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Welcome to this quick overview of the 4 part Job One for Humanity Plan to manage the global warming emergency. You may have found a link to this page on one of our other websites (Universe Institute, Factnet, or Universe Spirit,) or you found this page on an Internet search.

Here is the good news about global warming (aka climate change) and the Job One Plan.

The Job One Plan will:

1.  show you the personal steps you can take today to do your part to help slow and lessen global warming. 

2. show you exactly what our governments need to do to save us in time. And it,

3. provide all of the prioritized action steps you will need to protect your self, family, and business from global warming's many now unavoidable worst consequences as well as the 11 deadly global warming tipping points

Here is the bad news about global warming:

In spite of what you're being told in the media, the global warming solutions and reduction strategies currently forwarded by most of the most of the most popular big environmental organizations will not work in time to save humanity from global warming's 20 worst consequences and a likely large-scale extinction of humanity within as little as the next 30-50 years and not sometime after 2100!

This unworkability problem is also equally true for the fossil fuel usage reduction plans of the world's most recognized global warming authority, (the U.N's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change [IPCC].)  The global warming solution plans mentioned above (other than the Job One plan,) will not work because they are not dealing with the bitter new global warming climate reality that:

a. Global warming has already become out of our individual meaningful control (for as much as the next 30-50 years.)

b. We only have a handful of years left (only until 2025,) to make the critical and radical fossil fuel usage reductions needed if we want to preserve any hope of not going extinct. (Part 3 of the Job One Plan will show you just how radical the critical and honest fossil fuel reductions must be. Click here to see just how radical the 2025 global fossil fuel reductions must be.)

c. Our authorities have given us many incorrect global warming calculations. (Click here to review a list of calculation errors that have been a part of the reason why after 35 years global warming is only getting worse! And,

d. The proposed new technology global warming solutions and other solutions being relied on by the authority-endorsed reduction programs simply does not exist, is not able to be scaled up in time or, have both potential and real side effects far worse than the global warming problems they are trying to solve!  

If you think our statement that we are already in a state of out of meaningful control global warming is an exaggeration, before continuing to read or after you finish this short overview please read this detailed explanation of how we have now arrived at this state of out of meaningful control global warming (for as much as the next 30-50 years,) and what this will very quickly mean to your future! Without understanding this current global warming research analysis document at some point, it will be difficult to fully grasp the critical need for the radical and challenging Job One Plan action steps overviewed below.

The Job One for Humanity Plan for radically reducing fossil fuel use and preventing global warming extinction

The Job One Plan starts out by honestly confronting the harsh new reality that global warming is in fact, out of our individual meaningful control for as much as the next 30-50 years. It then provides a deadline-driven, prioritized and effective plan for all the essential step-by-step individual and collective actions that need to be taken in their proper sequences to deal with and manage our current emergency. 

It describes only the most critical action steps we need to take:

a. to radically and immediately cut our use of fossil fuels which are the prime cause of our global warming emergency, 

b. to prepare for the now unavoidable 20 worst consequences of our out of control global warming,

c. to rapidly adapt, families, businesses, and nations to the harsh reality of the unavoidable 20 worst consequences so that some of us survive as long as and as best we can.  

Only the above three categories of actions will prevent the 20 worse consequences of out of control global warming from continuing to increase in frequency, severity, and scale until we cross more of the 11 deadly tipping points which will ultimately bring humanity to the point of extinction.

Only the successful execution of radically cutting fossil fuel use will prevent the probable extinction of as much as 70-90% of humanity within as little as the next 30-50 years.

Some Very Good News

There is still a very small amount of time left (until 2015,) to reduce fossil fuel usage adequately and to prepare, adapt and make things as good as is possible for our future, but only if we radically and immediately reduce our global fossil fuels use directed by and enforced by our governments! We can no longer continue with business as usual and gradual changes anywhere close to what is being proposed by our current governmental "authorities" will not work. (Exactly what this radical fossil fuel use reduction means is fully explained in Part 3 of the Job One Plan.)

Here are the Job One Plan, Action Steps for individuals Families and Small Businesses  

This information is found only in Parts 1 and 2 of the Job One Plan. These parts contain what you really can do individually or as a family or small business to save yourself as well as adapt and learn the new practices that will keep you, your family's and your small business's future safer. Individual actions are the first parts of the Job One plan because they are far easier to start on.

For Part 1 of the Job one Plan click here. 

You will learn how to best prepare yourself, family and small business for the soon-arriving and unavoidable 20 worst consequences of global warming. Everyone now needs to have basic emergency preparation in place to survive the worst of the continually arriving new levels of global warming consequences while they also work on and through the other three Job One steps as described below. This is the single most important step to begin first! You may work on the other steps well you are working on the steps of Part 1.

For Part 2 of the Job One Plan Click here. 

You will learn the best individual actions to adapt to what consequences are now unavoidable as well as how to become more sustainable to help do your individual part to slow and lessen the 20 worse consequences of global warming. This step will also help you use far less fossil fuels.

This step with all of its sub-steps will take some time to complete, but while you are working on it you can work on other action steps of Part 1 as well. By itself, Part 2 will not save us from the harshest and now unavoidable consequences of our past actions and inactions, but it will help to slow and lessen global warming hopefully just enough that more of us can be comfortable and survive a bit longer.

Parts 1 and 2 of the Job One Plan (immediately above,) are the individual actions you can take but please note, these individual actions alone are nowhere close to enough to ultimately save us from the coming worse consequences of global warming and likely extinction.

Here are the Job One, Action Steps for Politicians, Intelligence Agencies and Ultra-wealthy Corporations, Philanthropies, and Individuals 

This information is found only in Parts 3 and 4 of the Job One Plan. It contains what absolutely must be done immediately by politicians, intelligence agencies and ultra-wealthy corporations, philanthropies, and ultra-wealthy individuals if we are going to have any real chance of saving humanity from the likely extinction of as much as 70-90% of humanity within as little as the next 30-50 years. 

Unfortunately, it is only the politicians, intelligence agencies and ultra-wealthy corporations, philanthropies, and individuals that currently have sufficient direct power or influence to enact the government-driven actions described in Part 3 of the job one plan that will work to drastically reduce greenhouse gases down to carbon neutrality and net zero in time to save the future. It is only Part 3 of the Job One Plan executed successfully that will eventually return us to safe atmospheric carbon levels of carbon 350- 270 parts per million, [ppm]. (We are at about carbon 413 ppm now.)

The action steps described below are not actions that can be successfully achieved by common citizens who have little direct influence or access to politicians, intelligence agencies and ultra-wealthy corporations, philanthropies, and individuals.

Click here for Part 3 of the Job One Plan.

It focuses exclusively upon a single, painful and dominant reality. We must make immediate, radical and costly reductions in our fossil fuel energy generation and use that will be achievable only through government-driven, government-enforced, and government-penalized new laws and actions. This is the single most important part of the Job One Plan. If we do not successfully execute this step without any further delays, there is no practical hope we can prevent escalating global warming from reaching the mass extinction level. (The phase by phase global warming extinction process and timetable is described in detail at this location.)

Click here for Part 4 of the Job One Plan

It contains radical new ideas on how we can get the very difficult must do critical actions and global warming reductions found in Part 3 of the Job One plan done by politicians, intelligence agencies and ultra-wealthy corporations, philanthropies, and individuals.

Getting the governments of the world to act or work together is a Herculean task. It will require nothing less than a massive mobilization of the governments of the world and their resources to save the future. Part 4 offers creative strategies, bypasses, and workarounds Part 4 offers creative strategies, bypasses, and workarounds that may influence the politicians, intelligence agencies and ultra-wealthy corporations, philanthropies, and individuals that have the power or influence to enact the critical needed government-driven actions described in Part 3 of the Job One Plan.

If you follow the above prioritization recommendations for the optimal order and process for completing the 4 parts of the Job One Plan, we will have a chance of surviving the last pre-extinction battle line and the tipping point of carbon 600 ppm. (Crossing carbon 600 ppm leads to all kinds of unthinkable an unconscionable consequences and the last phases of the Climageddon Scenario.)

How the deadline and reality-driven Job One Plan came about

For over 10 years the Job One for Humanity Organization has been creating a continually updated meta-systemic overview and analysis of all applicable global warming research. (The meta-systemic analysis used for global warming examins the systems and subsystems involved in global warming from a meta perspective that considers them both as stand-alone and individual systems as well as being interconnected and interdependent with and upon each other. Meta-systemic analysis involves detailed analysis of processes, contexts, relationships, and the continual transformations occurring among and between interconnected and interdependent systems and subsystems within the selected area of analysis.)

This meta-systemic overview and analysis process creates a highly useful "big picture" as well as a Hegelian dialectical systems model of the coming global warming consequences and timetables.

This ongoing an original analysis of the the most reliable global warming science has produced the current set of prioritized and practical global warming solutions found in the form of the four-part Job One for Humanity Plan. As of December 2018, only one other global warming educational organization we know of has accessed and is using this original meta systemic analysis.


(We will also soon have a new downloadable PDF file that includes all 4 parts of the recently upgraded Job One Plan in one easy free download. We will notify all website subscribers and members when it goes up.)


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