back say twice to three times
  • Satya Anubhuti
    signed 2016-10-24 19:43:58 -0700
  • shannon Perkins
    signed 2016-10-23 12:02:42 -0700
    We need to eliminate the use of fossil fuels and keep them in the ground, Cars need to be replaced urgently for there are beyond billions which means each car that runs emits co2 into our atmosphere and warms the planet up by every switch of the key, We need to forget about the things that come underneath the matter of climate change and focus purely on that, stop building house and start creating wildlife parks in their places, start to regrow the forests which once covered the majority of the planet before we killed them in making room for factories. Stop talking and start cutting these factories off start to eliminate the ways we once had, i don’t care about the risks the planet comes before the people for we wouldn’t exist without the planet.
  • Nilanjan Das
    signed 2016-10-23 08:18:19 -0700
    I support
  • David Emerson McNair, Sr.
    signed 2016-10-22 15:14:04 -0700
    We can defeat GLOBAL WARMING in 5 years by using used oil tankers to take in sea water and convert it into fresh water, then freeze it into cargo cantainer sized, 50’Long x10tall and 10’wide, ice cubes. Each tanker produces 5,000 cargo container sized ice cubes per day. We will use heavy duty helicopters to carry the ice cubes to the glaciers . Imagine 25 used oil tankers 2 to 5 miles off the coast of Greenland’s glacier. We will place the ice cubes ,strategically, so that when the heavy winter weather roles in our ice cubes will trap the moisture and grow. This is very easy to achieve, and we’ll lower the ocean water tables by inches over the course of five years. The costs will be nominal because of the world wide contrabutions of money and equipment. Adding 125,000 cargo container sized ice cubes per day, to the Greenland glacier, for 50+ days, during the fall months will help us replenish the lost glacier ice. Also, we can use this technique to prevent wildfires from forming. By positioning used oil tankers off the coast of California, and on the Gulf. But we will freeze the ocean water into tree log sized ice cubes and place them in and around the dry, hot spots for wildfires. Say, 10,000 per day, tree logs sized ice cubes just melting. Providing much needed moisture in those targeted areas for wildfires. No more lost of life or property from wildfires ever again by using this technique. We will ship the tree logs sizes ice cubes by tractor trailer during the night time hours.
  • Phillip Nyoni
    signed 2016-10-22 14:26:47 -0700
    we are energetic as young people lets take a leading role we should protect our envirement
  • Dean Gwasira
    signed 2016-10-22 11:27:32 -0700
  • Azwitakadzi Tuwani
    signed 2016-10-22 09:30:57 -0700
    Severe droughts, floods, and wildfires must fall
  • Elsa Alberto
    signed 2016-10-21 12:58:16 -0700
  • mephibosheth lubanga
    signed 2016-10-21 05:15:08 -0700
    keep it up
  • john reed
    signed 2016-10-19 10:50:11 -0700
    please send me information on extreme weather condition as a scince teacher middle school.
  • amalia prashanty
    signed 2016-10-19 07:39:51 -0700
  • benard kimani
    signed 2016-10-18 04:03:24 -0700
  • prakash nahata
    signed 2016-10-17 02:34:39 -0700
    bhumika nahata
  • Elizabeth Alexander
    signed via 2016-10-16 11:11:50 -0700
  • Alan Stewart
    posted about this on Facebook 2016-10-16 02:53:41 -0700
    Please sign the petition: Declare a Global State of Emergency!
  • Alan Stewart
    @AlpalStewart tweeted link to this page. 2016-10-16 02:53:39 -0700
  • Michael Longo
    posted about this on Facebook 2016-10-15 15:08:26 -0700
    Please sign the petition: Declare a Global State of Emergency!
  • Michael Longo
    signed 2016-10-15 15:08:13 -0700
  • Mumte Ahmed
    signed 2016-10-15 11:10:08 -0700
    It’s extremely helpfull milord
  • Martina Osicka
    signed 2016-10-14 18:59:31 -0700
    Martina Osicka
  • Michael Winata
    signed 2016-10-14 18:36:51 -0700
  • Sylvester Itimi
    signed 2016-10-14 01:55:51 -0700
    I am willing to share and fully participate in reversing threat to our climate.

    President and Director; Environmental Protection Promoters Initiative(NGO) Nigeria
  • Martha Ball
    signed 2016-10-14 01:40:54 -0700
    Very important topic! People need to be more aware
  • Joan Marshall
    signed 2016-10-13 08:10:01 -0700
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