Video: A close-up view of the Batagaika crater in eastern Siberia. Video courtesy Julian Murton/University of Sussex via Storyful


An aerial photograph of the Batagaika crater in Siberia.
Photograph by Alexander Gabyshev, Research Institute of Applied Ecology of the North

A new study suggests that the expanding hole might provide fresh insight into a warming world...

Some call it a doorway to hell. Or a portal to the underworld. Scientists call it a crater. But everyone agrees that it's getting bigger.

The Batagiaka crater in eastern Siberia, already the largest of its kind, has been growing wider. The most recent measurements, published in February of this year, estimate the crater to be 0.6 miles long and 282 feet deep. These numbers are expected to continue gradually increasing.

The local Yukatian people approach the area with caution. They report hearing ominous noises, leading some to call it a portal to the underworld. For scientists, however, the crater offers a more Earthly fascination.

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