The Benefits of Personalized Democracy

On an earlier page of this Universe Community overview, we promised to list out the benefits of a new form of personalized democracy. Personalized democracy will be a significant and ever-evolving part of our new Universe communities.

Here is the promised benefit shortlist of our new form of direct Personalized Democracy. Much more will be released on it to new members before June 2021:

1. Each citizen's voice is both captured and directly implemented in all governmental actions that affect them. This means "majoritarian" voting oppression is eliminated.

2. To achieve the equivalent of current legislative action, a group of coordinators is formed who are experts in each needed aspect of a social rule. Their oath is to create a process that fulfills as many requests as possible within the boundaries of sustainability and social equity. That is, a government body no longer selects laws from 2 polarized bills created by representatives. Laws are constructed using community communication processes that fully address and implement every citizen's voice, within the constraints of a sustainable natural world and in balance with community needs.

3. Every citizen is given a direct voice to track and evaluate all programs' implementation and effectiveness. This ensures accurate and fair outcomes for all programs.

4. Because governing actions directly represent all people's will, there are no longer elections of people to whom the power of decision is granted. This means there are no longer political parties that divide society. Joint social action is instead steered to the optimization of the Quality of Life for each person.

5. Because both laws and implementation are based on all citizens' direct involvement, corruption, and racist or favored group-biased implementation are inherently eliminated.

6. This new form of direct democracy leads directly to eliminating authoritarianism and destructive predatory competition from all businesses, institutions, and organizations. The currently needed warning "Buyer Beware" is eliminated from society, replaced by a much higher cooperative competition principle. All organizations exist first for the benefit and wellbeing of citizens and the society, then for the benefit of their specific purpose.

7. Discoveries have been made that identify severe limitations in human mental abilities to deal with modern complexity. The operating principles of Personalized Democracy incorporate methods to eliminate these limitations and the interpersonal strife we observe as gridlock in governments, the polarization of society, and war.

If you are interested in joining any of the above types of Universe communities, go to this joining and getting started page now.

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