Global Warming Solutions: The Job One for Humanity Plan for Surviving a Human, Animal and Biological Mass Extinction Event within Your Lifetime

"You cannot be called an alarmist if there really is something to be alarmed about." (Author Unknown.)


There is a lot of difficult news about the global warming emergency on this website. There is also much truthful good news.

Our Job One for Humanity Plan exists because over the last 35 years society has not successfully resolved this crisis (aka the global warming emergency, the climate change emergency, the climate crisis, climate change.) Our new plan also exists because we have reached our last 6-year window of opportunity to fix it without unthinkable mass extinction consequences. If we miss this final last chance to fix it, global warming will go out of our control and the overstressed natural systems of our climate will take over! These mega-climate natural systems are completely beyond our control once we cross the three critical global warming tipping points!

The good news is that there are about 6 more years to prevent or at least, slow down the worst of the coming global warming consequences (a mass extinction event within your lifetime.) 

The good news is also that there is an effective  Job One Plan designed to help you:

1. prepare for and adapt to the next wave of unavoidable global warming catastrophes,

2. lower your personal and business fossil fuel use, and 

3. get our governments to radically reduce and slow global fossil fuel use.

Your help and work are urgently needed and you can make a meaningful difference! Everyone can find something to contribute and do in the many action steps found in the four-part Job One Plan below. 

All you have to do is to:

a. select which part of the plan (below) that is right for you and your circumstances. And then

b. begin it.

If you have any doubts about why you should immediately start our plan to slow down and resolve the global warming emergency, we strongly recommend that you click here and watch this 4 Minute Global Warming Video by Greta Thunberg given at the United Nations on September 23, 2019. It should help you to understand and feel the seriousness of the global warming-caused emergency we now face and why we must work together to get our politicians to act.

(If you do not believe or understand how global warming has become a true emergency or, you have just arrived at this page from somewhere else on the Internet, please read this quick summary page of our current global warming condition before continuing with this getting started guide for the plan to resolve the global warming emergency.)  

The Job One for Humanity Plan: Only the most critical solutions and actions needed!

What part of the Job One Plan should I start first?

Not everyone decides to take the same protective, preparatory, or remedial actions once they have had time to process the current global warming research. 

In general:

a. Do parts 1 and 2 of the Job One Plan first. They will be essential for your survival. They will help you, your loved ones, and your business survive and thrive longer and be more comfortable. This initial prepare and adapt focus is because it is highly improbable that we will NOT meet the critical 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets.

b. Next, do parts 3 and 4. They will slow down the global warming extinction emergency timeframes. Slowing it down is about all we can do at this point. Parts three and four are also for those of you who are concerned with having everyone beyond family and business (humanity, animals, and biological species,) survive longer. Parts 3 and 4 are especially for those of you that have significant direct or possible indirect influence on your local, regional, or national politicians. And,

c. If you can and, if you have the time, resources, or inclination, work on all of the four parts of the Job One Plan.

More information on which Job One Plan part to start on will be found in the overview of each of the four parts below.

The Job One Plan, Parts 1 and 2: The Action Steps and Solutions for Individuals, Families and Small Businesses 

For most individuals, Part 1 and Part 2 of the Job One Plan are the parts we generally recommend most people to do first. We strongly recommend that you start with Part 1 if you do not have:

1. direct connections of real influence on government politicians or,

2. indirect connections of real influence upon politicians through celebrities, ultra-wealthy corporations, philanthropies, ultra-wealthy individuals or national intelligence agencies.

(If you do have direct or indirect connections of real influence upon politicians, we strongly recommend you begin Job One Part 3 while also actively working on Part 1. We have so little time left to achieve the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets and prevent a massive human, animal, and biological extinction event from occurring within our lifetimes that, we absolutely have to immediately get our politicians to enact the critical government-driven action steps of Part 3 of the Job One Plan done!)

About Part 1 of the Job one Plan: 

You will learn how to best prepare yourself, family and small business for the soon-arriving and unavoidable 20 worst consequences of global warming. Everyone now needs to have basic emergency preparation in place to survive the worst of the continually arriving new levels of global warming consequences while they also work on and through the other three Job One steps as described below. This is the single most important step to begin first! You may work on the other steps well you are working on the steps of Part 1.

For Part 1 of the Job one Plan click here. 


About Part 2 of the Job One Plan 

You will learn the best individual actions to adapt to what global warming consequences are now unavoidable as well as how to become more sustainable to help do your individual part to slow and lessen the 20 worse consequences of global warming. This step will also help you use far fewer fossil fuels.

This step with all of its sub-steps will take some time to complete, but while you are working on it you can work on other action steps of Part 1 as well. By itself, Part 2 will not save us from the harshest and now unavoidable consequences of our past actions and inactions, but it will help to slow and lessen global warming hopefully just enough that more of us can be comfortable and survive a bit longer.

Parts 1 and 2 of the Job One Plan (immediately above,) are the individual actions you can take but please note, these individual actions alone are nowhere close to enough to ultimately save us from the coming worse consequences of global warming and likely extinction.

For Part 2 of the Job One Plan Click here. 

The Job One Plan, Action Steps 3 and 4: The Solutions for Politicians, Celebrities, Ultra-wealthy Corporations, Philanthropies, Individuals, and Intelligence Agencies

If you already have connections of direct real influence on government politicians or, you do have indirect connections of real influence on politicians through celebrities, ultra-wealthy corporations, philanthropies, or ultra-wealthy individuals or national intelligence agencies, Part 3 is the area we recommend you begin while you are also doing Part 1. This way, you are working for the best while you are also preparing for the worst.

The needed actions for politiciansv is found only in Parts 3 of the Job One Plan. It contains what absolutely must be done immediately by our politicians if we are going to have any real chance of avoiding likely extinction of as much as 70-90% of humanity within as little as the next 30-50 years. 

Unfortunately, it is only the politicians, intelligence agencies and ultra-wealthy corporations, philanthropies, and individuals that currently have sufficient direct power or influence to enact the government-driven actions described in Part 3 of the Job One Plan. Only their actions will work to reduce greenhouse gases down to the 2025 target levels and then to carbon neutrality and net zero in time to save the future. Only Part 3 of the Job One Plan executed successfully will eventually return us to safe atmospheric carbon levels of carbon 350 - 270 parts per million, [ppm]. (We are at about carbon 414 ppm now.)

The action steps described of Part 3 below are not actions that can be successfully achieved by common citizens who have little direct or influence on politicians, intelligence agencies and ultra-wealthy corporations, philanthropies, and individuals. (Part 4 of Job One Plan potentially wil help the rest of us get some creative influence over our politicians.)

About Part 3 of the Job One Plan 

It focuses exclusively upon a single, painful and dominant global warming extinction emergency reality. We must make immediate, radical and costly reductions in our fossil fuel energy generation and use that will be achievable only through government-driven, government-enforced, and government-penalized new laws and actions. This is the single most important part of the Job One Plan.

If we do not successfully execute this step without any further delays, there is no practical hope we can prevent escalating global warming from reaching the mass human extinction level. Please also keep in mind that Part 4 of the Job One plan contains essential reading for individuals who do have a direct influence on their politicians — particularly on why many wealthy individuals, corporations, etc will want to help us solve this emergency!  

For Part 3 of the Job One Plan, click here. 

About Part 4 of the Job One Plan 

Part 4 contains creative ideas on how individuals without direct influence on politicians can create an indirect influence on politicians, intelligence agencies and ultra-wealthy corporations, philanthropies, or ultra-wealthy individuals to help get the must-do and critical government-directed actions found in Part 3 done. Part 4 also contains essential reading for individuals who do have a direct influence on their politicians — particularly on why many wealthy individuals, corporations and nations will want to help us solve this emergency. 

Getting the governments of the world to work and act together is a Herculean task. Saving our future will require nothing less than a massive mobilization of:

a. all of our politicians,

b. the major governments of the world and

c. the world's resources. 

Part 4 offers indirect influence strategies, bypasses, and creative workarounds that if enough of us do them, they can help indirectly influence the politicians, intelligence agencies and ultra-wealthy corporations, philanthropies, or individuals that do have the influence to enact the critical government-driven actions described in Part 3 of the Job One Plan.

The good news is that, if we successfully execute the parts 3 and 4 of the Job One Plan, humanity and most other species will survive the global warming extinction emergency. 

You now have all that you need to select where to start the Job One Plan. We do need your help and creativity to meet the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction goals as well as to prepare for the next wave of more severe and extensive global warming consequences.

We are an all-volunteer organization. If you do not self-organize your time and resources and help as best as you can, the global warming emergency will evolve into a massive human, animal and biological species extinction event within your lifetime

For Part 4 of the Job One Plan, click here. 

After you have has some time on the action steps of the Job One Plan...

Please send us an email at manage@JobOneforHumanity and, let us know how you are doing. What you say or have learned may be essential to inspire, support and encourage others in our monthly newsletter. 

Other general information about Job One For Humanity and its solutions to the global warming emergency 

About our organization

We are an organization of respectful disruptorsWe do this when we challenge any organization or individual that presents false or misleading analysis or information about our current global warming extinction emergency or, that minimizes or diminishes its real threat or, what we must do to save humanity in time. (Click here for precisely what we mean when we say we are respectful disruptors.)

Some good news about our global warming emergency is...

the Job One for Humanity global warming solution and plan (aka climate change solution) is effective and, it has something meaningful that everyone can do! 

This four-part plan of global warming solutions will:

1. show you the action steps and solutions designed to fit with your current conditions and circumstances. You can begin immediately and help do your part yo slow and lessen the escalating global warming emergency. 

2. provide you emergency preparation and adaptation action steps that you can complete at your own pace to better protect your self, family, and business from global warming's many now unavoidable consequences as well as its most disruptive global warming tipping points

3. show you the most critical actions and solutions our governments must immediately begin executing to prevent mass human, animal, and biological extinction within our lifetimes. 

What any honest and effective solution and plan must do to end the global warming extinction emergency?

It must:

a. honestly face the real conditions currently present at the time and location at which you find yourself, 

b. diligently locate all of the critical barriers that will keep you from reaching your objective, and it must, 

c. use a systematic and comprehensive approach to prioritize all of the critical path actions needed to resolve those barriers before critical deadlines are crossed to get you to your objective. 

Even more good news

Unlike most all other global warming reduction plans, the Job One Plan does all of the above by.

1. candidly confronting the harsh new reality on just how bad global warming crisis currently is. (See this page for that reality check.)

2. clearly defining all the critical barriers that must be overcome. (See this page for that reality check.)

3. providing a prioritized and effective plan for ALL critical path individual and collective actions that need to be taken to critical deadlines (described below.)

The three most important actions of the Job One Plan

Here is a quick peek at the three most important actions in the Job One Plan:

a. have our world governments immediately enforce the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets, (fossil fuel usage is the prime controllable cause of our current global warming emergency.) 

b. make both individual and business emergency preparations for the already unavoidable consequences of global warming. and,

c. rapidly adapt our families, businesses, and nations to the realities of a future of escalating global warming consequences. (By doing so more of us will survive longer and be more comfortable.)

The first of the three critical actions above when successfully completed will prevent the worse consequences of global warming from continuing to increase in frequency, severity, and scale. The first action above when successfully completed can prevent us from crossing the global warming extinction-level tipping point of carbon 600 parts per million (ppm.)

We can no longer continue with business as usual. The gradual fossil fuel usage reductions currently being proposed by many government "authorities" simply will not work in time to save us. (What we must do to reach the 2025 global fossil fuel use reduction target levels is explained in Part 3 of the Job One Plan.)

How the deadline-driven Job One Plan of global warming solutions came about

For over 11 years the Job One for Humanity organization has been creating a continually updated meta-systemic overview and analysis of all relevant global warming research. (The meta-systemic analysis used for global warming examines the systems and subsystems involved in global warming from a meta-perspective that considers them both as stand-alone and individual systems as well as being interconnected and interdependent with and upon each other. The meta-systemic analysis involves detailed analysis of processes, contexts, relationships, and the continuous transformations occurring among and between interconnected and interdependent systems and subsystems within the selected area of analysis.)

This meta-systemic overview and analysis process creates a highly useful "big picture" as well as a Hegelian dialectical systems model of the coming global warming consequences, counter-consequences, and timetables.

This ongoing an original analysis of the most reliable global warming science has produced the current set of prioritized and practical global warming solutions found in the form of the four-part Job One for Humanity Plan


(We will also soon have a new downloadable PDF file that includes all 4 parts of the recently upgraded Job One Plan in one easy free download. We will notify all website subscribers and members when it goes up.)


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