Book Review on a book that is Not Your Grandmother's New Book About Climate Chaos

New Book Review: What to Do if Your Chute Doesn’t Open! Survivors Guide to the Last Days of the Coming Climate Inferno

Our climate situation is so serious (as we describe all over this website,) it is good to add a bit of humor in describing it to maintain balance. The new book What to Do if Your Chute Doesn’t Open by JF Carpenter takes the reader on a Climate ride that is different from anything I have ever read. Sarcastic, impudent, and politely offensive, these pages aim to get to those who aren’t reading the five-hundred-page discourses on climate injustices.  

It is a short, hard-hitting yet entertaining presentation about the world we are giving up told in a fun way to read. This is a book for the masses. One to be read by politicians, business leaders, students, and everyone that needs a kick in the ass to take global warming more seriously. Those familiar with ‘Job One for Humanity's” Four Major Climate Change Emergency Decisions and Coping Strategies will find a comfortable place here.



The book starts with the basic premise: “ The battle is lost.  Nothing anyone has done has stopped the increase in global warming, and the projection for increased temperatures will cook much of what survives by 2050.  So let’s have a plan to make the best of our environment while our grandchildren can still enjoy what is ours today, but probably not theirs in the future. “ 

From there, the author takes the reader on a journey that is sometimes frightening, often irreverent, that includes advice on how to live in these peaceful years before the rest of humanity figures out that global warming will radically alter the way living things interact with each other on a doomed planet. 

He covers when, where, and why to relocate, the importance of friendship, places to visit, new investment approaches, unique career opportunities, and a host of other imponderables for the period before the air conditioning dies.  He invites you to join the contest to rename Glacier National Park or sign up friends for space colonization in its lighter moments. 

There are also some profound sequences as he looks at the economic and political structure that has led to a world order that, during the last fifty years, has not been able to make the decisions necessary to revise global warming and save our future.

Is there hope? Always, but time has run out, and the solid message here is that it is up to us, every one of us, to impress on our leaders that the hourglass has run dry and extreme action is now necessary to save the environment for our children and our children’s children.

What to Do if Your Chute Doesn’t Open! 

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