The 18 paragraphs also suggest that it is important to listen to the best evidence on climate change. “We support an interactive evidence-based dialogue drawing on the best available science, including reports of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the sharing of experience and best practice as well as expertise from United Nations institutions and intergovernmental organizations,” the communique states.

Under Pruitt, the EPA has taken down an extensive informational website dedicated to climate change that cited the IPCC to support the conclusion that global warming is predominantly caused by humans.

Up next is the G-20 meeting in Germany in July. And that’s where things get interesting — will the United States abstain on climate change again, but this time not with Pruitt on stage but rather with President Trump there?

“The next big one is the G-20,” Light said. “At this point, if you know the U.S. is going to abstain from everything, then you want as big a possible a group of leaders or countries to sort of isolate the United States on this.” Light pointed out that with a German election coming, Angela Merkel “needs some sort of win on climate change at the G-20.”

So perhaps the United States will be a footnote again. The number of paragraphs remains to be seen.

June 12 at 2:56 PM