According to a new book, our climate scientists and governments have grossly miscalculated current global warming risk levels, consequences, and timetables. The new research and meta-systemic analysis presented in the newly released Climageddon proves global warming may already be irreversible, or will be within the next 6 to 10 years...

If global warming is not already irreversible, Climageddon presents an effective last chance plan to minimize unimaginable loss and catastrophe. If global warming IS already irreversible (as it probably already is,) Climageddon provides information on what to do to migrate and/or prepare yourself to survive as long as possible.


Climageddon’s 450 pages of original analysis presents both global warming and survival-critical information you will not find in any other global warming book!


It presents:


a. why and how the current global warming consequence and timetable predictions you hearing in the media have been so grossly miscalculated by our climate scientists and governments,


b. the eleven “must watch” and coming soon global warming tipping points that will usher in the rapid end of humanity and civilization and,


c. updated and more accurate consequence timetable predictions for realistic future planning and survival.

The new scientific research presented in Climageddon clearly illustrates that if something extreme is not done immediately to correct our current ineffective actions, 80-90% of humanity will suffer and die as soon as in the next 30-50 years.


The debate on who is responsible or whether global warming is real no longer matters. Irreversible global warming is here (or soon will be,) with its escalating catastrophic consequences and, it will last for the next hundreds to thousands of years.


Do not get caught unprepared! Get Climageddon today!



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