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Job One for Humanity understands and feels a critical need for on-the-ground, person-to-person local climate education and activism and preparation for the many now unavoidable climate consequences This is because our exclusive role as a non-profit climate change think tank is to provide unpoliticized, uncensored, accurate climate research and analysis. 

We are not information marketing people, in-the-street climate protestors, or for-profit business managers. We are only climate change researchers and analysts.

Our think tank research and analysis role also infers that ALL website visitors, members, and volunteers are considered as partners with us in fixing the climate change emergency. 

We depend entirely upon you to share the climate information and analysis you discover on our website. If you do not, our uncensored climate analysis will not reach enough people to make a difference before it is too late.  

But beyond the climate information-sharing role for ALL website visitors, members, and volunteers, we also seek to establish alliances with other mission-compatible organizations that could benefit our website visitors, members, and volunteers in the locations where they live now.

Accordingly, Job One for Humanity is thrilled to announce a qualified new alliance with the new Join-A-Hub organization. One role is to bring about an international community of organizations that work with young leaders to fight for climate justice and prepare for the climate change consequences that we can no longer avoid. 



Join-A-Hub survival and security hubs are set up in local areas to prepare for the runaway Global Heating Extinction Emergency, loosely known as climate change. They also are anticipating the worsening of several other global crises.

The Join-A-Hub organization exclusively uses the climate research and analysis found on the Job One for Humanity website. 

We have created this qualified alliance to help support our visitors, subscribers, and members in building or having local networks to advance climate education and activism. We believe this new organization has the long-term promise of creating and supporting authentic local climate educator activist actions. 

To make this local support happen, you will need to raise your hand and be a key person helping birth this new organization in your local area. 

Please be aware that Join-A-Hub works with other organizations that we have not reviewed or vetted and that may have different takes on society, economics, politics, philosophy, spirituality, etc. We do not endorse those other previously mentioned areas of the Join-A-Hub organization's alliances or actions. 

We do endorse these aspects of Join-A-Hub:

  1. their concept of local readiness and preparation centers and the climate science that Join-A-Hub is using from our organization or linking to on their website. 
  2. their idea of the support necessity of local centers where people get together to cooperate in dealing with the many survival issues that the global heating extinction emergency presents.

Other than our climate research and analysis, we disclaim endorsement of any other information area because we are either not experts in those areas or we have not evaluated those areas.

When joining JAH (as we recommend you do) for local climate education and activism support before acting on it listen carefully to whatever is being proposed and why it is being proposed. (One thing you can always do to test some climate action or proposal is compare it with the activism principles on this page, ).



Here are more details on the new Join-A-Hub organization

How to get Started with Join-A-Hub

  • Go to
  • Form and join hubs using their Action Guide.
  • Promote links and articles over social media.
  • Join and the Facebook group to conduct community blogs for your local group.

What Join-A-Hub Does

Help plan community survival measures.

    • Contact local zoning boards on what we must do to prepare and adapt.
    • Build and work with localization groups for self-reliance.
    • Help communities to prepare to adapt.
    • Reference the formation of eco-sustainable communities or 'havens.'
    • Prepare survival strategies for food, water, shelter, income, and medicines.
    • Engage with local councils over survival-security measures.
    • Encourage collaboration with similar groups.
    • Call for meetings to formulate plans and bring about third-party symposiums.
    • Help develop solutions and models to address an emerging crisis.
    • Promote regenerative and sustainable economic units.
    • Discuss the formation of survival eco-communities.
    • Promote spiritual outlook.
    • Support existing climate action groups.
    • Educate about the Global Heating Extinction Emergency.
    • Promote cooperatives such as cooperative banks, farming cooperatives, service cooperatives, consumer coops. 

Here are Join-A-Hub Key tools (They are described on the Join-A-Hub website.)

Action Guide

Link the Links

Collaboration Form.

Arrange meetings

Letters To Authorities



Join blogs


Please explore soon.

Join-A-Hub is primarily about taking action and registering that action through hub formation to build a network and interacts worldwide sharing local experiences.

JAH is a catalyst and does not have a formal registration process that can be done by virtue of association with organizations such as Job One For Humanity.

Last Updated 11.18.22

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