Special Briefing On the Actual State of Global Warming - It's Not What You Are Hearing!

Starting with this first special briefing, Job One for Humanity will be sending out regular progress, educational or new research updates on the battle to save the future from the consequences of the escalating global warming. Please forward this important state of our global warming special briefing, especially to the executive director and board of directors of any environmental organizations you are associated with.


Before we brief you on the global warming bad news that you are not being told by our media and governments, there are a few things that need to be said to prepare you for the shock of what you are about to read.

1.) The $28 trillion-a-year global fossil fuel industry absolutely does not want you to know the following information about global warming. They spend billions each year to confuse you with conflicting and benign “climate change” media coverage to keep you in a continuous state of doubt, inaction and false safety. In addition to the fossil fuel industry’s massive financial, political, and media lobbying capabilities, there are also many national governments who do not want you to have this information because all or most of their total national income is derived from fossil fuel exports.
2.) When you first grasp and then finally act to resolve the true dangers of our current global warming emergency, the fossil fuel companies know they will lose their obscene profits and many fossil fuel exporting nations will likely collapse economically.
3.) It is natural for you to immediately reject the disturbing information you are about to read because it runs counter to everything you have been told by the fossil fuel industry influenced media or other inadequately informed environmental organizations.

The mind simply cannot deal with huge shocks beyond its ability to control. It must reject what is too overwhelming to maintain its own internal balance and congruence. So far, the following information has nearly crushed almost everyone in the Job One team who has tried to cope with it and to respond positively to resolve it.

Therefore, until you can verify what you are about to read is good science, if you need to vehemently or temporarily reject what you're about to read, we completely understand. This might be your healthy first step in coming to terms with it. That is what most of us at Job One had to do the first time we really understood how dire the global warming emergency has become.  

But, if you care deeply about our living world, the great possibilities for our future, and the beauty of our civilization, please come back to this new information and take the time to personally research the science behind it and that is, in fact, true. To help you verify its truth, there is a new book called Climageddon: The Global Warming Emergency and How to Survive It. It was just published by Job One for Humanity after seven years of painstaking research and it is now available at Amazon.

It provides 450 pages of the hard science, research studies, graphs, charts, illustrations, and the logical arguments that demonstrate the unbearable and reliable truth of what you are about to read. In fact, what you're about to read is the core message of the new Climageddon book itself.

The bad news about global warming that no one wants to hear, but should motivate you to greater action:

Bad News 1: We are out of time. If we don't complete difficult global warming reduction targets within 6 to 10 years, global warming will move out of our civilization’s zone of effective technological control and it will quickly become irreversible for hundreds--if not thousands--of years.

Bad News 2: If we fail to immediately and radically reduce our use of fossil fuels more global warming tipping points will be crossed at an even faster pace. Crossing these tipping points will further accelerate and magnify horrific global warming consequences beyond anything we are capable of responding to individually or collectively. (In a future special briefing, we will fully explain the science behind all of the key global warming tipping points and explain how they will accelerate coming climate catastrophes to unbearable levels.)

Bad News 3: As we cross more global warming tipping points, we will expedite the path to extinction for most of humanity within as little as 2-4 decades--not the hundred or more years from now that the fossil fuel industry and fossil fuel exporter nations would like you to think.

Bad News 4: If we fail to hit our 6 to 10 year difficult global warming reduction goals and you want to minimize your coming global warming consequence-related personal suffering and loss, you will have to quickly migrate north of the 45th parallel or south of the 45th parallel long before the nations in those areas close down their borders to the billions of other desperate climagees (climate refugees) trying to migrate to the few remaining global warming safe zones.

Do not see these far north and far south zones as anything but temporary refuge from the coming chaos. For reasons fully discussed in Climageddon, no matter how rich you are or how soon you get into these global warming “safer” zones, you will not be safe for anything longer than a few more decades if that. Make no mistake: irreversible global warming and continually rising temperatures will not be survivable for almost all of humanity.


Bad News 5: In spite of what you are hearing in the media about steady global warming reduction progress being made, current global warming actions are not anywhere even close to the pace necessary to save us from a total global catastrophe. In fact, the amount of carbon (CO2) in the atmosphere is actually increasing faster and faster. We are currently going in the exact wrong direction to make the crisis less. (See the atmospheric carbon [CO2] graph)

No matter what the media is telling you about our supposed global warming progress, if we are not significantly reducing the total annual carbon emissions going into the atmosphere in parts per million (see the graph) global temperatures will inevitably continue to rise, not at a gradual and steady rate but at a rising exponential rate because of the basic laws of physics. (See how the carbon emissions in the graph are also rising exponentially.)

Bad News 6: Global warming consequences will not be “mild” by 2100 or long off in the future as the media keeps reporting to make you falsely feel safe. Within the next decade, our actions will determine whether most of humanity faces rising global suffering and eventual extinction because very shortly, many areas of our planet will no longer be able to support life as it does today.  

Bad News 7: For thirty plus years, climate scientists have been trying to warn the public about the true state of global warming. Now we are not the only ones shouting to the public that we are almost out of time to prevent unthinkable suffering at an unmanageable global scale. Many recent and respected research articles found in Job One for Humanity’s Global Warming Blog clearly indicate that previous official governmental global warming consequence predictions and timetables were seriously flawed and grossly underestimated. Please see these new articles:

When will the planet be too hot for humans

Hopes of mild climate change dashed by new research…

We only have 3 years left to turn the corner on global warming so, uh, yeah…  

Now that you have the bad news, what can you do about our current global warming condition

We all need to quickly get through our shock at how bad things have become and how long they were hidden from us. Next, each of us needs to do whatever we can to help to get the deadline-prioritized Job One for Humanity plan to reduce global warming done ASAP!

There is no time left to waste. We need your active participation today in forwarding the Job One action plan to protect our planet, civilization and the future. None of us will survive if we do not work together and we work more effectively.

It's time for all hands on deck! Do something listed below now:

  1. Keep up with the latest global warming news, progress and new research by signing up for the Global Warming Blog by clicking here.

  2. Help us educate others quickly about the facts of the global warming emergency by buying the new Climageddonbook for yourself and as gifts for your friends in either eBook or printed versions at Amazon.

  3. Get started on one of our critical volunteer positions by clicking here.

  4. Make a one time tax deductible donation to help financially support ending global warming and the non profit Job One for Humanity organization by clicking here.

  5. Let other environmental organizations know about this bad news so they can adjust their missions and deadlines accordingly.

  6. Make a repeating monthly tax deductible donation to support the ongoing Global Warming Emergency Mobilization by clicking here.

We are now on the precipice of our last battle line for survival


Our future depends upon what you do here and now as part of the Job One for Humanity growing Global Warming Emergency Mobilization (GWEM).

The Climageddon Scenario (CS) mentioned in the illustration lists out the projected atmospheric carbon levels for the various phases of the Climageddon Scenario. (The full scenario will be described in more detail in future briefings and in the new book Climageddon now at Amazon.)

For now, all you need to know about the Climageddon Scenario mentioned below is that it is a new global warming future prediction and planning model, which encompasses the complex and interconnected processes, contexts, relationships, transformations, tipping points and consequences of escalating global warming--up to and including an extinction scenario for most if not all of humanity.

The survival battle line illustration below shows where our atmospheric carbon ppm (CO2) level is today in 2017 (407 ppm). It also shows the red vertical dotted final battle line of carbon 425 to carbon 450 ppm, as well as the beginning of the climate cliff at carbon 450 to 500 ppm. And lastly, this graph shows the carbon levels associated with the later phases (3-6) of the Climageddon Scenario that lead to our extinction.

There is still hope left for us if we are honest with ourselves and do not go past the maximum carbon 425-450 ppm levels which will cause us to fall over the carbon 450-500 ppm climate cliff into irreversible global warming.

The best way to stay below our last battle line of carbon 425 to 450 ppm

temperatures and timeframes of the CS.png

At this unique moment in time, the following two action targets are mission critical. With a bit of luck in getting them done, they should keep us from crossing more global warming tipping points that would otherwise lead us into and through Phase 2 of theClimageddon Scenario into the beginning of the extinction spiral which begins in Phase 3 (see illustrations immediately above and below).  

The table illustrates how soon the average global temperature increases associated with each of the 6 Climageddon Scenariophases will occur. (All the temperatures are increases over the average global temperature just before the Industrial Revolution.)

Based on where we are now, the following critical targets that must be integrated into all new verifiable and enforceable laws or treaties to effectively reduce global warming. These critical targets are:

  1. Scale up global green energy generation to nearly 100% renewable energy globally by 2026.

  2. Scale down and reduce global fossil fuel use to ensure achieving carbon neutrality (net zero carbon) for all greenhouse gases by 2026. (Carbon neutrality means achieving net zero additional carbon emissions by balancing any measured amount of new carbon released into the atmosphere with an equivalent amount of carbon sequestered or offset by other reductions to make up the difference. Achieving carbon neutrality is only the first stepping stone on our way to actually reducing the total amount of carbon ppm currently in the atmosphere to safe levels of about carbon 270-350 ppm. Unfortunately, even with our most aggressive efforts, it will be impossible to get back to those safer levels for centuries.)

Failure to achieve the above two critical action targets is an unthinkable option and equals irreversible global warming and no future for future generations. Staying below carbon 425 to 450 ppm is our last fail-safe.

Today, because of the inherent momentum and inertia within our climate and human systems, our only remaining hope for survival is to make the immediate, radical, and difficult changes described in steps 1 and 2 above (and as described in the full Job One for Humanity Plan to end global warming found in the new Climageddon book).

The good news about these targets is that they are also our best chance of minimizing the effects of global economic recession or depression due to radically reducing fossil fuel use over the next 10 years. Scaling up to 100% renewable green energy generation within 10 years appears to be our best and most realistic response for what will happen to the economy as we radically cut fossil fuel use. Scaling up to green while scaling down fossil fuel use may not completely prevent severe global economic challenges, but it should significantly reduce them.

There is no doubt that working to achieve these two above targets will come with both anticipated and unanticipated problems. There will be those who swear scaling up enough new green energy generation in time to stay close to counterbalancing fossil fuel reductions and their economic consequences will be nearly impossible. In spite of those voices, we must begin the largest coordinated effort in human history and do the near impossible. What other choice do we have?

The entrepreneur Elon Musk, founder of Tesla electric cars and SpaceX, has recently built a new Giga factory for mass producing the newest technology in storage batteries. He has said that with just 100 more Giga factories, all of the world’s green energy generation battery storage needs could be met. Every major government could begin subsidizing or building such factories as an immediate national security and economic priority!

Here's more good news and hope for the future

Do not also forget that the sooner we reach 100% green energy generation, we will also:

  1. slow and lessen the escalating global warming emergency,

  2. save many more lives,

  3. many more people will be healthier and live longer,

  4. suffer fewer of the non-financial devastating consequences of global warming, and

  5. steeply reduce the risk of going over the carbon 425-450 ppm climate cliff into irreversible global warming and eventual extinction.

Please keep in mind that even if we fail, 2026 is not the immediate end of humanity and the world. Many people will still be alive at least temporarily over the first few decades after 2026 if they migrate above or below the 45th parallel in time. Do not forget, as billions of other desperate climagees try to force their way into the safe zones in the far north or far south, no one, even there, will remain safe for much longer as global average temperatures continue to rise.

In conclusion:

You do not need anyone’s permission to do good in the world. Become an active part of the Global Warming Emergency Mobilization and warn others before it is too late. Please share this global warming special briefing on your Facebook page, with anyone else you think should have its difficult facts, or who can help make an immediate difference in resolving this rapidly escalating emergency.

Lawrence WollersheimThank you for your support!




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    With all thanks to Lawrence Wollersheim! . . . Well done! . . . Now! Everyone . . . Get one board! Get the book! Climageddon! Spread the message!
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    Serious concerns arise about our near future actions / responses when the “Realization” of what we face
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