What to do first to do your part to help manage climate change and global warming!

Here are your first prioritized action steps for joining others in reducing the global warming threat and protecting yourself. Use this list as a personal action checklist. 

As soon as you complete one action step, go to the next.

Step 1: Sign up for our free email list.

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Step 2: Electronically sign the climate change and global warming online emergency petition sent to our politicians.

Click here to sign our emergency petition to get our politicians to ACT before it is too late. It will go to our political leaders to urge them to immediately enact or enforce the laws needed to get us close to our last chance and life-critical 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets.

If we do not come close to reaching the 2025 targets, we will not be able to prevent the global warming-fueled mass die-off of much of humanity by mid-century. Join the thousands upon thousands of other emergency petition signers by clicking the sign the petition image below. 



Step 3: Click here to learn the 9 most critical and basic facts about our current state of climate change and global warming.

Step 4: Click here to read the Job One for Humanity Plan overview for managing our global warming future. Then choose and begin your first Job One Plan action step. 

This overview and quick start guide will help you pick the part of the four-part plan that is best suited to your circumstances. Once you start, keep working on the Job One Plan's steps until you have done all you can. We highly recommend getting a group together in your area to work through the plan steps together.



There are four things we can always be sure of during the global warming emergency. 

In spite of all of the challenges and adverse global warming outcomes that are possible and discussed above (and on this website,) the single constant truth for the best possible outcome for humanity is that; the faster and more we reduce global fossil fuel use toward meeting or getting as close as possible to the 2025 targets and we work the four parts of the Job One Plan:

a. the more people that will survive longer to carry on humanity, life, and our beautiful civilization into the future, (See Parts 3 and 4 of the Job One Plan for how to do this.)

b. the surviving future generations will suffer far less from an ever-increasing sequence of escalating global warming consequences and catastrophes,

c. we at least have a fighting chance to avoid total extinction, and

d. we will "buy" ourselves more time to prepare and adapt to the consequences we can no longer avoid, (see the global warming Plan B and survival kit here.

More people surviving longer and more people having time to get themselves, their families, and their businesses prepared for what is coming is an undeniable good particularly when you weigh it against the unavoidable consequences of doing nothing or failure to make the needed sacrifices to get global warming under control. 

Never forget, we still have some time left until 2025 to:

1. make the required radical fossil fuel reductions,

2. complete the necessary emergency preparations, and to

3. adapt to soon-arriving global warming consequences that we can no longer avoid or change.

Step 5: Inform everyone you love with an open mind to science about the climate change and global warming emergency, what we must do and our website.

Now that you understand more about the facts that you have discovered on the Job One website, please warn everyone you love. We only have 4 years left to prevent a mass extinction event from occurring within the next few decades!

Your concern and warning may help get them started on the Job One Plan (below) or their own preparation and adaptation planning which will also help them to avoid much of the escalating global warming-related financial losses, suffering, and/or death that is coming.


Step 6: Become a supporting member of the Job One for Humanity non-profit organization and community and help us resolve the global warming threat.

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Step 7: Get the book Climageddon, The Global Warming Emergency, and How to Survive It.

Climageddon fully documents the science proving and explaining our rapidly escalating global warming extinction emergency, the 20 worst global warming consequences, and the 11 most dangerous global warming tipping points. We occasionally have promotions where you can get the Climageddon ebook free by becoming an annual member. (You can read it at your own pace while you work on the other action steps.) 

Click here or on the image above for more information about this new book that is getting lots of 4 and 5-star reviews on Amazon.

7a. For those of you who do not like reading a lot of science and want to be entertained while you learn about what is coming. 

Get On Vestige Way by David Spielberg just arrived at Amazon. It is an emotion-packed novel about how global warming affects the future and fate of the world’s Millennials, generation Z, corporations, and the political alliances we take for granted.

In summary 

The core message of our website is simple and straightforward:

Fact 1: Our governments have ignored 35 years of warnings by our best climate scientists, just like they ignored the warnings of the world's best pandemic scientists. Despite warnings, they were not prepared for the COVID-19 pandemic. Our governments are even more unprepared for the accelerating global warming emergency.  

Fact 2: Our governments have grossly under-estimated:

a. how bad global warming is going to get, 

b. how soon global warming will worsen, and 

c. the global fossil fuel reduction targets critically needed to save us from mass extinction due to global warming-related consequences. 

The world's governments have grossly under-estimated the above critical facts about global warming because the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) of the United Nations falsified the required global fossil fuel reduction calculations. These falsified calculations then caused all subsequent global warming consequences and timetable predictions also to be false.

These global fossil fuel reduction calculations are vitally important because the IPCC is the world's leading research authority on global warming and all governments rely upon them for their global warming consequence and timetable predictions. Because of this IPCC falsification of the reduction calculations and targets, the world now believes they will be safe for many decades. In truth, the world is facing an accelerating extinction emergency that must be managed before the end of 2025 or, we can't stop ourselves from going over our last chance, extinction evoking global warming tipping point. 

Because of many decades of systemic deception, consequence under-estimation, and denial, many of global warming's worst consequences are now unavoidable! But, do not believe us. Read the two articles below and decide for yourself if the deception is intentional or honest mistakes?

Click here to discover how the IPCC falsified essential global fossil fuel reduction calculations and targets. (It is an interesting, easy read. But, it takes a bit to explain how the IPCC surreptitiously pulled it off without the world calling foul play.) 

Click here to see the numerous other global fossil fuel reduction target manipulations and politicization problems coming from the IPCC.

Fact 3: We have now reached a global warming acceleration level where only a worldwide government-driven mass mobilization similar in scope to the mass mobilization that occurred before World War II can save us from total extinction. It is far too late for individual actions to achieve the 2025 global fossil fuel reductions needed to save us from accelerating global warming-driven catastrophe and the die-off of much of humanity by mid-century. 

(Part 3 of our Job One for Humanity Plan will show you how our governments can complete the required mass mobilization and the required levels of fossil fuel reductions to save us.)

Fact 4: If we keep going the way we are now, our governments are less than five years away (2025) from missing our last practical chance to reduce fossil fuel use sufficiently to meet the required safe target levels. Only by achieving these 2025 fossil fuel reduction targets do we maintain realistic control of our global warming futures and prevent the total extinction of humanity around or before 2100. (There is nothing we can do at this point to prevent much of humanity from dying by mid-century. We waited too long to make those needed changes!) 

The life-critical 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets will require most of us to reduce our total global fossil fuel use by a shocking 75%. This 75% global fossil fuel reduction means explicitly that all developed countries (including China and India) must reduce all auto, train, shipping, airline, industrial, agricultural, and home uses of all fossil fuels by 75% to meet these 2025 targets! (Click here to see the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction target full details. If we fail to come close to these targets, it will also take centuries to millennia for the planet to recover. )

Fact 5: Missing this 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets means we go over the first extinction-evoking global warming tipping point, and we accelerate the immutable laws of climate physics. Going over this critical tipping point will quickly trigger crossing more global warming extinction accelerating tipping points at faster and faster rates. 

Here is how it will unfold. Suppose we fail to meet the 2025 targets. This will produce accelerating temperatures, drought, rain bombs, flooding, and global warming's other consequences and forms of extreme weather.

We will then not be able to prevent the widespread collapse of global agriculture. If we allow global agriculture's widespread failure, the human population will quickly starve and today's population will quickly collapse. 

The above is not even the worse consequence of missing the 2025 targets. If we do not get very close to these 2025 targets, an even worse consequence called runaway global warming will eventually render our beautiful Planet Earth completely uninhabitable! (Runaway global warming means that global warming will run away from us and continue to get warmer and warmer due to crossed tipping points and because of other climate factors.)

The good news once again is runaway global warming can only happen if we significantly miss the 2025 global reduction targets. If that happens we cannot stop ourselves from going over the first extinction-evoking global warming tipping point, and we then also soon cross the two other extinction-accelerating global warming tipping points(Click here to read about how and when these four critical extinction-accelerating tipping points will unfold over the next few decades.) 

Fact 6: Despite horrible odds for successfully reaching the critical 2025 fossil fuel reduction targets, it is still technically possible to get close to them as long as we immediately execute a government-driven global mass mobilization. If our governments get us close to the 2025 targets, we also can at least slow down (but not stop) the coming mass extinction event that will kill off much of humanity by mid-century. 

This massive die-off event will also trigger a collapse of many weaker nations' economies and destroy much of their functioning governments. 

Fact 7: Only by getting close to the global 2025 fossil fuel reduction targets and successfully managing most of these other 11 non-global warming global problems will we give ourselves the needed time and resources to prevent the total extinction of humanity from occurring from 2070 to about 2100. 

(If you think that either the mass extinction or total extinction global warming threats are overstated, please read this page first, then this page, and then please see this recent scientific summary by respected climate scientists.) 

Fact 8: We are horribly behind where we need to be in reducing global fossil fuel use to get even close to the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets. To our severe detriment, we also are failing miserably to manage most of these other 11 critical global challenges that are amplifying, accelerating, and interacting with many of the accelerating global warming consequences and the coming widespread collapse of critical systems. 

Consequently, now is the time for wise individuals and businesses to create their own Plan B emergency backup plans. It is no longer reasonable to rely solely upon our limited-resourced governments to save you, your family, or your business from this rapidly accelerating global emergency. 

With your Plan B in place, you can keep working to help slow down global warming to achieve the best remaining global warming outcomes after you have prepared your family and business for the soon-arriving worst consequences. By having a personalized Plan B ready, you and your loved ones will be able to survive and thrive far longer and more comfortably. And, if we get through this extinction emergency, we will have also preserved your future opportunity to create a better life from the lessons learned.

(Plan B is simply an emergency preparation, adaptation, and survival plan that might even include migration or relocation to safer areas from global warming and the 11 other major global threatsClick here to see the Job One for Humanity Plan B. Plan B includes saving and salvaging as much of our global civilization as we can for as long as we can so, it will be there for us in any post-collapse future where we will need it.)

(Click here to see the many best possible remaining outcomes if our governments mass mobilize and act in time.)

How to Keep Our Dangerous Global Threats in an Appropriate and Relative Time Perspective

Fact 9: Depending on your current location, you should still have enough time to prepare for and adapt to the myriad of now unavoidable global warming consequences. It is wholly appropriate to feel fear at this dangerous juncture in the evolution of humanity because of the many known consequences of accelerating global warming and the worsening of these 11 additional global crises

While generalized fear or panic often paralyzes, there are positive evolutionary reasons for why the emotion of fear exists. The positive use of fear exists for when there are REAL threats to your survival. Positive fear mobilizes the observant and wise to act before it is too late! 

To support the positive and wise use of fear relating to global warming and other consequences (from these 11 other global crises,) here are the critical deadlines to remember: 

a. The 5-year deadline: (From now until the end of 2025.) At this time, it is appropriate to admit it is all but impossible for us to reach the full 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets! But, we still do have enough time left to slow down (but not avoid,) a mid-century mass extinction event for much of humanity by getting close to them. Although we passed the point of being able to avoid the die-off of much of humanity by 2050, we still can maintain some level of control of our global warming future. Most importantly, we can still prevent total extinction by at least getting very close to the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets! 

This total extinction danger also means we have to educate the world about the extinction-evoking global warming tipping point deadlines of this emergency after preparing our personal survive and thrive provisions and/or creating safe sustainable community cooperatives or sanctuaries. 

b. The 5-10-year deadline: (This assumes we will miss the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets and did not get close to them.) From 2020 to 2027, global warming consequences will steadily worsen in a rising but steeper linear progression. More people will wisely migrate to safer areas. Millions more will die because of climate-related food shortages and other global warming-related catastrophes. 

If you have prepared, adapted, and are in a global warming safer location before 2027 and have a good Plan B in place, depending upon your location, relative stability and security for family and business are probable until about 2030 to 2040. (See this Plan B page, which discusses how to prepare in the safest locations and what are the least safe places to ride out the global warming extinction emergency.)

c. The 10-15 year deadline: (This assumes we will miss the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets and we did not get close to the 2025 targets.) After 2030-2035 many other climate, human, ecological, political, and economic tipping points will be crossed due to global warming consequences and global warming amplifying the consequences of most of these 11 other critical global challenges. 

The stability and security of even the safest and best prepared global warming safer locations will lessen and become increasingly challenging. Those individuals in supportive cooperatives or sustainable communities should be significantly safer and better adapted than those who are not.

d. The 15-25 year deadline: (This assumes we will miss the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets and we did not get close to meeting these targets.) Beginning around 2030, the frequency, severity, and size of 20 worst global warming consequences will move from a steeply rising linear progression into an exponential progression. Stability and security for even the best prepared, safer global warming locations, cooperatives, and sustainable communities will become far more difficult and dangerous.

e. The 25-30-year deadline: (This assumes we will miss the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets and at least, we got close to them or compensated for these targets somewhere over this time period.) By mid-century, extinction for much of humanity will be still unavoidableFrom 2030-2050 will be the riskiest period to survive for much to most of society. Generally, things will be better in the safer global warming locations, and in special cooperatives, and sustainable communities. But even there, survival is far from guaranteed without the highest levels of preparation, adaptation, and cooperation.

f. The 50-year deadline: (This assumes we will miss the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets and unfortunately, we did not even get close to them.) In this case, we will face the worst consequences of runaway global warming, and we will be heading toward the beginning of the runaway greenhouse gas effect, which ripped the atmosphere off Venus. Because of this escalating runaway global warming reality and not getting close to the 2025 reduction targets, humanity will, unfortunately, finally face a total extinction event beginning as soon as 2070-2100. We call this the full Climageddon Scenario.

The good timeline news here is simple. If we at least, get close to the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets, we can still prevent total human extinction. If we do not, we begin crossing too many additional extinction-triggering tipping points far too fast to prevent the worst consequences of runaway global warming multiplying the worsening effects of the other 11 major global crises.

Many people falsely believe that geoengineering, carbon capture, or some other new miracle technology will ride in like a knight on a white horse at the last minute to save humanity from the natural consequences of its previous climate decisions, actions, inactions, and mistakes. 

(Click here to read about why this fairy tale carbon capture technology is not going to happen or will be "too little too late" to save us.)

(Click here to read how challenging it will be to reach the 2025 fossil fuel reduction targets.)

The Nine Fact Summary:

1. The IPCC has deceived us and our governments about the real global fossil fuel reduction targets and how bad and fast global warming catastrophe and mass extinction is coming.

2. Our governments are failing magnificently in achieving the real 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets. This will push the world over critical global warming extinction triggering tipping points and bring about the unavoidable extinction of much of humanity and widespread social collapse by mid-century.

3. The battle to prevent the extinction of much of humanity by mid-century is over. The fight to prevent total extinction has begun. It is now the last chance for our governments to finally mass mobilize and act together with the correct actions to prevent global social collapse and humanity's total extinction. 

4. While we try to get our governments to mass mobilize and come close to the 2025 targets, it IS also time for individuals and businesses to execute their own Plan B for this emergency. Plan B consists of preparing for and adapting to the soon-arriving climate mega-catastrophes, widespread social collapse, and the inevitable mass extinction of much of humanity by mid-century. (To see precisely how widespread social collapse will occur due to the accelerating global warming emergency please read this page.)

5. The comprehensive Job One Plan offers honest reality-based hope for surviving and thriving throughout the future. It covers:

a. the real 2025 fossil fuel targets,

b. the correct actions our governments need to do slow down mass extinction and prevent total extinction, and

c. what we as individuals, businesses, and governments must do to have the right emergency backup Plan B in place to ride out what is coming. 

6. The Job One for Humanity Plan is also based on the simple logic that, if we do not come close to the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets, when faced with unavoidable mass extinction and a highly probable total extinction event, it is best to use your remaining time and energy wisely. This wise use of remaining time and energy would include:

a.) making your remaining time as fulfilling, meaningful, and comfortable as possible for as long as you can, (Parts 1 and 2 of the Job One Plan.)

b.) doing everything within your power to save and salvage whatever you can of humanity and civilization for as long as you can instead of doing nothing and losing everything! (Parts 3 and 4 pf the Job One Plan.)

Unfortunately, to prevent the required painful global fossil fuel reductions to save us from total extinction as well as public panic, our governments and politicians will continue to deny the above facts. At this time too many governments and environmental groups have been compromised by the money and influence of fossil fuel producing nations, fossil fuel-related industries, and their lobbyists. 

To keep the public calm and ignorant of the imminent extinction dangers described above, it is very likely our governments will continue to issue false or misleading global warming reduction progress reports. Our governments will also likely seek to distract us with false hope solutions like the existing and illusionary carbon capture and new geoengineering schemes.

For humanity to survive and thrive, we must go where the science and the facts lead us and face the cold and bitter reality of the real threat of our current extinction emergency. We must continue to speak truth to power no matter how uncomfortable those facts might be. 

Please share these critical nine global warming facts with everyone you can and, please sign the:

Global Warming Emergency Petition

And, if you read nothing else from the many links above, read this page!

Please also see the latest global warming and climate change predictions for 2021.

The essential positive perspectives on the above disruptive global warming and climate change news

Despite the many types of unavoidable challenging global warming consequences and past fossil fuel reduction mistakes that we now face, we can still learn from their feedback, and we can adapt and evolve to make life as good and as happy as is possible. No matter how severe the coming global warming consequences might become, if we wisely play the remaining cards that we have been dealt, we can still achieve the best remaining possible outcomes

We can make a significant difference in reducing global fossil fuel use to stabilize and save some parts of humanity's future. We can execute a comprehensive fossil fuel reduction and survival plan like the Job One for Humanity Plan

We can still maintain the perseverance needed to succeed in this monumental task by regularly reviewing the many benefits which will occur as we work successfully on this project together. (Click here to check those benefits. This is the most read page on our website.) 

We can persevere through this temporary time of emergency. To do so, we need to remember that our greatest challenges are also the seeds of our greatest evolutionary opportunities. We can also never forget that we are engaged in nothing less than the most critical and meaningful evolutionary challenge, opportunity, and adventure in human history! 

This is our last opportunity to slow down the accelerating mass human extinction threat by getting close to these 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets

Only by reaching these targets will we be able to remove the even worse threat of total extinction. 

When we come close to these 2025 targets as a beautiful bonus, we will also significantly improve many of the world's other major challenges (listed here.)

So, get started on the Job One for Humanity Survive and Thrive plan today. Help save and salvage as much of humanity and our beautiful civilization as is possible.

If you are either curious or need some extra motivation to get into action, we then strongly recommend also reading this popular page. It describes the above major consequences unfolding in a detailed step-by-step process as well as the complete scope and breadth of the extinction emergency that we are all now facing on many consequence fronts. 

It is not just Job One for Humanity saying these scary things anymore

Hundreds of climate scientists now feel we cannot keep global warming below a 2°C increase. This means that all we can do right now is prepare for and adapt to what's coming. (If needed, click here to review the many reasons why it is highly unlikely we will reach our 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets and why we must begin preparing ourselves.)

Despite Everything Disheartening that You Have Read Above, the Job One For Humanity organization is NOT an End-of-the-World, all-is-lost organization

Please click here to read our recently updated balanced, positive approach toward the monumental challenges we face to avoid extinction and the widespread collapse of our global systems. 

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