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We, the citizens of our nation and of the Earth, are endowed with certain rights, powers, and obligations, which demand we act to preserve and protect the future of humanity as well as Earth's other animal and biological life.

Based on abundant scientific evidence and current experiences, we recognize that our global climate is rapidly warming and becoming increasingly unstable due to human-caused atmospheric carbon pollution primarily from the burning of fossil fuels.

We also recognize that in spite of 35 years of credible scientific warnings, global warming is still rising and has now reached dangerous levels!

We have already seen or experienced global warming-aggravated weather, like record-breaking floods, hurricanes, and wildfires. We have witnessed the "worst in centuries" droughts and dust storms. We have experienced alternating unseasonably cold then warm winters, extreme storms, bomb cyclones, and rain bombs where weeks or months' worth of rain falls in a few hours or a few days.

With our own eyes, we see that something very abnormal is happening to the previous stability of our normal seasonal weather patterns. We have also noticed that global warming connected consequences (like those just mentioned,) are becoming more frequent, more severe, and are affecting larger and larger areas of our country and the world!

We recognize that if we do not immediately and radically reduce our global fossil fuel burning behaviors before additional critical global warming tipping points are crossed, the destabilization of our global climate will continue at even faster rates causing among other things, unprecedented global crop failures and unthinkable mass starvation.  

Our best climate scientists have determined that if we do not meet or come very close to the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets (found here,) we will face a massive extinction event where most of humanity will die by mid-century. Unsurprisingly, escalating global warming will not only affect humanity's survival possibilities. It also presents an equally grave and ever-increasing extinction threat to animals and other biological species as well.

Rising global warming has already become the 21st century's single greatest disruptor of economic, political, social, and biological stability. It will also act to amplify our other 12 most destructive global problems and challenges. 

If we fail to make the life-critical 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets, escalating global warming and the laws of climate physics will take over and global warming will go out of our control.

No one is ultimately safe from the global warming extinction emergency. Global warming consequences are already affecting millions in many areas of the world.

Many individuals and businesses are already being forced to deal with escalating catastrophes, food and resource depletion, and the mass migration of desperate climagees (climate migrants.) In the not too distant future, global warming catastrophes will be affecting hundreds of millions then billions of individuals everywhere on Earth! The bill for escalating climate catastrophes will eventually crush the economies of most nations. 

We now face a world in which rising global warming can cause mass human extinction and create increasing social, economic, and political chaos, not sometime near 2100 as was predicted, but as soon as mid-century.

Worse yet, as our average global temperatures continue to rise, the world's 12 other major and critical social, economic and political challenges (see * list below) will also worsen, amplify each other and cross-react with each other and the 11 critical global warming tipping points (found here.)

Our largest global challenges (other than the global warming and immediate global nuclear war or nuclear or biological terrorism) that will both interact with each other and likely continue to worsen as global warming gets worse are:

Global Challenge 1: Resolving the current COVID-19 global pandemic. Directly and indirectly, the current COVID-19 pandemic is due in significant part to the loss of natural wild animal habitat caused by global warming and other man-made causes such as eating more wild and not domesticated animals, the exploding and hungry world populations crowding into urban areas, and the overall deterioration of global health services. 

If a vaccine is ever found, the COVID-19 pandemic is estimated to go on around the world until mid to late 2021 or even into early 2022 before everyone is vaccinated. If no vaccine is found, like what has happened with AIDS and other viruses over the last 30 years, we will be living with the effects of COVID-19 until a “herd immunity” is developed (if that immunity is even applicable to this virus. A somewhat safer global herd immunity could take as many a 3-5 years to develop.) 

Global Challenge 2: increasing global economic instabilities that are leading to regularly reoccurring global and national recessions or depressions over shorter and shorter time periods. (These recessions and depressions are fueled by existing economic weaknesses, lack of financial reserves, huge national deficits, low financial system resilience, and major unexpected shocks or events (like COVID-19,) hitting the global markets and global financial systems.

COVID-19 is predicted to create a global financial recession or depression that could last until late 2022 or until 2025 or as long as 2030. (Ten years for recovery from a COVID-19 global recession or depression is not that long when you consider that ten years is the time it took to recover from the 2008 global banking and housing meltdown and recession.)

Global Challenge 3: ever-rising over-population, (the Earth has the carrying capacity for about 1 1/2 - 2 billion people. Currently, we are near 8 billion people adding about 130 million additional people each year racing to 9.8 billion by or before 2050. (About 50 million people a year normally die.)

We are way over sustainable population levels already yet, no government other than China seems willing to set a one child per couple policy! Future and current generations will suffer unthinkable catastrophes because, as humanity, we failed to manage the size of our global population to match the carrying capacity of our global environment and the Earth's available resources.

Please note that as the global population continues to rise, the additional population serves to further amplify and multiply the most harmful consequences of almost all the 12 other global challenges and consequences listed on this page.) One could easily say that overpopulation and its inherent over-consumption beyond our carrying capacity is also a major cause behind today's global warming emergency. (Please click this carrying capacity link to learn more about why this rapidly rising overpopulation challenge is so dangerous.)

For a candid and balanced article on the immense suffering caused by our overpopulation global challenge, please see this article, Population, the Great Knee-Jerker: A Holistic Survey and Plea to Reduce Suffering.

Global Challenge 4: rising global resource depletion (aka overshoot) caused by overpopulation, toxic pollution of water, lands, and air, crop failures, overfishing, topsoil loss, resource distribution injustice, and the massive “overconsumption and waste” of the Earth's finite resources. Global resource depletion will significantly increase food shortages and cause soaring food prices leading to more starvation and mass migrations. For example, the following are estimates of when only a few of our critical global resources will be depleted; freshwater 12 years (2032), fish stocks almost totally gone by 2050, adequate topsoil for crop growing gone by 2070. (See this page to see 90 percent of fish stock already overfished and to see charts on how this loss will throw much of the world into starvation.)

Of particular concern is the depletion of phosphorous critically needed for crop fertilizers. Adequate access to this could run out in as little as 35-45 years.

If you still do not believe that massive resource depletion and overshoot is a huge soon-arriving problem? Watch this fantastic resource overshoot video with great graphics and global resource depletion amounts and time frames in simple illustrations by Hugh Montgomery, a noted English professor. (We strongly recommend you watch this video for all of the food and non-food resources that are in an accelerating depletion peril. [Forward the video to the 10 minutes and 30-second mark to begin watching Professor Hugh Montgomery's compelling graphic presentation.])

There are also many other critical mineral and non-mineral resources that will also run out soon, click here for more about these.

Global Challenge 5: escalating pollution of lands, air, and waters. Ongoing and accelerating toxic pollution kills crops, fish stocks, and poisons our air, water, and soil creating and accelerating all types of global health, social, and economic problems. (Ocean heating and ocean acidification from carbon from global warming will eventually kill off much of the oceans' oxygen-producing plankton. These plankton are responsible for as much as 50% of all oxygen produced on the planet.) 

Global Challenge 6: loss of biodiversity, we are having more plants and animals go extinct than at any other time in human history. This is due to an ongoing and accelerating loss of natural habitat due to overpopulation, global warming, overuse, pollution, etc. (Leading Stanford University biologists, who were first to reveal that we are already experiencing the sixth mass extinction on Earth, released new research this week showing species extinctions are accelerating in an unprecedented manner, which may be another tipping point for the collapse of human civilization.)

Global Challenge 7: growing economic inequality, social and racial injustice, hunger, and poverty. Today less than 1% of the world's population owns more than 50% of all wealth. Over for the last several decades, this ownership percentage continues to grow in favor of the wealthy.

Growing economic inequality and poverty always increase food shortages and often cause food prices to soar leading once again to mass starvation and mass migrations. This year (2020,) 130 million people are lacking adequate food and could starve to death. COVID-19's effect on the world economy could double that number of the next few years. Over the following decades, global warming consequences will raise that number into the hundreds of millions eventually rising well past a billion.) 

Global Challenge 8: escalating regional and international terrorism, conflicts, and war. While COVID-19 has temporarily slowed some regional and national conflicts, expect these conflicts to increase in intensity, frequency, and scale once COVID-19 is brought under control. The world still faces all of the other global challenges on this page getting worse and being mostly unresolved. Global nuclear war is still both a real and escalating threat as all of the global challenges on this page continue to get worse and nations with nuclear weapons contest with each other and other nations for safer lands and dwindling resources.

Global Challenge 9: More mass migrations, political and economic instability, increasing terrorism, conflicts, and war plus global warming and many of the other listed global challenges on this page will both create and expand sudden, massive migrations of millions then billions of people. During this phase, as the listed global challenges on this page intensify, various stronger governments will order precautionary evacuations to limit casualties and losses from their most vulnerable areas. Before 2030 because of global warming alone, the world will see hundreds of millions of climagees (climate refugees.)

Global Challenge 10: New COVID-19 like pandemics as well as other new and older disease epidemics that will now likely occur every decade. This will in part be due to global warming melting of the permafrost, loss of natural animal habitat, eating more wild animals, overcrowding, less resilient health systems, mass migrations, wars and conflicts, and many of the other challenges and consequences listed on this page.

Additionally, new and older disease epidemics will occur more frequently and be more severe because of the abuse of antibiotics in animal product production. This abuse has resulted in bacteria that are now resistant to every known type of antibiotic. Worse yet, because of accelerating global warming, more COVID-19 type global pandemics could come as often as every decade. The AIDS virus became widespread in the late 1970s, the SARS virus in 2003, the MERS virus in 2012, and the Ebola virus in 2013. Click here for more about how escalating global warming may begin producing COVID-19 like pandemics every decade. 

Global Challenge 11: increasing political instability and collapsing governments. Fueled by existing internal and external conflicts, soaring deficits, and the intensifying global challenges listed on this page, poorly managed nations with weak economies and low existing resilience will fall first. In 2020 we already see numerous countries on the verge of economic or political collapse. As the increased stresses of these listed global challenges continue to increase upon already weakened nations, more nations will steadily collapse. 

Global Challenge 12: Our failure to evolve effective global governance with the needed legislative, judicial, and enforceable executive powers to solve global challenges that cross national borders. If you think about it carefully, you will discover that this global challenge (and critical evolutionary failure,) of having no unified or truly effective global governance, IS one of the single biggest reasons and core structural causes for why most of our other global challenges have not yet been resolved or, continue to exist. The evolutionary absence of effective global governance alone acts to facilitate, escalate, or enable almost all of the other global challenges that we currently face. 

And finally, never forget that rising global warming can further increase the severity, frequency, and scale (size) of the above 12 other global challenges, making them even harder to resolve!

Despite 35 years of scientific reports as well as 21 International conferences about the near-certain extinction effects of the carbon (and methane,) pollution of our atmosphere, global warming temperatures have both continued to rise and have accelerated to levels that have passed dangerous tipping points.

There is true urgency to this global warming extinction emergency!

Our average global temperature and atmospheric carbon levels are far too close to crossing the near-extinction tipping points. 

It is now too late for individual fossil fuel reduction actions alone. Our governments must act in an immediate, all-out mass mobilization creating all of the needed resources and new laws to ensure we meet the 2025 fossil fuel reduction targets.  

If we fail to make or at least, get very close to the 2025 targets, this extinction emergency becomes a no-win game for everyone, no matter how much money or power they might have and, no matter where they might try to escape to!  

Our current global warming emergency can only be resolved by immediately reducing the human-caused production of fossil fuel carbon and other key greenhouse gases produced directly and indirectly from the global burning of fossil fuels.

At this "almost already too little too late" moment in history, the necessary fossil fuel use reductions needed can only be achieved by successfully meeting our last chance 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets actively monitored and enforced by our governments! 

As you consider the urgency of this matter, please also keep in mind that many of our government leaders have utterly failed to see the coming pain and suffering of the COVID-19 pandemic, nor did they adequately prepare for it.

Our government leaders are also not seeing or adequately preparing for the global warming extinction emergency, which is also already happening and, will be far worse than the COVID-19 global pandemic!

Therefore we demand

As global citizens of every nation on Earth, we demand that our national political leaders act now before it is too late to prevent mass human, animal, and biological extinction within our lifetimes and untold suffering! 

We demand that our government leaders:

1. Meet immediately to formally declare both a national and international Global Warming Extinction Emergency. 

2. Pass enforceable and verifiable national and international laws that would successfully achieve the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets or, at least get us very close to them. (Even getting close to the 2025 targets allow us to slow down what is coming so we can be better prepared.) And, 

3. Call for the immediate all-out mass mobilization of ALL the necessary resources and personnel to execute ALL critical actions required to meet the 2025 targets and fully resolve our current global warming extinction emergency(See Part 3 of the Job One for Humanity Plan for a complete list of all critical government-driven actions needed to save the future.)

By electronically signing this petition (in the box below,) I am personally and officially notifying my national politicians of this demand to immediately meet and take all required actions described in this emergency petition in order to protect, preserve, and advance the continuing evolution of humanity and life on Earth.

Furthermore, realizing that most of the worst global warming consequences will take centuries to thousands of years to repair, which will create an unthinkable nightmare for any surviving future generations, I further pledge to continue to act to help resolve this extinction threat and emergency until it is over!



If you still have any hesitation about signing this petition, please see this page which discusses the four extinction-evoking global warming tipping points soon arriving!


See Key information about how this petition will be used here.

Learn more about the story behind this nonprofit organization's mission and why this petition must go worldwide and be presented to politicians all over the world by clicking here.

When you sign the petition, you are also giving the Job One for Humanity Organization permission to send you critical global warming extinction emergency progress updates about once a month.


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    The way we are failing to respond to the COVID-19 Pandemic does not bode well for us being to mobilize to overcome global warming.
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    We are very conscious of the climate change, have we monitor the Global warming effect since we have the almost the entire world shut down to give the facts to all international organisation and those we oppose of our actions. We should all data recorded to proof as a scientific based evidence. Otherwise the they will think we are hypocrites not giving evidence. This is a good opportunity to carry out the survey.
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