Pledge to Stop Saying "climate change" for Very Good Reasons

I hereby pledge to stop using the term “climate change.” Instead, I will use escalating global warming, out of control global warming or climate destabilization to describe the escalating increase in the Earth’s average temperature and the destruction caused by global warming primarily due to our burning of fossil fuels.


I make this pledge because:

  • “Climate change” is a misleading term employed by the fossil fuel industry and its advocates to lull the media and the public into a false sense of security. This propaganda is intended to make global warming-caused climate destabilization seem more benign and non-threatening. It suggests the Earth’s climate is always in a natural state of climatic change, rather than global warming’s direct causation being from human activity-related carbon and methane pollution.

  • Rising global temperatures are the most serious currently active challenge facing humanity, comparable in scope of impact to global nuclear war, if such were to occur.

  • The idea of “natural” climate change diminishes the real seriousness of escalating global warming and does not directly implicate our increasing use of fossil fuels, and the resultant carbon and methane pollution, as the primary cause.

I pledge that I will contest fossil fuels corporations and climate deniers misframing and falsely defining the real dangers of global warming! We are facing an imminent global threat that is already causing devastating losses due to drought, sea level rise, air pollution, and increasingly severe weather.

I choose to stop using the term “climate change.” By my action, I now bring more urgency and clarity to climate discussions by speaking the scientifically proven truth that our Earth is experiencing escalating global warming, leading to out of control global warming and widespread climate destabilization caused by human actions.

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