Richard Mercer

  • commented on Current Climate Condition Summary 2022-04-18 17:40:22 -0700
    I do not like all the talk on the internet saying we shouldn’t depend on technology fixes. This is wrong. We have tools now, to get much of the way there, or most of the way. Solar, Wind, geothermal, and energy storage are the Only things that will make a big enough dent in CO2 emissions fast enough and cheap enough.
    There has been too much exaggeration and misinformation about the environmental impacts of these. Michael Moore’s movie is chock full of disinformation about renewable energy and EVs, pathetically so.
    I understand about reducing consumption and all that, and population size. But it will take time we don’t have, if we think those are the only solutions. It would take generations to reduce population or even stop its growth. And it will take time to change how people think about consumption. I live a pretty simple life, drive only about 5,000 miles a year, buy very few consumer products, compared with most Americans and rejected materialism nearly 50 years ago.

    Yes the IPCC has been too conservative, but the real problem is the massive PR campaign of disinformation funded by the fossil fuels industry and its allies.
    Not to mention the dumbing down of nearly half the U.S. population by Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, all the other alternate reality media outlets that conservatives pay attention to almost exclusively. I’ve been debunking climate change deniers on the internet for years, and for most of them, I might as well be talking to a sidewalk, or a 4th grader. It’s a national embarrassment.