Gordon Carmichael

Too much of the climate change debate is left vs right, and neither side has an answer.  The focus of the independent organizations must turn away from this dysfunctional debate and focus on the science, the engineering, the technology gaps, the project management challenges, the manpower,  the costs and the political and geopolitical issues just the way the MIT Technology Review does here. https://www.technologyreview.com/s/610457/at-this-rate-its-going-to-take-nearly-400-years-to-transform-the-energy-system/

If we dont start soon, and i mean really start, not the nonsense the liberals propose,  the battle will be lost before we begin. Mankind cannot go down without a fight. 

  • commented on We’re Losing the Global Warming and Environmental Protection Races: “So, What Do We Do Now?” 2018-11-10 13:58:15 -0800
    I believe this article best sums up the current state of the climate change situation.

    It is from an authoritative source, it includes input from all the necessary disciplines, science, engineering, project management, economics, politics, geopolitics. It deals with the technological gaps. It is a document that should have the widest possible circulation.

    The article calls for a response on the level of WWII. I agree. This is a job for the US military. The challenge is beyond the ability of the private sector to respond. The public should call for the government to assign the task to the military to be carried out with the highest priority possible. America trusts it’s military, it’s military has the skills, the discipline and is already in receipt of massive funding. It will attract new people in leadership roles and will recruit the workers, it will conscript all other services it needs. The effort will dominate the US economy, normal life for many Americans will be suspended , just as happened with the military effort
    in WWII.

    Forget treaties. Other countries will see the US example and follow the lead, the world will fall in line behind the US.

  • commented on Conservatives deny global warming. Progressives deny how bad it's really going to get and how fast it's coming! 2018-11-07 19:45:48 -0800
    The MIT article seems to assume the demand for energy will continue to grow. I wonder though, what would be the consequences of getting out the message in the MIT article? A drop in the birth rate? Will people continue to have children? Will there be many deaths from climate related events? Will there be a significant drop in world population? If this does occur and electrification proceeds, will these factors combine to result in a far more rapid decline in emissions than would otherwise be predicted?

    Things will happen, there will be unexpected developments and unintended consequences, good and bad, but the process must start, and to start it there must first be a world-wide understanding of the true gravity of the situation, which will come only with communication. And it should not take long, if done properly
    it will go viral.

Lawyer, Canadian from London, Ontario, follower of US politics, NYT reader, lean to the conservative side by Canadian standards.
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