Nigerians march through Ogoniland to protest Big Oil's ongoing pollution in the Niger Delta. Photo: Babawale Obayanju

For the past 12 days, thousands of people on six continents have stepped up their commitment to keep fossil fuels in the ground with courageous actions that have challenged business as usual across the globe...

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Thousands of Ende Gelände activists occupy coal mine and nearby power station in Proschim, Germany

Break Free stopped everything entering or exiting the world’s largest coal port in Australia, stood up to South Africa’s most powerful family and left coal at their front door, and occupied train tracks overnight on both coasts of the United States to stop oil-filled "bomb trains" from rolling. We disrupted a fossil fuel auction, blockaded fracking sites, surrounded refineries with kayak flotillas and sit-ins, and called for an end to offshore drilling.

South Africans return coal to the Gupta family compound after attempts to silence their peaceful protest. Photo: Shayne Robinson - Mutiny Media

3,500 people shut down one of Europe’s biggest carbon polluters in Germany, 10,000 marched against a coal plant in the Philippines, 3,000 more sent an ear-splitting message to Indonesia’s President with a whistle demonstration against coal in Jakarta -- and so much more.

A flotilla of kayaks surround the Kinder Morgan oil terminal in Metro Vancouver, Canada - proposed destination for a new tar sands pipeline. Photo: Zack Embree - Survival Media Agency

A joint wave of action of this diversity and intensity had never been attempted before. Together, we pulled it off.

As the planet becomes dangerously hot, our greatest collective hope is that this movement continues to grow in size, strength and boldness. The past few days show what we can accomplish together.

Indonesians lead noise protest outside the presidential palace in Jakarta to call for an end to coal pollution. Photo: Jurnasyanto Sukarno - Greenpeace

In every country that took action this week -- Australia, Brazil, Canada, Ecuador, Germany, Indonesia, New Zealand, Nigeria, the Philippines, South Africa, Turkey, the United Kingdom, the United States, and beyond -- organizing against fossil fuels and for renewable energy will continue stronger than ever.

Because people everywhere see the writing on the wall: as the planet heats up, renewable energy becomes more affordable, and the industry enters a financial crisis, the time has come to stand up to the power and pollution of the fossil fuel industry. The time has come to really break free.

People gather outside Shell's refinery in Anacortes, WA, blocking traffic to the Pacific Northwest's biggest point-source of carbon pollution. Photo: Emma Cassidy - Survival Media Agency

The climate crisis is escalating, but so are we. 

Even as Break Free actions were gearing up, thousands of young people here in the United States were also taking bold action -- to divest their universities from the fossil fuel industry and reinvest in just solutions. More than 30 direct actions have taken place on college campuses over the past several weeks, and more are on their way (check it out here).

This movement will continue to grow in all of its forms: divesting from fossil fuels, blocking fossil fuel extraction and transportation, passing fracking bans, stopping new coal plants, ending fossil fuel subsidies, and securing commitments build a 100% renewable economy.

Several dozen people block the road to the Aliso Canyon gas storage facility in Porter Ranch, CA, site of the largest methane leak in US history. Photo: Brooke Anderson - Survival Media Agency

Thanks to you, there has never been a better time in history to break free from fossil fuels. Let's seize this moment, with all our strength.

Take a moment today to be inspired.

With gratitude and awe,

Will & the 350.org Break Free team

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