Have you ever rented a car from Enterprise? Or Alamo, or National — which are part of Enterprise, the biggest car rental company in the world? There are so many costs involved in renting a car. You have to pay for the rental, the gas, the insurance...

But until this week, nobody knew that our rental car fees are helping Enterprise support an extreme right-wing lobbying group.

Their dirty secret is out: Enterprise was just revealed by the Center for Media and Democracy and the Guardian to be a dues-paying member of the American Legislative Exchange Council. ALEC connects corporate lobbyists with lawmakers to promote “model” bills that fulfill corporate wish lists. ALEC’s agenda includes spreading climate disinformation and blocking climate action.

Together, we’ve successfully urged a string of companies to cut their support for this shady group. Enterprise prides itself on incorporating sustainable practices into its business. By signing onto this petition and calling out Enterprise for their hypocrisy in supporting ALEC — you can tip the scales for Enterprise to leave ALEC, too.

Tell Enterprise to drive away from ALEC, a group that promotes climate change denial.

ALEC is notorious for strategizing with lawmakers about how to convince the world that climate change isn’t real and for opposing rules on cleaner power plants and regulating carbon. Meanwhile, July was the hottest month ever recorded on Earth. Around 100,000 people in the United States are currently displaced by wildfires and floods, from California to Louisiana. Climate change is happening here and now.

ClimateTruth.org members have been instrumental in fights to strip ALEC’s support, from forcing Google to leave ALEC in 2014 to quickly pushing AARP to do the same earlier this month.

Sign the petition: call on Enterprise to follow suit and leave ALEC immediately.

Enterprise has expressed a strong commitment to sustainability — which makes their support of ALEC even more surprising. Their plan includes sustainable construction, a pledge to plant 50 million trees, fleet efficiency standards, emissions reductions goals, and more. Enterprise’s customer base includes many people who care about climate change. For those who choose not to own a car, rental cars can bridge the gap to a more sustainable lifestyle.

ALEC completely rejects the need for climate action and sustainability that Enterprise prides themselves on. It makes no sense for Enterprise to address climate change on one hand and to fund a climate change-denying organization with the other.

Tell Enterprise: live up to your own sustainability values and leave ALEC.

Truthfully yours, 

Daniela, Emily, Brandy, Amanda, Brant, and the rest of the ClimateTruth.org team



“Enterprise Rent-A-Car becomes paid Alec member despite green efforts," The Guardian, 22 August 2016. https://act.climatetruth.org/go/1311?t=7&akid=4269.222701.G2Mk8K

"AARP drops ALEC amidst pressure campaign," Talking Points Memo, 5 August 2016. http://act.climatetruth.org/go/1287?t=9&akid=4269.222701.G2Mk8K


Enterprise, the world’s largest car rental company, is funding ALEC — an extreme right-wing lobbying group that spreads climate change denial and blocks climate solutions.

Tell Enterprise to Drop ALEC
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source: http://climatetruth.org/


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