John Hamilton

  • commented on Why it will be so hard to prevent global warming extinction 2019-07-18 19:34:33 -0700
    And why did the curve not show any effect of all the emissions reductions to engines, industrial plants, etc. Because of defoliation (which takes away the process of changing CO2 back to O2) and are burned off with extreme emissions, increase in global population in 3rd world countries with a lack of emission controls, burning wood and fuel oils for cooking and other heat need fire in 3rd world countries. Water vapor is not a pollutant. It naturally comes back to earth to a balance. What was the reported total % reduction per year in CO, CO2, N2O in the USA for these years. Warming of oceans are also blamed for a warming of the Pacific Ocean but they leave out the Atlantic dropped as much. El Nino has been extra long but balance in oceans has taken over temperature control. Greenhouse gasses do exist at very low temperatures like -130 F. They do bounce back UV Ray’s to keep the Earth from going into another ice age. World population in these years has added great quantities of CO2 with every breath.