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On August 14, 2019, we created this new sharing tool for our members-only section. We will begin promoting it in our September 2019 newsletter.

In the comments fields below, we invite our members to share any successes, tips or challenges in executing the many action steps within the four parts of the Job One Plan. Also, please share how dealing with escalating global warming and its consequences has changed your life.

Your success and knowledge is particularly important to inspire and help others who are also working on preventing global warming-caused mass human, animal, and biological extinction within our lifetimes.

Using the comments below, each month we will select success stories and informational tips from this members-only area and include them in our monthly newsletter.

This also means that when you share your successes and wisdom in the comments fields below, you are also permitting us to make them public in our newsletters. If you do not want to be personally identified, use your initials to sign your comments.

The process of comment approval for your shared successes and wisdom

Within a few business days after posting your success or tip to the comments area, one of our volunteers will review it. This review is to see that it is on-topic and related to our mission, particularly the Job One Plan. They will also check to see that it is aligned with our community standards of civility and is non-commercial.

Once your post is approved for the members-only section, it will be visible to all members.

Looking forward to receiving your wisdom and inspirations,

The Job One Volunteer Team 










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  • Lawrence Wollersheim
    commented 2019-08-16 14:33:35 -0700
    Dear Genevieve,

    Thank you for your thoughtful ideas. The challenge in front of us immense. Therefore it is very important to enjoy each day with those you love. It will restore your energy and build resilience, and today may be the best it will ever be if we fail to reach the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets at

    Keep reading the website and find and do only those things which are within your zone of influence.


    The Job One volunteer team
  • Genevieve Malone
    commented 2019-08-16 05:26:14 -0700
    Hello all,

    I found this site yesterday and am focusing my efforts on Job One, Part One: building my emotional and psychological resilience.

    It sounds silly but I’m glad this is explicitly mentioned as a step, and the most important step. I have OCD (it’s not all funny quirks about organization like they depict in the movies) and one of my top obsessions is global warming. My therapist and I have talked at length about the distinction between what is OCD and what is prudence, because it’s a blurry line when we talk about it. Things that might seem completely unreasonable to most people (making a climate emergency plan, thinking about a migration, stocking up on commodities) are not completely unreasonable given the potential scenarios. So that’s been fun to work through ;)

    I felt like after reading this I had validation of how I have been proceeding. My husband and I have been out hiking more, which I love. I feel like I am renewing my focus to myself and my loved ones, which I have not always put at the forefront. It’s going to be a long process so having focus instead of a shotgun approach is helpful, especially to individuals like me.

    Here’s to upping resilience!
  • Lawrence Wollersheim
    commented 2019-08-15 12:22:37 -0700
    Dear Tom,

    Is this organization an IRS recognized nonprofit organization? We have a strict policy not to allow links to any commercial organizations.

    The Job One Staff
  • Tom Beckett
    commented 2019-08-15 01:46:07 -0700
    Cool to be here. If you are also looking for interactive discussions in a place that aims to tackle the climate and ecological crisis in practical ways then come and join the conversation at
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