Expanded Explanations for Today's Climate Change and Global Heating Emergency Facts

Last Updated 4.17.23


Solving the runaway global heating emergency will be challenging and complicated. This is because many things are creating and prolonging our escalating global heating problem. 

Runaway global heating is not only caused by burning more fossil fuels due to ever-increasing human consumption needs. It is also caused by the even more challenging problem of overpopulation. (Overpopulation drives the overconsumption of fossil fuel and many other limited planetary resources.) 

To resolve our current runaway global heating emergency, we will need:

  1. a systemic and immediate multi-government enforced reduction in fossil fuel use to get close to the 2025 global targets. 
  2. widespread individual behavioral change towards greater sustainability. (This will require significant personal sacrifice.) And, ultimately
  3. to fix the deeper causes of this emergency (beyond fossil fuel burning alone.)

Only systemic governmental planning and enforcement combined with individual behavioral change will save us from ourselves and the worse consequences of our climate nightmare.

Fortunately, you will find the necessary combination of practical individual behavioral change steps and the systemic government actions needed to secure humanity's future from a runaway global heating-driven near-total extinction event in the Job One for Humanity Plan.

If, by chance, you do not have a good understanding of the way global warming occurs, click here or on the image below before continuing with the additional explanations and documentation for today's most critical climate facts.


If you are interested in understanding the science and analysis procedures we used to present the above and below information, click here for a technical expiation of our climate research process.


The expanded climate facts below are intended for individuals who want to understand the in-depth climate science and analysis behind the validity of today's most critical facts about climate change and global heating. Below you will find materials and links that are based upon tipping point theory, systems theory, and were developed using the newly developed analysis principles of dialectical meta-systemic theory.

Understanding the natural and human complex adaptive systems and subsystems involved in creating or fixing climate change is very complicated. It is reasonable to say that 99% of humanity will not take the necessary time to understand these complex systems or subsystems or that it is beyond most individuals' intellectual bandwidth. 

We do our best to simplify and illustrate very complex climate information. However, we also realize that because the data is so complicated and challenging, many individuals will not do the hard work to read the science and simply choose to believe what makes them feel the safest and most comfortable.

If you are one of those rare I want to deep dive into the science individuals, we strongly recommend reviewing the sublinks within the links wherever you are unsure of some concept. The materials below also assume you have an excellent working understanding of the causes of the global heating we are currently experiencing. 

At the end of these climate facts expanded explanation and documentation links section, you will find a link to a comprehensive plan for what you can do to help slow down climate change and global heating as well as improve many of the other 11 major global crises we currently face. You will also find a link to information on how to handle any negative emotions all this troubling climate and global heating information may have stirred up within you.

You also will find a link to a long list of the surprising benefits we will experience as we work toward resolving this climate challenge and evolutionary opportunity.

(Please note: If you have arrived at this page without reading today's most critical climate facts found on this page, please go back and read this page first. The expanded climate facts page below will not read easily without understanding the short form facts page first.)

Here are Today's Key Climate Change and Global heating Facts Expanded with Documentation and Analysis

The following expanded critical climate facts are also meant to correct the grossly underestimated and highly politicized climate change and global heating summary reports regularly released by the IPCC.



Fact 1: Over the last six decades, our governments have completely failed to fix the accelerating global warming emergency. The painful bill for this unconscionable governmental failure has now come due.


There is no better measure of the last sixty years of our success or failure in reducing global warming than the amount of carbon going into our atmosphere. (More carbon going into the atmosphere directly causes the average global temperature to rise.)

Take a look at the atmospheric carbon graph below.



As you can see, we are adding more carbon into the atmosphere from the global burning of fossil fuels each year. According to the immutable laws of physics, this means ever-rising temperatures will resolutely follow every rise in atmospheric carbon.

But, worse yet, we are also adding more carbon to the atmosphere at faster and faster rates! (The dotted line in the graph above is getting steeper and increasing each year incrementally. This steepening of the chart indicates we are adding more carbon to the atmosphere at faster and faster rates.)

For example, several decades ago, we only added about 1.5 carbon parts per million (ppm) each year. Now we are adding close to 3 carbon ppm each year. This difference means that in just decades, we have doubled the total annual increase of new carbon pollution going into our atmosphere each year!

This rapid annual increase also means that not only have we failed to reduce global fossil fuel for over six decades, but we have also actually increased the yearly fossil fuel pollution of our atmosphere by almost double. 

This is the state of our past global fossil fuel reduction efforts, and you will not hear almost anyone speaking this horrible truth.

We must now face that we have utterly failed to control the accelerating global warming nightmare. This failure is despite the many international conferences, treaties, reduction agreements, warnings, policy changes, new laws, and actions of thousands of global NGOs and environmental groups educating for decades about the dangers of accelerating global heating. 

This real, gigantic and well-hidden failure exists despite all contrary media or other climate reporting by those with hidden or vested financial interests in the fossil fuel industry.

Look again at science's most accurate carbon measurement of our reductions in global fossil fuel use and the true measure of our effectiveness in reducing escalating global heating. We have unequivocally failed to manage humanity's single greatest short-term threat (other than immediate global thermo-nuclear war.)

Our sixty-year failure in managing the global heating emergency may be the second biggest shock to many readers of this article. However, the only bigger shock will be the many painful climate change consequences that will occur now that our climate change bill has come due. 

Fact 2: By 2025-2031, the severity, frequency, and scale of extreme weather events will increase radically far beyond where it is now! Climate change-driven extreme weather events are defined in part, as heatwaves, heat domes, droughts, wildfires, hurricanes, cyclones, tornados, floods and flooding, rain bombs, wind storms [Derechos], dust storms, wildfire smoke events, unseasonable cold spells, and other abnormal unseasonal weather. This radical increase in climate consequences is because of the cumulative atmospheric greenhouse gas pollution effects of over 150 years of the burning of fossil fuels.) 

For a detailed explanation of why climate change and human-caused global heating will go exponential over the next 3 to 9 years, from 2025 through 2031, please click here. This will also help explaing the perilous stacking effect of feedback of climate loops and tipping points that will continue rasing global heating.

For all of the details on the single biggest global climate catastrophe that is predicted to arrive soon and will most affect all of humanity, click here.

Here are the detailed 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets explained. We must get close to them to prevent mass extinction. Please keep in mind that if we fail to come close to these 2025 targets, it will take centuries to millennia for the planet to recover.

(If you still have any doubts about what the stacking effect of amplifying climate feedback loops means or what climate tipping points are, why they will help cause an exponential rise in climate consequences or their importance to your future, a new video has come out called Earth Emergency. It takes you through the most dangerous climate feedbacks and tipping points in an easy-to-understand visual way. This public broadcasting (PBS) video also makes many of the key points that we are making on this website. Click here to see this "don't miss it" super simple global heating feedback loop video.)

Our increase in climate consequence severity, frequency, and scale is also because we have already crossed into the beginning stages of runaway global heating. If you imagined runaway global heating like a train without brakes rolling down a mountain that is getting steeper and steeper, you would have a good idea about the seriousness of our climate consequences soon rising exponentially.

(When reviewing the illustration discriptions below, start at the bottom right, then go up the consequences.)




Because climate change and global heating consequences will soon begin rising exponentially, you may have only another 3-9 more years of relative global heating stability, depending upon where you live. (Beginning around 2025, if you are in a high-risk global heating area, the global warming consequences that you are already experiencing will start to become far worse than you are experiencing currently.)


Fact 3: Today's legitimate global fossil fuel reduction targets require all developed countries and governments (including China and India) to compel their citizens to reduce ALL fossil fuel use by about 75% by 2025. This honest global fossil fuel reduction target is so high because our governments wasted sixty years when necessary reductions could have been gradual and more manageable. 

When you hear the media or politicians tell you we have to reduce global fossil fuel use by 40-50% by 2030, 2040, or 2050 they are dead wrong. If we use those grossly underestimated reduction targets, billions more of us will also be dead. 

(Undeveloped countries have considerably lower 2025 targets due to climate justice factors.)

When you hear these net-zero emission plans being promoted instead of simply making the required 2025 fossil fuel reductions, know that someone behind the scenes is protecting fossil fuel industry profits. (Please see this page for the science behind why these future net-zero emission pledges will not work in time to save humanity. Discover why you and your children will also pay a steep price for these false net-zero solutions and pledges.)




Click here and see a summary of the many actions that our governments must immediately enact for us to survive.

Click here to see a new program that still might work to get our government to act in time.

We have squandered four valuable decades when we could have gradually and easily reduced our global fossil fuel use to avoid the current global heating catastrophe. Instead, our governments have ignored more than 40 years of global warming warnings by our best climate scientists. Because we squandered those four decades, to save ourselves from the extinction of half of humanity by mid-century, global fossil fuel reductions today will have to be radical, painful, and immediate to make up for many decades of lost time.


Fact 4: Missing the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets (and consequently crossing the atmospheric carbon threshold of carbon 425-450 parts per million [ppm]) means we also will trigger the first extinction-accelerating global warming tipping point, and we will enter the second phase of runaway global heating.

We are currently at the insane carbon 420 ppm risk level, and we will enter and cross the threshold of the first extinction-triggering tipping point (and phase two runaway global warming) sometime between 2025-2031. (According to James Hansen, the renowned NASA climate scientist, we entered the first phase of runaway global heating when we passed the carbon 386 ppm level in 2015.)

If we do not get close to the 2025 targets, we lose our last chance to reverse the climate damage we have done for centuries to thousands of years. 

Click here to discover how it happens and what it means when we go over the first extinction-accelerating tipping point. This will also take you through the three following extinction-accelerating climate tipping points leading to total human extinction.

Click here to learn about the 11 biggest climate tipping points and tipping point theory on how climate tipping points will create unfathomable chaos and unpredictability for our futures.

Click here to see the "don't miss it" Earth Emergency video. that illustrates our deadly amplifying climate feedback dillema in wonderful detail.  

The following global warming-related interactions occur when climate tipping points and climate feedback loops within the climate system interact both with each other and with rising global heating (as they are doing now.) When this happens, we are headed for even higher global temperatures at an accelerated rate, and the global heating extinction process on the fast track. 




Fact 5: Because our governments did not effectively reduce global fossil fuel use and heating during the last six decades, crossed climate tipping points, climate feedbacks, and accelerating climate consequences will cause the unavoidable extinction of about half of humanity by about mid-century. (This mass extinction process will be driven primarily by global crop failures, starvation, and the conflicts that will naturally arise because of accelerating primary and secondary climate change-driven consequences and mass migrations.

Many nations will have to go into martial law to maintain law and order. Human rights and democracies will suffer deeply as our climate stability deteriorates.

Unfortunately, over those many wasted decades, global heating's consequences have worsened so much that it is now too late to prevent the extinction of about half of humanity (about 4-5 billion people) by mid-century. If we are very lucky, we still have about 3-9 years left to get close to the survival-critical 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets. 

The IPCC's grossly underestimated climate consequences and timeframes have denied the public realizing the appropriate and proper urgency and seriousness of the global heating emergency. Denied this critical understanding, the public is stillbroadly unaware of the actual climate dangers and timeframes essential to demand that its governments immediately fix this accelerating emergency. 

During that time, global heating's consequences have worsened so much that, unfortunately, it is now too late to prevent the extinction of about half of humanity (about 4 billion people) by mid-century. 

How and why the extinction of about half of humanity by mid-century will occur

After reading the links in this section, you will understand why this will occur. It will become apparent as you see the carbon and methane in our atmosphere rise and as higher global temperatures lock in with each new tipping point crossed.

The cumulative primary and secondary effects of runaway global heating consequences will illuminate how the unavoidable extinction of about half of humanity could occur by mid-century. (The how of a runaway global heating-driven mass extinction is found on this page.)

Only by understanding both why and how mass extinction will happen will you genuinely grasp the accuracy of our warning and that, unfortunately, we also face near-total, but NOT total, extinction.  

When you finish both the why and how links in this section, you will not doubt the objective reasonableness of our strong warnings about mass and near-total extinction. (Near-total extinction is defined as about 50 to 90+ percent of humanity going extinct. (For why it is highly improbable that we will go totally extinct from global heating, click here.)

When you finish reading the links in this section, among other things, you also will know for yourself if we have already entered into a runaway global heating extinction emergency.

Click here to discover the horrible details on how we created our own runaway global warming dilemma and this climate nightmare ensuring the extinction of about half of humanity by mid-century.

Learn how this climate-driven extinction process will unfold in over 80 primary and secondary climate-related consequence steps here.

If you did not see them previously, here are the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets explained in detail. We must get close to them to prevent near-total extinction.

If you have not seen this video already, click here to see the "don't miss it" Earth Emergency video. that illustrates our deadly amplifying climate feedback dillema in wonderful detail.  

Click here to read about what we call Professor Garrett's Dilemma. It describes the physics and mathematics behind how about half of humanity will will unavoidably die if we do make the critical and correct fossil fuel reductions now needed to save the other half of humanity. Garret's corrected fossil fuel reduction calculations also were based on decades of our climate inaction. 



The above also means that it is time to prepare humanity for the many huge sacrifices we have to make to get close to the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets. And it is also time to prepare humanity for the unimaginable and unavoidable soon-arriving suffering. 


Fact 6: With the little remaining time left to act, the only effective way to save what remains of humanity post-mid-century from the even worse near-total extinction process is, for our governments to get close to the 75% global fossil fuel reduction 2025 target as soon as is possible.

The sooner and closer we get to the 2025 target, the more people will survive from the half of humanity that survived the unavoidable mid-century global heating die-off.

 In many places on our website, we have warned that about half of humanity will unavoidably go extinct by mid-century. After reading this page, you will understand why this will occur. It will become apparent below as you watch the carbon and methane in our atmosphere rise and as higher global temperatures lock in with each new tipping point crossed.

The cumulative primary and secondary effects of runaway global heating consequences will illuminate how the unavoidable extinction of about half of humanity could occur by mid-century. (The how of a runaway global heating-driven mass extinction is found on this page.)

Only by understanding both why and how mass extinction will happen will you genuinely grasp the accuracy of our warning and that, unfortunately, we also face near-total, but NOT total, extinction.  

When you finish both the why and how pages, you will not doubt the objective reasonableness of our strong warnings about mass and near-total extinction. (Near-total extinction is defined as about 50 to 90+ percent of humanity going extinct. For why it is highly improbable that we will go totally extinct from global heating, click here.)

Learn how this climate-driven near-total extinction process will unfold in over 80 primary and secondary climate-related consequence steps here.

After reviewing the first link above, if necessary, please re-read the chart below from the bottom up. The previous link will vividly illuminate what happens when we do not get close to the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets and as shown in the illustration above.

Please see this recent scientific summary of respected climate scientists' current climate change and global heating risks.

If you did not see them previously, here are the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets explained, which we must get close to prevent mass extinction.

Click here to read about what we call Professor Garrett's Dilemma. It describes the physics and mathematics behind how at this late stage of global heating and inaction, about half of humanity will unavoidably die if we make the critical and correct fossil fuel reductions now needed to save the other half of humanity. Garret's corrected fossil fuel reduction calculations also were based on decades of our climate inaction. 


Read the chart below from the bottom up. This will help you visualize what happens when we do not get close to the 2025 targets.



Why all is not hopeless: while a global heating consequence-driven near-total extinction is probable, a total extinction is not probable or realistic because of the combination of natural and human system counter actions

Please click here for the full explanation why all is not hopeless and we will not realistically go totally extinct.

Click here to see what we must do to save ourselves and the future.

To see the time we have left, go to number nine below.


The three "what do we need to do now to get out of this nightmare" facts


Fact 7: Only immediate and massive global fossil fuel reduction action by our governments can save us at this late stage of climate destabilization and protect the remaining half of post-mid-century humanity from an even worse, near-total extinction process. (The surprising reason why we will not go totally extinct is explained in the expanded explanation in a link below.) 

Our governments must enact an immediate mass mobilization to slow down mass extinction and prevent near-total extinction.

Here is what we will likely have to do to get our governments to finally act.

Click here for why we will not go totally extinct.




Fact 8: There is still hope to save at least half of humanity if our governments act NOW! To fix the runaway global heating extinction emergency, we must finally use the legitimate 2025 global fossil fuel reduction target of 75% and execute a comprehensive fossil fuel reduction plan that will work (like the Job One Plan.


Understanding the coming climate and global heating consequence timeframes will allow you adequate time to create the best possible climate outcomes while simultaneously preparing for the worst possible climate outcomes.

Keep in mind that this timetable significantly depends on your current location's safety and global heating risk level. If you are in a higher-risk area, the timeframes are shorter. 

Keep that in mind while you are preparing and adapting. Keep pushing our governments to reduce global fossil fuel use so that some of humanity will be able to survive mass, near-total extinction even though the odds are poor.

The higher global heating risk areas generally will be between the 45th parallel north and the 45th parallel south. The highest risks will be between the 30th parallel north and the 30th parallel south.

Most global heating-related deaths will occur within the poor and undeveloped countries between the 40th parallel north and the 4Oth parallel south. In the image below, the red line marks the 40th parallel north. The yellow line marks the 40th parallel south.




Here are the critical survival and safer location-relevant deadlines and timeframes to know for your personal and business survival

Special Note: Up until 8.18.2022, we provided all critical timelines for preparing for the consequences of runaway global warming in one place as part of the thousands of pages of free climate information that we provide withpout charge. After 8.18.2022, we have moved these critical runaway global heating timeframes to the Members-only section of our website. 

We were forced to do this to ensure that our self-funding, and independent non-profit climate think tank has adequate income and donations to continue doing unbiased, unpoliticized, and accurate climate analyses and predictions. We also did this because reciprocality is also necessary for healthy relationships and healthy communities.

We encourage you to become an annual member to access these critical timelines and other valuable materials. For a tax-deductible $9.00 annual member donationyou will also receive a $50 value of five climate-related ebooks and more. This link will take you to a description of all five climate-related ebooks and all other membership access information. 

We sincerely hope you will understand the difficult but necessary reason for this necessary change. Your annual membership donation will keep us online to continue speaking uncensored, climate truth to power. 

As a new member you will know the all the critical and continually updated runaway global heating timeframes. We also regularly email all members when there is any major timeframe adjustment or other critical climate research being released that could affect timetables.

It is now time for you to help us work toward the best possible climate outcomes while still preparing for the worst possible climate outcomes.

Here is how wise individuals or businesses will work for the best and prepare for the worst:

a. by making the necessary personal and business 75% fossil fuel use reductions to do their part to get us close to the 2025 global targets. (Part two of the Job One Plan will help you do this.) 

b. by demanding their national politicians enforce the reduction of global fossil fuel use to get us close to the 2025 targets. (This action step is mainly for individuals who can directly influence their national politicians. (See Part three of the Job One Plan to see what our governments must do.) 

c. by making the necessary emergency preparations and adaptations to build their climate change resilience. This resilience will be essential to manage the worst of the coming climate consequences successfully. (If you are fortunate, well prepared, and in a safer global heating region, you could survive 30-50 more years. (Part one of the Job One Plan will help you do this.) 

d. by making new climate change decisions concerning what they want to do about the accelerating climate consequences. This might include re-planing their lives or re-adjusting their priorities to focus on the meaningful and important things they may have delayed or failed to do.

e. by joining one of our four new eco-community models (urban, rural, virtual or hyprid.) We have accelerated our efforts to create many new sustainable eco-communities worldwide as an additional emergency preparation and backstop against the coming climate change and other consequences.

Please see this page to review the latest on these new sustainable eco-communities being formed. Volunteers have already scouted many of the best relocation locations (covered elsewhere in the Members section.)







Fact 9: Despite being highly probable and almost certain that half of humanity will perish by about mid-century because of sixty years of government climate change ineffectiveness, there is still much good news. While humanity can no longer escape a climate-caused mass die-off and its global turmoil, humanity can learn from these painful climate catastrophe lessons.

Additionally, when we finally resolve the global heating extinction emergency, humanity's recovering survivors can receive the positive benefits of a Great Global Rebirth! (The Great Global Rebirth page is the most-read page on our website.)

There will be much suffering and death that we can no longer escape, but the many possible benefits for the wise survivors could create a world in which we ALL would want to live. We strongly recommend you come back to the following benefits link and read it after you have finished this page and the three recommended actions at the bottom of the page. 

You have read a lot of terrible climate and global heating news. It is essential to balance all this bad news with appropriate good news and the hope provided by the many positive possibilities of a Great Global Rebirth.

This benefits link leads to the most read page on our website, viewed over 2 million times. Click here to learn more about the many positive possibilities of fixing global heating and a Great Global Rebirth. 


Fact 10: Everything our governments are doing currently to fix the climate emergency is still "far too little, far too late." Desperate individual actions to reduce personal fossil fuel use alone will not save us at this 11th hour. 

Consequently, many individuals and businesses have wisely started their "Plan B" emergency preparation, adaptation, and survival plans to ensure they and their loved ones make it through the painful climate consequences ahead. (They enact these preparation, adaptation, and survival actions while still doing everything within their power to get our governments to fact.)

As part of their Plan B, many individuals are also completing other meaningful personal actions before accelerating climate destabilization consequences, their financial losses, and resulting conflicts eliminate remaining possibilities and radically change our everyday lives for decades. They are also preparing their loved ones for what is coming. Additionally, as sustainably as possible, some individuals are visiting the natural wonders that are disappearing daily (glaciers, coral reefs, and the African plains).

Global fossil fuel reductions are currently far too little and far too late due to our government's ineffective efforts to fix climate change. Therefore, because of this horrific governmental failure, we believe every individual has the inalienable right to decide how to best live their remaining years of relative climate, economic, and political stability. (More about this in the expanded facts below.)

In addition to our accelerating global heating emergency, we have also failed miserably to manage most of these other 11 critical global challenges to our severe detriment. The amplifying, accelerating, and interacting of these 12 major global crises with each other will soon begin causing a widespread accelerated or abrupt collapse of the critical food production, economic, ecological, and social systems first in weaker nations, but eventually even in the strongest. 

Below, you see an illustration of the decades-long complete and utter failure of the IPCC and our governments in doing anything effective to reduce global fossil fuel-related greenhouse gases, which have caused our accelerating global heating. The graph below shows the three most dangerous greenhouse gasses in atmospheric parts per billion (ppb).




Now is the time for wise individuals and businesses to create their own Plan B emergency backup survival plans. Plan B is simply an emergency preparation, adaptation, and survival plan. It might even include migration or relocation to safer areas away from the worst of accelerating global heating and the worsening 11 other major global threats

It is no longer reasonable to rely solely upon our limited-resourced governments to save you, your family, or your business from the rapidly accelerating global heating extinction emergency interacting with our 11 other major global crises.

With your Plan B firmly in place, you can keep working to help slow down global heating and achieve the best possible outcomesafter you have prepared your family and business for its worst possible outcomes. And, if we eventually do manage to get through this extinction emergency, you will have preserved your future opportunity to create a better life from the painful lessons you (and all of us) will be learning.

Click here to see the Job One for Humanity Plan B. Plan B also includes saving and salvaging as much of our global civilization as possible so that it will be there for us in any post-collapse future.)

(Click here to see the many "best possible" remaining positive outcomes if our governments mass mobilize and act in time.)

Even if our governments fail to act and we fail to get even close to the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets, most of us still have about 3-9 more years of relative climate stability, particularly within the global heating safer areas. But, if you have prepared well for the coming global heating emergency and live in one of the safer global heating regions, you still could be lucky and live another 30 to 50 years or more. If you have a good Plan B, you will have time to put your lives in order, enjoy life, and make life as meaningful as possible

Additionally, we forward the position that younger generations (X.Y Z, and A) who did not create or ignore the runaway global heating extinction nightmare have a far greater right to occupy the remaining global heating safer lands and to survive longer.


Other Essential Climate Facts

Additional Fact 1: No miracle "new technology" (like carbon capture) currently exists at the needed scale or cost efficiency capable of saving humanity from our accelerating global heating nightmare before about half of humanity is dead. Hoping for some "new technology" to be discovered at the last minute to save us --- is a horrible strategy dooming ALL to fail.

Click here for spellbinding details about why the carbon capture technology will not happen or be "too little too late" to save us. It is a perfect example of the bountiful, wishful, and mechanistic "new technology" thinking surrounding and obscuring the actual scope, scale, and difficulty of the runaway global heating extinction emergency.

Additionally, these promised miracle "new technologies" are false solutions that steal an absolute and real urgency away from the climate emergency, and they also suffer from one or more of the following deadly problems:

1. None of the current miracle "new technology" climate solutions can come even close to globally scaling up in time (over the next three years) to compensate for our significantly missing the 2025 global targets. 

2. Most have not yet been proven to work (even at a small scale.)

3. They have not been adequately tested at a sufficiently large enough scale for unintended side effects. Any unknown and unintended side effects could create even greater problems than the problems they were designed to solve.

4. They are prohibitively costly.

5. Many burn so much fossil fuel trying to remove atmospheric carbon or geo-engineer the planet or atmosphere that their massive fossil fuel use eliminates their benefits. To implement the new technologies, massive amounts of energy will be needed to process the required raw materials and fabricate the solutions. To do this quickly, existing methods must provide the energy, which would further delay reaching global goals. And finally,

6. These miracle "new technologies" are falsely promising us that we can continue our lives of over-consuming, polluting, and burning fossil fuels as we are now. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Additionally, society is ignoring that we are reaching limits to the availability of many natural resources. To build these proposed new technologies, vital materials will be required in such tremendous amounts that routine social needs would be severely impacted.


We are cautionary and warn people about the pitfalls of techno-optimism and the engineer's limited and mechanistic view of complex adaptive systems (the climate, biological and social systems, etc.). But, it does not mean we are anti-technology.

Our position on the use of technology is best described by the term Appropriate TechnologyAppropriate technology is a movement encompassing technological choice and application that is small-scale, affordable by locals, decentralizedlabor-intensiveenergy-efficientenvironmentally sustainable, and locally autonomous. Unfortunately, the miracle "new technology" solutions proposed for climate change are far from the best appropriate technology principles.


Additional Fact 2: Our governments have squandered six valuable decades in self-deception, not fixing our climate change and global heating emergency. In a section further below, you will discover the many painful reasons for our leader's and governments' gross, dangerous, and immoral failure. In the expanded section and links for this issue, you will discover why the global fossil fuel reduction numbers are consistently grossly underestimated and the climate consequence prediction dates are consistently overestimated. (This information is provided to the world by the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the IPCC)

In addition to the decades of well-funded fossil fuel industry global disinformation and misinformation programs, our global heating emergency has been made far more difficult to resolve because of the ongoing gross underestimation and politicization of climate science by the trusted Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change of the United Nations (the IPCC.) 

Yes, the physical cause of runaway global heating is indeed our global burning of fossil fuels. And yes, over the last six decades, the 28 trillion dollar-a-year fossil fuel industry and its lobbyists have subjected the world's politicians to the most potent disinformation and influence campaign in history. Their program was designed to prevent or limit regulations that would reduce global fossil fuel use. But, there is another organization that, because we have always trusted it and its climate summary reports, is also a dominant reason for our ongoing failures to mobilize the world to demand the end of fossil fuels. 

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is currently the most widely recognized and relied upon authority for climate change data. Every world government, major corporation, and NGO relies on these climate summary reports for planning their required fossil fuel reductions.

But there is a massive problem with the IPCC's climate summary reports. For decades, the IPCC has allowed its top administrators to underestimate, politicize and distort the underlying climate science and research of thousands of dedicated volunteer climate scientists.

This politicization of climate science has resulted in the public being given grossly underestimated climate change consequences, time frames, and required corrective actions. Furthermore, this gross underestimation has resulted in the general public being unaware of the seriousness and extreme urgency of the soon-arriving new levels of climate and global heating threat to their lives and businesses. 

In the links IPCC problem related links below, you will learn precisely how the IPCC constructs and calculates its climate consequence risk scenarios, timetables, and recommended climate change remedies. Unfortunately, you will also discover many troubling climate change calculation reporting issues and administrative problems within the IPCC.

The documentation links below further seriously question the reliability and risk analysis usefulness for any of the IPCC's current summary consequence prediction scenarios, timeframes, and climate remedies.



Click here to see precisely how the IPCC "cooked the books" and grossly skewed current IPCC global fossil fuel reduction calculations to be far lower than they should be. (They did this by including the unproven and non-existent "carbon sucking unicorn" technology in their projections.) Unfortunately, this distortion of global carbon reduction calculations allowed the major fossil fuel producing nations and fossil-fuel industries to continue to do "business as usual." 

Click here to see the IPCC's Perfect Day problem with its computer climate modeling. This issue will significantly lower the accuracy of all IPCC's consequence predictions, timetables, and fossil fuel reduction remedies.

Click here to see the eleven key climate change and global heating tipping points that have been almost entirely excluded from the IPCC calculations for coming consequence time frames and how much fossil fuel use we must reduce each year globally. 

Click here to see the four key reasons why the IPCC's 26 global climate conferences have failed to produce results or legitimate global fossil fuel reduction targets.



Click here to see the IPCC's huge atmospheric methane calculation problem. This error again produces a considerable drop in the reliability and usefulness of the IPCC climate prediction work.

Click here to see the latest 2022 IPCC climate change and global heating summary report on the critical climate sensitivity error. Because of this ongoing climate sensitivity error, the IPCC's newest climate consequence predictions, timeframes, and remedial actions will be underestimated by 25% or more. (This 25% does not include the effect of the other IPCC errors described in the links just above.) 

Click here to understand the long-term history of the IPCC underestimating the consequences, timeframes, and the needed global fossil fuel reduction targets by as much as 20-40% or more. This page will take you through the process for the creation of IPCC climate reports and it is rather shocking how the climae science gets distorted by the IPPC administrators in their final approval process. 

Click here to see a new study showing that the IPCC does not include many critical climate system factors in its computer climate modeling. Those missing factors equal wrong and distorted results. This Feb 2022 paper strongly refutes the absurd IPCC claim that the Arctic sea ice melt-decline is reversible. It is not reversible, and that is a monster problem for humanity's weather, seasonal climate, and future.

Because our governments rely upon the IPCC information, our governments will continue to grossly underestimate (or hide) the real and accelerating consequences and timeframes of global heating. 

All of the above linked IPCC errors and politicization problems mean that the IPCC is an unreliable partner for truthful and accurate global heating information. As another profound underestimation error example, in addition to those in the above links, the IPCC regularly asserts global heating can still be limited to 1.5C. Yet, according to James Hansen, one of the world's most respected climate scientists, 1.5C will hit us by 2030. 

The climate consequence predictions, timeframes, and remedial action information of the IPCC should no longer be trusted. As a good general operating principle, whenever you hear an IPCC administrator politicized summary statement on a climate consequence, treat it as 20-40% worse than they are saying and arriving 20- 40% sooner than they are saying. (See the expanded fact section for the many reasons this is appropriate.) 

It is now time to find new, more reliable sources for climate change and global heating prediction and management information. 

Click here to find out who that should be. 


Additional Fact 3: The largest next major and probable climate tipping point, catastrophe, and key global disruptor is the Thwaites "doomsday glacier.") It could collapse as soon as 2025-2028. It is the size of England and its collapse will quickly raise global sea level by 2-3 feet. (Half the world's population lives along our sea coasts.)

Always keep your eye on the biggest and most devastating global climate consequence and crossed climate tipping point that could occur very soon or within decades. It will be the sudden collapse of the Thwaites doomsday glacier. This glacier is the size of England or Florida.

The sudden collapse of the Thwaites doomsday glacier will be the largest single climate catastrophe ever and quickly become a massive global disruptor of the stability of our economic, social, and political systems. Billions of individuals will be immediately affected, and it will cause the greatest real estate crash in history for coastal properties.



We also face many other problems and challenges to our getting close to the 2025 reduction targets

Click here to see the 28 significant challenges to getting close to the 2025 global fossil fuel targets that we must find solution to before it is too late. 

Click here to see most of the published climate research and other summary references reviewed or used for content on this website. This master references listing also includes a description of the analysis process used to develop the facts on these pages.




Your NEXT step,

Some individuals experience upsetting emotions as they become aware of the reality and the dangers of our current runaway global heating extinction emergency. Unfortunately, this upset is quite normal. 

Our staff and management have experienced varying and repeated levels of this same global heating distress. As a result, we were forced to learn how to lessen and manage those stresses. If you click here or on the image below, it will take you to one of the most viewed pages on our website, which will help you deal with these climate-related emotional stresses.





Click the image below and you can review the four most common decisions people make concerning the runaway global heating extinction emergency




You can do something about climate change and global heating! Click the image below and it will take you to the Job One for Humanity, Climate, Global Heating, and Global Crises Resilience Plan.

"No program that claims to have a solution to climate change and global heating can not be called legitimate unless it is designed and focused around knowing when a global heating-driven near-total extinction event will probably occur, how it will occur, and what must be done when to prevent that outcome. The Job One for Humanity four-part program relentlessly follows this critical path and deadline policy." Lawrence Wollersheim

To see how that near-total extinction event will unfold in dozens of primary and secondary climate and runaway global heating-related consequences, click here. 

To start Plan B, click here or click the image below.







To Receive Free Climate Change & Global Warming Information from Us, Click The Sign Up Image Below.


If the climate facts above have you upset, click here. There are many benefits to working together to fix climate change and global heating.



About the Climate Research and Analysis at Job One For Humanity

At Job One for Humanity, our volunteer climate analysts and researchers provide a "big picture" holistic view of the inter-connected and inter-dependent climate systems creating our current global heating emergency. Using the principles of system theory and dialectical metasystemic thinking applied to the climate as a complex adaptive system, we analyze recent climate change research for errors, omissions, and unrecognized patterns which could affect current climate consequences, timeframes, or recommended remedies. We intensely analyze the climate's multiple related systems and subsystems.

Unlike many other climate change think tanks, we do provide prioritized, critical-path, and deadline-driven solutions to the climate change emergency. These solutions are based on accurate global fossil fuel reduction targets and the most dangerous climate change tipping point deadlines we currently face. 

Job One for Humanity actively exposes the current intense politicization of climate science. This intense politicization of climate science by the media, our governments, and the UN's IPCC act to forward a gross underestimation of our actual climate consequences, timeframes, remedies, and emergency. Unexpectedly, our independent climate analysis has also turned us into reluctant whistleblowers exposing how most of today's public climate data has been distorted to serve the hidden financial interests of those who gain most from the ongoing global use of fossil fuels.

Our Advisory Board

It is critical that the above facts are widely known. This knowledge will help illuminate the true urgency of our emergency, which will eventually activate a government-enforced fossil fuel reduction plan that will work. It is now up to you to help educate others about the critical climate facts above before it is too late.

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