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The National Intelligence Agency Petition

All national and international efforts to contain and reverse escalating climate change and global warming depend upon the complete and accurate information and risk analysis of all key factors surrounding the climate change emergency. Currently, the recognized authority handling final climate change risk analysis is the under-resourced, underfunded, and politically-conflicted Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (the IPCC of the United Nations.) Unfortunately, having the IPCC act as the world's authority on climate change has not been working well.

The IPCC has been creating risk analysis reports and holding solution conferences for almost 30 years, and in spite of all their efforts, global warming causing carbon and methane in the atmosphere measured in particles per million (ppm) is rising—not slightly but exponentially! The reality of rapidly rising carbon parts per million levels (carbon ppm levels in our atmosphere) when they should be dropping or at least leveling off is about as good a definition of climate change risk analysis and reduction failure as any rational person would need.



By continuing to rely on the IPCC’s reports and conferences to resolve escalating climate change, we collectively are in essence doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result, which is the classic Einsteinian definition of insanity.

In addition to failure to improve the climate change condition, the IPCC’s previous risk analysis reports have also been plagued with underestimation errors in the 20 to 40% range. They have also failed to adequately include critical global warming climate tipping point prediction scenarios whose consequences would make clear to our politicians what a hellish nightmare will occur if any of such global warming climate tipping points are crossed.  

We are also getting climate change risk analysis updates from the IPCC too infrequently for the escalating nature of the emergency (about once every 5 to 7 years.) It is now obvious we are also getting climate change risk analyses from a clearly non-optimal source.

It's time to stop engaging in this irrational false hope and failed experiment with an underfunded United Nations agency taking on the responsibility for the future of the whole world! It's time to assign the responsibility for creating an accurate risk analysis for the threat of climate change and global warming and annual updates to those organizations that are far more qualified, far better resourced, and that has a far greater strategic interest in what’s at stake.

The intelligence agencies of each nation are the ones that should be the primary parties tasked with creating a new escalating climate change risk analysis report as well as annual updates for their nations’ leaders, the people of their own nations, and for the rest of humanity. They also should be responsible for monitoring all fossil fuel reduction progress.

Moving these responsibilities away from the United Nations’ underfunded IPCC is a logical transference of threat research and threat risk analysis and remedial recommendation responsibilities to those who also are far more credible as well as legally and morally accountable for such risk and threat analysis for the individual nations of the world.

Our national intelligence agencies already were established solely to protect the nations of the world from immediate, midterm, and long-term threats to their security. Escalating climate change is the most serious risk to national security and humanity, other than a nuclear war, on immediate, midterm, and long-term levels.

Because of the preceding reasons, the full responsibility for all climate change risk analysis and annual update risk and progress reports needs to be assigned to where they should have always been! The intelligence agencies of the world have the budgets, resources, and expertise of every kind to do these annual climate change risk analysis updates far better than an easily influenced, infiltrated, and/or grossly underpaid IPCC staff and volunteers ever could.

Additionally, the politicians of the nation whose intelligence agency has just produced the report will tend to give that report far more credibility than any report by an underfunded, under-resourced, and expertise-challenged UN agency. Furthermore, not only would having these annual climate change reports produced by national intelligence agencies influence their national politicians more forcefully, but they also would more credibly educate and influence the public of that nation.

This could also have the beneficial side effect of a better informed national public more forcefully holding their politicians to account for what they do with each new national intelligence agency risk analysis update on the escalating climate change emergency.

By having every intelligence agency in the world produce its own annual risk analysis and public report on the current state of escalating climate change, we would also have inherent checks and balances against some other nations hiding critical climate change information that would benefit their nation and be adverse to other nations. In time, most national intelligence agencies would see the huge benefit of cooperating on certain levels of climate change research and sharing their risk analysis data and conclusions, realizing that escalating climate change is the one common exterior threat to all nations that will eventually undo human civilization and the stability of all nations.

To properly and adequately create the new escalating climate change risk analysis and annual risk and progress updates, the intelligence agencies of all nations will also be required to include risk analysis and prediction scenarios that clearly show what will happen if any one or more of the critical global warming climate tipping points are crossed.

(Our rapidly rising atmospheric methane levels pose a particularly dangerous climate tipping point and extinction risk.) 



Knowing and avoiding the critical global warming climate tipping points is paramount. If we do not know where these tipping points are and when and how they will likely unfold, we could easily unconsciously or inadvertently throw ourselves into irreversible climate change and global warming or extinction-level climate destabilization.

Because of all of the reasons mentioned above, I hereby demand that the intelligence agencies of my nation take over all climate change risk analysis work from the United Nation’s IPCC. I also demand that these annual climate change risk analyses are made fully public, uncensored, and shared with other intelligence agencies from other nations and their peoples.

It is my strongest belief that by my nation’s intelligence agencies acting in this manner (producing credible annual climate change risk analysis and progress reports) they are also performing their sworn duties and obligations to protect our nation from all serious threats. I firmly believe that other than the case of immediate global thermonuclear war, no other threat poses greater national and global harm to our nation and more of humanity over a greater length of time than the escalating climate change emergency and its looming tipping points.

In closing, I also demand that our intelligence agencies also make your most up-to-date national climate change consequence predictions, timeframes, remedies, and progress reports clear to the nations' politicians and the nation’s public after you have completed each annual report. (End of the petition.)

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If You Need More Information About Why This Intelligence Agency Petition is So Important!

If you or any of your friends need to be better informed about why the world’s intelligence agencies need to immediately take over the annual climate change risk analysis, research, recommended remedies, and tracking of national and international fossil fuel reductions away from the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, you can refer them to the following link which explains ALL of the additional reasons not covered in the petition above.

Why Major Intelligence Agencies Must Immediately Re-Do the IPCC Climate Calculations, Consequence Predictions, Deadlines, and Global Fossil Fuel Reduction Requirements and More?

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  • Woody Miller
    signed 2023-05-01 04:29:03 -0700
    Part of the problem with Climate Change is we are too focused on humans. We know humans cannot survive a world without a healthy diversity of other species,
  • hugh walker
    signed 2023-03-07 17:36:21 -0800
    i am concerned and worried about the future for future generations and the planet earth and how humankind can survive global warming and climate change and after 2025 when it is too late to act and i am also asking for your support for asking for support from the congress and senate and president in the next election who ever wins 2024 and to take action on climate change and reduce emissions and keep us in the paris climate agreement and i am worried that it is about politics and parties that dertimine the fate of the human race and planet earth and democrats have an better plan then republicans on climate change i believe. my name is josh walker
  • Diana Hoare
    signed 2023-01-11 05:46:42 -0800
  • Eric Duggan
    signed 2022-11-17 22:12:42 -0800
  • Carol Seiler
    signed 2022-11-12 11:02:26 -0800
    Can man not see what he has created with his money?
  • Blanca Gomez
    signed 2022-11-01 08:43:12 -0700
  • Franklin Cloete
    signed 2022-11-01 03:53:48 -0700
    lets take hands and fight the war on climate change as one
  • Kim Parker
    signed 2022-07-16 11:39:04 -0700
  • Norman Keegel
    signed 2022-07-03 17:23:05 -0700
  • Mary McDevitt
    signed 2022-06-30 15:06:47 -0700
  • Sophie Rieu
    signed 2022-06-27 09:18:02 -0700
  • aimee wise
    signed 2022-06-25 16:20:55 -0700
  • Isabellarias
    @isarias75 tweeted link to this page. 2022-06-14 15:53:22 -0700
    Petition to National Intelligence Agencies to Get Them Take Over the Climate Change Risk Analysis & Research.
  • Vera Czemerinski
    signed 2022-06-14 15:53:05 -0700
  • Martins Udofia
    signed 2022-06-11 11:59:06 -0700
    I will sign
  • Jack Leishman
    signed 2022-05-24 17:38:37 -0700
  • Brenda Choi
    signed 2022-05-16 19:11:35 -0700
  • Kara Scott
    signed 2022-05-16 16:02:27 -0700
  • Jacqueline Ziegler
    signed 2022-05-10 12:10:50 -0700
  • Kathleen McGregor
    signed 2022-05-05 12:02:07 -0700
  • Harry Gregory
    signed 2022-05-02 12:45:01 -0700
  • Nancy Kasper
    signed 2022-04-15 09:11:56 -0700
  • Sara Coakley
    signed 2022-03-31 23:27:30 -0700
  • Isobel Chambers
    signed 2022-03-31 16:56:02 -0700
  • Sharon Nolting
    signed 2022-03-12 20:33:55 -0800
    The climate crisis is bearing down upon us all with increasing intensity and the world’s leaders are not even close to dealing with it adequately, in part due to the underestimations and distorted predictions of the IPCC. I urge you to take responsibility to move the critical work of the IPCC to intelligence agencies who could be more suitable to do this work and able to do it accurately. We have little time left. Without accurate predictions, we have no chance of meeting this enormous challenge successfully. Life on earth may depend upon it.
  • Lawrence Wollersheim
    signed 2022-02-17 15:37:44 -0800
  • Alexa Fay
    signed 2021-10-21 14:51:56 -0700
  • Karee Joedeman
    signed 2021-02-26 10:46:13 -0800
  • Anika Robbertse
    signed 2020-09-16 08:47:05 -0700
  • Elke Rahn
    signed 2020-04-18 21:36:51 -0700
    Elke Rahn
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