Tonight on the Senate floor, senators are exposing the Web of Denial, the fossil fuel-funded effort to mislead the public on climate science.  

Stand with them. Tell your members of Congress to support the resolution calling out the Web of Denial today.

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse

Take action!

Last night on the Senate floor, a handful of our country's most courageous leaders did something extraordinary. One by one, they stood up and called out the corruption of our democracy by naming names. Exxon. The Koch brothers. Peabody Coal. Tonight, they return to do it again — exposing the sinister network of denial that's blocked the bold action on climate change we desperately need.

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse led the charge by introducing a resolution condemning fossil fuel companies that lie to the public about climate risks. Now, 18 other senators including Elizabeth Warren, Al Franken, and Harry Reid are speaking out — in front of all to see — about the historic fraud that's been perpetuated on the American people. 

This resolution (and a parallel measure in the House) is a major step forward in the movement to hold the Koch brothers, Exxon, and other fossil fuel interests accountable for selling out our planet just to make a buck. If we show our elected officials that we're behind this effort and encourage more members of Congress to sign on, we can start turning the tide on climate change denial. 

Tell Congress to support the resolution condemning climate deception by fossil fuel companies.

These senators are denouncing the "Web of Denial" — a sophisticated network of fossil fuel companies, anti-science front groups, and PR firms. Together, these groups have executed a massive, well-funded climate disinformation campaign. They confuse the public about the science of global warming, undermine climate scientists, and block the transition toward clean energy. 

Tell Congress: It’s time to stand up to the fossil fuel industry and its PR machine. Enough is enough.

Fossil fuel companies (and the climate change denial they promote) are the reason that Congress has failed to pass comprehensive climate legislation — even though 60% of Americans want Congress to act on climate...even though the globe has seen eight straight months of record heat...even though extreme weather events such as storms, droughts and flash floods are worsening. There's no time to waste — we need a Congress willing to confront these companies head on. 

Science should not be a partisan issue, and neither should climate change. To start taking action, we need more politicians standing up to those who are distorting public understanding of science. The planet is at stake. 

Stand with the senators speaking out. Ask Congress to support the resolution condemning climate disinformation.

Thanks for adding your voice to this important fight.

Truthfully yours,

Emily, Brant, Brandy, Amanda, and the rest of the team 

P.S. You can watch the floor speeches on the livestream at the U.S. Senate website from 5:00 - 7:30 p.m. ET, and tweet about it with the hashtags #WebOfDenial and #TimeToCallOut.  



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