The 5 most important global warming facts that will help you save your life, business and loved ones!

There are only 5 critical facts that everyone needs to know about global warming to live a longer, more stable and healthy life.



This article sums up the 5 most critical things everyone needs to know about global warming. It also leads you to the core message of our website.

It is intended to assist mature and intelligent individuals to review uncomfortable but accurate global warming facts as well as help them cut through commonly held global warming falsehoods and illusions. Having this critical information, they can then better decide for themselves how to best adapt and adjust their lives accordingly.

For many individuals, the 5 most critical facts about global warming will dramatically challenge their beliefs about current fossil fuel reduction strategies in understanding and managing the global warming emergency. 

Please do not believe that we are asking you to blindly accept these shocking 5 facts without examining the links to the science and analysis which provides an abundance of support for each fact. We invite you to come to your own conclusions after reading the expanded explanations for each fact found below the following 5 facts quick summary.)

Do not be discouraged by what you are about to read. At the very end of this document, you will also find positive news and essential tips on how to better emotionally deal with these new painful realities of global warming. (Click here if by chance, you are new to global warming issues. This will help you learn the basics of how global warming happens in several great and simple graphics.)

A quick summary of the 5 most important and shocking global warming facts: 

Fact 1: We are not being told the painful truth by our governments (or even by our most prominent environmental groups,) about how bad global warming currently is, how bad it's going to get or, how soon it is going to get really bad!

Our government's current analysis, calculations, and consequence timetable predictions are grossly and probably intentionally underestimated to protect the fossil fuel industry and prevent panic. In many cases, their estimates are dead wrong by as much as 20-40%. 

Fact 2: Many global warming consequences are going to arrive far sooner and be far worse than we are being told. This is in part because of our 35-year delay and denial in fixing our climate crisis.

Fact 3: We are only 5 years away (2025) from missing our last chance to prevent global warming's worst consequences from occurring within our lifetimes. In fact, many of global warming's worse future consequences have already become unavoidable! 

Fact 4: Fortunately, we still have until 2025 to prevent mass human, animal, and biological extinction within our lifetimes. We can do this. But only if we meet these 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets by completing the necessary actions (If you do not believe that mass human, animal, and biological extinction caused by global warming is a high probability within your lifetime (30-50- years from now,) the expanded summary of this point further below should convince you.)

Fact 5: Let's be realistic. There is no guarantee that we will act any differently toward fixing the global warming emergency than we have over the last 35 years. It is time for rational individuals (and businesses) to begin creating their own emergency backup plans and Plan B's. 

The expanded explanations of the five most important global warming facts with their verification and action links

Fact 1: We are not being told the painful truth by our governments (or even by our most prominent environmental groups,) about how bad global warming currently is, how bad it's going to get or, how soon it is going to get really bad!

Our government's current analysis, calculations, and consequence timetable predictions are grossly and probably intentionally underestimated to protect the fossil fuel industry and prevent panic. In many cases, their estimates are dead wrong by as much as 20-40%. 

Having grossly underestimated global warming consequence and timetable information presented by "trusted" authorities creates a false sense of public safety and removes any urgency to resolve it. This is extremely dangerous because if we had more accurate information about global warming, we would, without a doubt, experience a legitimate and appropriate panic. 

These falsehoods about global warming will increasingly cause extreme suffering and loss to larger and larger percentages of humanity. In part, these false statements exist because there have been numerous government underestimation errors and intentionally inappropriate and/or incomplete calculations. This is particularly true concerning the necessary national and international fossil fuel reduction targets given to the public.

There has also been significant deception regarding the real consequences of the current escalating global warming. This government-financed and promoted inaccurate information creates the false belief and security that things are better than they really are.

This also makes us believe that we are making sufficient and steady progress in reducing global warming when the hard truth is we are not. 

What has been hidden from you by our governments 

1. We have actually increased fossil fuel use more this century than in the last two decades of the 20th century. The more than half of all fossil fuel emissions which have been released over the previous 25 years are now more than were released in ALL of recorded history before 1990. 

2. We are about 67% higher in carbon emissions than the early 1990s. This is even though we have had over 20 international fossil fuel reduction conferences and treaties since 1993 pledging we would reduce worldwide global warming. (Atmospheric carbon emissions is probably the best way to measure future global warming.)

3. In 2018 carbon emissions increased another dramatic 2.7% and they are projected to rise once again in 2019. (Here is a graph that shows the rising carbon in the atmosphere to help you visualize that things are not just going bad. It is getting exponentially worse while you are being told we are doing better at reducing carbon emissions. Worse yet, exponential increases in carbon emissions will likely also mean exponential increases in future global warming consequences.)

Yes, intentionally or through ignorance or, as part of intentional systemic deception our governments, the media, and most of the world's environmental groups have not been telling us the REAL facts about our REAL lack of any meaningful progress whatsoever in reducing the rate of fossil fuel use increases, much less the complete absence of any substantive reductions anywhere across the world in reducing atmospheric carbon.

The following links will also help you decide if our current grossly underestimated public information about global warming exists because of unintentional misrepresentation, innocent mistakes, or systemic, intentional deception by hidden vested interests.

1. We are not anywhere even close to where we should be in fossil fuel use reductions to save us from unthinkable climate catastrophes and extinction. Click here to read about how "made up" calculations were used to set our current national and international fossil fuel reduction targets. These made up calculations came from including untested new technologies which even they admit, will not be available until sometime after 2050, if ever!


2. Click here to review and verify the government-promoted 20-40% global warming underestimation errors.

3. (If you don't believe we are telling you the facts about our dismal failure in reducing global warming over the last 35 years, click here. You can  view a short video by climate Professor Kevin Anderson in a recent presentation to the Oxford University Climate Society.)


Something to think about once you have read the above documentation links on the underestimation, and inappropriate or incomplete calculations:

a. Can you imagine what the reasons might be for why our governments would publically give us such grossly underestimated global warming threat assessments and inadequate solutions, especially when the actual threat is so much more severe?

b. Who (what types of individuals, government departments and corporations,) would benefit most by providing such false and grossly misleading information to the public?

Click here to see the REAL global fossil fuel reduction levels we must hit by 2025. You will be stunned!

Click here to review the intentional inappropriate or incomplete global government-supported calculations used to create the false belief that things are far better than they really are.

Fact 2: Many global warming consequences are going to arrive far sooner and be far worse than we are being told. This is in part because of our 35-year delay in fixing our climate crisis.

The worst consequences of global warming will not be occurring around 2100 as we are now being told by our governments. They will start to occur as soon as the next 10 to 30 years in a continually worsening cycle.

Click here to review the 20 worst global warming consequences that will continue to increase in severity, frequency, and scale (area affected.)

Click here for the worst cataclysmic consequences derived from global warming tipping points that will also continue to increase in severity, frequency, and scale. (Crossing more major global warming tipping points also produces additional, unique and hyper-intense extinction-evoking consequences.)

Click here to see the real-time frames in which the many worst global warming consequences will be unfolding.

Fact 3: We are only about 5 years away (2025) from missing our last chance to prevent global warming's worst consequences from occurring within our lifetimes. In fact, many of global warming's worse future consequences have already become unavoidable! 

In part, this is because the real facts and true urgency about the global warming crisis were hidden from us by our governments and the fossil fuel industry. We did not do what was necessary to resolve global warming over the last 35 years after we were informed about it by our scientists.

We have squandered valuable time. This valuable time could have been used while the "cure" was still easier and far more manageable.

Saddest of all, we are still trying to do "far too little far too late" to make any real difference. This far too little far too late is also occurring because we are still using fossil fuel reduction targets that are grossly incorrect for the emergency we really are in.

Had we started fixing global warming gradually and effectively 35 years ago, it would be far easier to control and manage now. 

Being out of meaningful control of our global warming crisis means that average global temperatures will most probably continue increasing for at least another 30-50 years. There will be a series of cataclysmic consequences.

More extinction-evoking tipping points will be crossed. And, unless we meet the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets, this can not be avoided! 

Below please find the best estimates for time frames in which average global temperatures will continue to increase for at least another 30-50 years. The Climageddon Scenario (CS) mentioned below is a new and more complete model for how global warming's consequences will unfold over the next 50+ years. 


Click here to see more about how the many global warming consequences and tipping points will unfold in the full Climageddon Scenario.

Fact 4: Fortunately, we still have until 2025 to prevent mass human, animal, and biological extinction within our lifetimes. We can do this! But only if we meet the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets by completing these Job One for Humanity Plan actions. 

Reaching the 2025 targets makes it possible to retain control of our global warming futures. It will also allow us to delay the worst of the currently unavoidable global warming consequences long enough to protect and preserve ourselves for a while longer. 

We have squandered our last 35 years of warnings with denial, inaction, and ineffective action. We cannot stop every consequence that is coming and is already locked into our climate system.

Luckily, we still have five years left until 2025 to make the most urgent and needed global fossil fuel use reductions. If we are successful, it will save us from mass human, animal, and biological extinction within our lifetimes.

We will also have to slow down the worst unavoidable global warming consequences aggressively. This way, we will have some time left to prepare and adapt for those consequences we can no longer avoid.

We will slow down the worst unavoidable global warming consequences and have some time left to prepare and adapt for those consequences by executing the following two steps:

Step A. immediately and radically reducing our fossil fuel use to the correct reduction levels. 

The absolute minimum amount we need to reduce fossil fuel use to slow and prevent the processes of going extinct in the next few decades is as follows:

a. All industrially developed nations must reduce their total fossil fuel use by 75% by 2025 and then continue reducing fossil fuel use to net-zero carbon emissions by 2035. Net carbon zero emissions means that no additional fossil fuel emissions are going into the atmosphere that are not also simultaneously being removed from the atmosphere by natural means.

Only about 20 mostly developed countries produce 70% or more of the world's carbon emissions. Think of developed nations like most members of the G 20 group; Argentina, Australia, Canada, the European Union, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Japan, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, South Korea, Turkey, the United Kingdom, the United States, China, and India. 

b. All developing nations must maintain their total fossil fuel emission levels as they are at the beginning of 2019 and not allow them to go any higher. Then by 2045, all developing nations must also be at net-zero carbon emissions.

This allowance for developing nations to stay at the level they are now and gradually reduce down to net-zero carbon emissions by 2045 is part of an essential justice and equity equation. The developed nations created their wealth by producing the majority of all carbon emissions in the atmosphere today. They have caused almost all of our current global warming extinction emergency.

There is much more information including what will happen if we don't hit the above 2025 targets as well as the necessary technical footnotes at this page. Please read this information before continuing.

We can still make the difficult and required global fossil fuel reductions by 2025. It is still possible to prevent mass human and biological extinction within our lifetimes! We now just need to get VERY busy with these specific actions from the Job One for Humanity Plan.

Step B. instituting a government-directed "in-case we fail backup plan or Plan B." Only with a government-directed and enforced government failsafe and backup plan, we may still be able to save and salvage enough of humanity and civilization in time. (Just in case we once again delay, deny and fail to reduce fossil fuel emissions adequately to meet the required global fossil fuel reductions by 2025.)

Click here to see what the government directed and enforced failsafe backup plan preparations must be if humanity is to survive.

Martin Luther King said something that is equally applicable today to the urgency of slowing down global warming enough so that at least some of humanity and civilization will go on.

"We are now faced with the fact that tomorrow is today. We are confronted with the fierce urgency of now. In this unfolding conundrum of life and history, there is such a thing as being too late. Procrastination is still the thief of time. We must move past indecision to immediate action.

What are the unthinkable consequences if we miss the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets

If by chance, you still do not think or believe that mass human extinction caused by global warming is a high probability within your lifetime (30-50- years from now,) click hereThis page will take you through how four extinction-evoking global warming tipping points will be quickly crossed if we miss the 2025 fossil fuel reduction targets. 

In horrifying detail, you will get a glimpse into how this phase-by-phase global warming extinction event will unfold. you will discover the consequence timetables you need to start preparing for and the worst of the consequences that will be unavoidable.

Fact 5: Let's be realistic. There is no guarantee that we will act any differently toward fixing the global warming emergency than we have over the last 35 years. It is time for rational individuals (and businesses) to begin creating their own emergency backup plans and Plan B's. 

It is time to start preparing for and adapting to both the escalating and unavoidable consequences of global warming. These emergency Plan B strategies could even include migrating to areas that would be safer from the effects of global warming.

It is unwise to rely exclusively on our governments as this emergency worsens. They will quickly run out of resources and never be able to reach and care for every citizen as things worsen.

Having emergency preparations and adaptive strategies is how you will be able to save and salvage as much of your own life, family, and business as is possible. This backup plan prepare and adapt strategy is critical because most individuals and companies are grossly unprepared for the severity of the unavoidable global warming consequences that are arriving soon.

This emergency plan is particularly crucial if you also happen to live in one of the global warming unsafe zones. If so, and before it is too late, your back up plan would also have to include a migration strategy from global warming dangerous zones to global warming safer zones. (To learn about the location of safer and unsafe zones, click here.)

The time remaining in which to make these personal emergency preparations or to migrate to the limited global warming safe zones is exceedingly short. This shortness of time is real because of factors like immigration regulations in the global warming safe zones already becoming more restricted. Additionally, future legal immigration will be all but shut down as the emergency worsens.

If you look closely, you can already see many crisis areas in our overheating world. These are places that will soon be the areas of the most significant climagee migration in human history. (Climagees are global warming climate crisis-related refugees.)

Click here to learn about your needed personal emergency preparations. This page will describe the factors behind the short prepare and migrate timeframes for people living in global warming unsafe zones. These personal emergency preparations also include information on how you can physically, emotionally thrive and survive through the coming waves of economic, political, and social trauma, loss, and suffering.

What's important to remember on this page

1. We have been deceived by intentional falsehoods as well as commonly held illusions concerning the real dangers and facts about escalating global warming for over 35 years!

2. We now need to hit the REAL and required global fossil fuel reduction targets found here.  Reaching these targets will keep us from crossing the hazardous atmospheric carbon level and climate cliff of 425 to 450 parts per million (ppm.) (We are at about carbon 413 ppm right now.)

3. Once we reach the carbon 425 to 450 ppm range, there will be so much climate system momentum from all of the previously emitted carbon and other greenhouse gases that this previous momentum alone will continue to propel us towards even higher temperatures. Worse yet, stopping this massive climate momentum moving us toward ever-higher temperatures will be like trying to stop a gigantic boulder from rolling faster and faster down a hill that keeps getting steeper and steeper.

4. There is a terrifying thought that is critical for you to burn into your mind. Much of humanity, as well as our animal species and biological species, will go extinct within as little as 30-50 years. While at the same time, our ability to have any real or meaningful control over this emergency ends around about 2025 just after we cross the carbon 425-450 ppm climate cliff.

5. Mass extinction will occur, only if we fail to achieve the required 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets successfully. 

6. In case you still think technology will save us at the last minute, no new carbon removal technologies will be able to save us in time. In part, this is because those who are relying on this technology to save us are projecting it will not even be available until sometime after 2050. 2050 is long after the damage is already done and long after anything can be done for the billions of people who will suffer and die! (Click here to learn more about the new technology will save us deception.)

7. It easy to see that we are in fact, already in a global warming extinction emergency (aka climate emergency.) This emergency is still occurring in significant part because of the above new information as well as intentional falsehoods and commonly held illusions about global warming.

Why we must succeed

Because of the preceding, we genuinely have no rational alternative other than to never cross the uber-dangerous transitional range and first climate cliff and tipping point of carbon 425-450 ppm. In spite of all of the challenges and adverse outcomes that are possible in failing to hit our 2025 targets which would prevent crossing 425-450 ppm, what we do know with certainty about this extinction emergency is this:

a. The single highest truth for the best possible global warming outcomes for humanity and our future are that the faster and more we reduce global fossil fuel use:

1. the more people who will not suffer horribly or die over the next 30 to 50 years, and

2. surviving future generations will suffer far less from an escalating chain of unavoidable global warming consequences. (This is described fully in what is called the Climageddon extinction scenario and countdown.)

b. We can still fix this global warming extinction emergency but only by getting our governments to execute the actions on this page immediately. These actions are designed to hit the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets successfully.

Some good news

With the information on this page and in the links above, you are now better...

The extra good news here is that no matter what and, in spite of how severe this emergency is or will become until we miss our 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets (and even afterward,) we still have time left to cooperate in slowing it down and lessening its consequences. We can yet have enjoyable and meaningful lives while we face this challenge.

Click here for what you can individually do to slow down global warming.

Click here if you are of a faith-based person or have a spiritual nature for a positive and helpful framework for how to make the best of this emergency. It will take you to our sister website that deals with the global warming extinction emergency more from a philosophic and spiritual perspective.

One simple action you can take in just 2 quick clicks. 

Help us get the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction goals met by signing the global warming extinction emergency petition now!

If you're feeling upset, angry or anxious about what you have just read about global warming

We have given you a lot of horrible news to digest. When we discovered this information at Job One for Humanity, our staff also had to digest this save dreadful news. By necessity, we learned about something called the Kubler Ross model of change to help us deal with all of the intense emotions that the above news evokes. 

We felt it would be irresponsible to leave you without tools to manage the intense feelings that the proceeding facts can create. Accordingly, we are providing the following images and ideas that should help you begin to come to terms with the new realities of global warming. 

Here's how these emotional transitions usually look.

1. If you're like most people, what you just read will cause you to react with shock and denial and other challenging emotions. This is true even if you are a wise, mature, and healthy individual.


2. If you have the tenacity to explore more concerning the validity of the five facts given above, you will likely also become frustrated and angry at "how could our politicians and governments ever allow this to happen.

3. If you continue processing the facts above, you will most likely then enter into a bargaining or experimenting phase to find some way to deal with such disturbing and disruptive information.

4. If you still continue on researching and verifying what you read, you will most likely next enter into a transitional feeling of grief or depression. 

5. As you work your way through your grief or depression, you will eventually come to a level of acceptance of what is scientifically accurate. (Even though it is currently is being suppressed by the fossil fuel industry, mass media, and the politicians owned by the fossil fuel industry.)

Once you reach the level of acceptance for what you have read above, you may likely begin experimenting with new ways to live more sustainably. You also will probably start making new decisions to adapt and integrate this critical information into your life and business.

You may begin emergency preparations for the unavoidable coming global warming consequences. This way, you are better able to protect yourself and wisely maximize the chances of staying out of harm's way.

The five primary emotional transition levels above are vital parts of the Kubler Ross model. Over time, this model will help you deal with the global warming denial, anger, fear, grief or anxiety that any healthy person would experience once they truly realize the current nature of our global warming emergency.

Though the Kubler Ross model is the rebalancing model used to help people deal with the medical news that they are going to die, it still has powerful relevance here. This is because as you wrestle with the above new global warming knowledge, you will most likely go through these five emotional phases over and over again. You will do this in numerous waves until you finally reach a profound state of acceptance, peace and hopefully motivation to do whatever you can to reduce this threat.

As you emotionally grasp the scale and seriousness of our escalating global warming emergency, you also will come to deeply realize that our lives (and our children's lives) are going to be far more time-limited than we ever imagined --- unless we act immediately and radically to reduce our fossil fuel usage!

What else to consider?

1. Some of you have already reviewed the supporting science and analysis links provided above. This information will likely motivate you to begin the fossil fuel reduction actions and other global warming solutions found within the links above. Well done! You will reap the benefits. 

2. Some of you will not or, did not review the science and analysis verification links. This subtle avoidance may only provide a brief escape from the discomfort of knowing the problematic facts listed above are accurate or, acting appropriately using that information. Over time, as you watch the worsening news reports about our climate, the five facts above will begin to ring even more valid. Hopefully, at that time you will remember this page so that you, your family and business can learn what to do next.

3. Click here to review the reasons why global warming might already be out of control and become a series of cataclysmic consequences and extinction-evoking tipping points, which may not be able to be avoided!


The Job One for Humanity research team














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  • Lawrence Wollersheim
    commented 2019-02-19 15:42:52 -0800
    Keep exploring our website and get the Climageddon on Amazon.

    We’re telling a very difficult truth about global warming and more and more people and organizations are realizing what we’re saying is accurate and real.


  • Lawrence Wollersheim
    commented 2019-01-31 13:36:01 -0800
    On behalf of job one for humanity, thank you, Ed, for writing such an insightful and compassionate statement of the challenge we all now face.

    Please don’t forget that no matter how old you are you can still do your best to live more sustainably and cut your fossil fuel use as well as support organizations like ours who are doing our best to educate about the extinction challenge which all of humanity is now facing.


    Lawrence Wollersheim
    Executive Director
  • Willis Cockrell
    commented 2019-01-30 12:34:56 -0800

    I want to thank you for leading an effort to make people aware of the life-ending disasters we face with climate change (global warming).

    The information you present and the scenarios your describe that are supported by science are distressing in the extreme.

    I find your best advice about planning ahead for the coming catastrophe to be the parts suggesting living in the moment and taking life day-by-day.

    It seems certain that what we see in nature now and in ourselves as human beings will all be passing away over the coming few decades.

    We must enjoy what exists now and mourn it simultaneously.

    Perhaps the ultra-rich will survive in some scattered enclaves here and there on earth; but it probably will be a desperate survival with little joy. Hubris is rarely rewarded by nature.

    But even so, if I were a young person I would be very motivated to follow many of your prescriptions for preparation as a way to live as comfortable as possible for as long as possible. I would already be migrating to Alaska or Canada or at least in some artic-like direction. But it’s too late for me as an elderly person to be in a mindset of trying to adapt to extreme challenge. That’s a young (and fit) person’s game.

    The best I can do is to look at the spiritual aspects of life in the day-to-day while staying active and aware and staying as fit as my aging body allows me to be.

    I do hope humankind survives in some form, but the odds are tilted heavily toward extinction. The universe will have to find some other consciousness to reveal itself to.

    In the meantime, I will work on my mental outlook and get all the joy I can out of the years of conscious delight that are left for me.

    Thank you for that insight.

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