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You will get all of the member benefits listed below when you become an annual member/donor now for just $9.00 per year! With any $9 donation, you will also receive four important ebooks with a $35.00 value! 

1. You will receive ebook copies of four critical new books relevant to global warming and other global issues:

a. The first free ebook is Climageddon; the Global Warming Survival Kit is an $8.95 value. This ebook is getting great reviews on Amazon and, you can download it in one of the three most popular ebook reader formats. 

b. For those who do not like reading complex scientific research and still want to be entertained and educated about this challenging subject. We have just added the ebook version of "On Vestige Way" by David Spielberg (a $9.00 ebook value.) It is an emotion-packed CLI-Fi (climate fiction) novel about how global warming affects the future and fate of the world's Millennials, generation Z, corporations. It also describes a massive rearrangement of the political alliances we take for granted. 

It is so hard to put down you will be missing work and sleep wondering what happens next to the story's heroes and heroines struggling with the genuine global warming future the younger generations will face. Yet, it is one of the most scientifically accurate of all of the CLI-FI books we have reviewed. (The author, like the other listed authors, made their Ebooks available to us because they wanted to support our critical mission work!)

c. You will also receive a free ebook copy of Climate and Ecological Delusions and Contradictions that Will Soon End Humanity by Michael MielkeThis $8.95 value ebook explains and elaborates in great detail on the carbon capture technology delusion and the many other global crises we face.

d. You will also receive a free ebook copy of Collapse 2020, Vol 1: Fall of the First Global Civilization by Bruce Nappi. This $8.95 value ebook lays out a strong case on why we must prepare for the first-ever global warming-aggravated, global collapse coming within mere decades. Collapse 2020 digs into the major chaos of today’s world: climate change, liberal-conservative polarization, gridlock in governments, and massive social injustice.

While the four free ebooks above are an excellent extra benefit for making only a $9.00 donation and becoming a member (or renewing membership), there are other valuable reasons why you will want to have access to the members-only section of our website! 

2. You will receive valuable global warming migration evaluation information. The members-only area of our website also will provide critical details on how and when the consequences of the global warming emergency can affect your investments, financial transactions, real estate, and even your individual or business physical survival. Luckily, you will not have to spend tens of thousands of dollars a year (like the ultra-wealthy) to access it.

3. As a member, you will not only be able to know what the ultra-wealthy know about our global warming future, but also what they don't know (unless of course, they are also members of Job One.) Our nonprofit organization has spent almost $100,000 acquiring and doing the research needed for the information found in the members-only section.

Hedge funds, investment bankers, real estate conglomerates, and ultra-wealthy individuals and corporations all over the world are already spending tens of thousands of dollars each year with global warming risk analysis companies to have access to the kind of information that you will find in our members-only section. Trillions in personal and corporate wealth will either be made or lost because one either understands or does not understand the many unfolding consequences of our rapidly accelerating global warming emergency.

B. As a member, you also will have full access to critical non-public global warming emergency information

You will have access to:

1. well-researched global warming migration and relocation options for the limited global warming safer zones for individuals, families, and businesses. This includes an extensive global warming migration and relocation checklist for the US and a listing of the global warming safest cities and regions. (We also have migration advice for all over the world.)

2. member-only first alerts and early warnings about the coming global warming catastrophes,

3. member-only exclusive global warming emergency preparation and adaptation information for your family, home, and business,  

4. critical prediction information on how, when, and where the escalating global warming emergency will affect:

a. local, regional, and national real estate values and finances,

b. stock market values, specifically corporations whose stocks and bonds will be most affected as the global warming emergency worsens,

c. commodity prices as regionalized crops and other commodities fail because of increased heat or other global warming consequences, as well as which food prices will rise the fastest, etc.,

d. increased political conflict or instability probabilities particularly relating to a nation's regionalized specific global warming consequences.

In addition to the above, your donations provide critical financial support for our non-profit organization's ongoing research and mission and, they help keep many other areas of our website information free to the public. 

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There are also many important and useful benefits and bonus gifts for all members described on this page. 

Your tax-deductible annual membership donation helps keep this research and organization online.

You get all of the extra member benefits listed on this page!

We run one of the most cost-effective operations among all non-profit global warming educational groups. 

We are a 25-year-old, IRS-approved, all-volunteer organization.

There is no paid staff! Your donations go only for rent, utilities, office expenses, internet hosting, and other Internet-related web security service charges.

How to become a Job One for Humanity annual member in one easy step!

It costs only $9.00 per year in a one-time tax-deductible donation or, just $2.00 a month as a monthly tax-deductible donation.

1. To make a secure one-time, online membership donation of $9.00 (or more if you like,) please use the fill-in form at the bottom of this page. 

2. To make a secure, online, and automatic $2.00 (or more if you like,) monthly membership donation, click here.

3. To renew your annual membership, use the one-time secure online donation form at the bottom of this page. (Renewing memberships also include the four free books [a $35.00 value,] listed above.)

4. To make a membership donation by mail, make your check payable to Factnet, PMB 2167, 1650 S. Casino Dr. Laughlin, Nevada 89029 

5. If you cannot afford a $9.00 a year membership: We feel that everyone should have access to this critical global warming information, not just the ultra-wealthy. That is why we have made this critical information available at a cost we believe everyone can afford (a $9.00 a year website membership. If you cannot afford $9.00 a year or live at the poverty level or below in your region and nation, please email us at ma[email protected] with relevant details, and we will get you a free scholarship. This scholarship award will also give you access to all of our members-only website areas. 

We have received the Seal of Financial Transparency by Guidestar. Guidestar is a leading non-profit organization that evaluates other non-profit organizations for financial and mission transparency. 

Donation Receipt Information:

You will always receive either an electronic or mailed tax-deductible donation receipt for your donation. The name “ Inc.” will show on the PayPal payment screen if you are using Pay Pal online or on the electronic record of your donation to Job One for Humanity. Factnet is a Bronze Star non-profit recognized organization by Guidestar the nonprofit organization that evaluates other nonprofit organizations for financial and mission transparency. Job One for Humanity is a DBA and subsidiary of Factnet Inc., which since 1993 has been a recognized 501(c)(3) IRS nonprofit and social benefit organization.

Why become a member now?

When you donate nine dollars (or hopefully more,) you:

1. help us promote the effective Job One for Humanity global warming survival plan and our mission-focused on serving the public good and doing everything necessary to slow or prevent a global warming-caused mass extinction event

2. become a member for one year and you receive all of the many valuable members-only benefits listed above.

What could be more important to help support and be a part of? 

In 2021 during the first six months, Job One for Humanity had over 145,000 unique visitors!

Here is what membership donations helped us do in 2020:

All of the following was done by our all-volunteer staff because of your financial support. According to Google Analytics:

a. Some 325,000 unique visitors viewed our websites.

b. About 6,000 hours of free online education on global warming and what we must do for a more sustainable life occurred in 2020.

About ten years ago, with our sister website, The Association for the Tree of Life, we introduced the idea that we need to declare an immediate climate and global warming state of emergency. We began promoting this idea to hundreds of our peer environmental organizations worldwide. Here is what has happened since we introduced the global warming emergency idea:

a. Over 1,800 cities and towns in the US and around the world have declared local or regional global warming-related states of emergency.

b. The Oxford Dictionary named "Climate Emergency" the Word of the Year 2019.

c. In the media you now hear about the climate or global warming emergency on a daily basis.

d. We (Job One and the Tree of Life) are about to cross the 20,000 petition signature level for our global warming emergency petition. (These will soon be sent out around the world to influence various governmental climate regulators.)

We have also created a practical and honest plan for dealing with the global warming emergency that has real fossil fuel reduction amounts and timetables that will allow us to have hope for a livable future. (It is called the Job One for Humanity, Survive and Thrive Plan.)

If you are already a Climageddon book purchaser, here is how to get your free one-year membership!

Additionally, all Climageddon book purchasers get free access to the members-only section of our website for 1 year. To get this book purchaser's 1-year special free access, email us at [email protected] and tell us where you bought your Climageddon book and how much you paid. Within 3 business days, we will activate your one-year book purchaser's membership. Even though as a book purchaser you get one year of free access, please also donate and help us achieve our mission.)

More About The Job One for Humanity Non-profit Organization

The Job One for Humanity organization provides a unique "big picture" view of the many interconnected and interdependent climate system factors behind the global warming emergency. Unlike other climate change educational organizations, we do provide critical-path, prioritized solutions based upon the REAL global fossil fuel reduction targets and the global warming tipping point deadlines we currently face. 

Our website focuses on educating individuals and businesses about surviving and thriving through the future climate change challenges. We also integrate the complex "big picture" math and physics-driven interactions of the climate's many sub-systems into easy-to-understand illustrations, descriptions, and documentation. 

As you will soon discover, you have found a very special climate change educational website.


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