tim stadler

  • commented on YOUR Climate Change Survival Kit 2019-02-17 00:11:18 -0800
    Where do people think energy to replace fossil fuel will come from if we don’t embrace nuclear, it may be the lesser of two evils if it even fits in that category. The problem with these type of sites is they make simple statements about reducing fossil fuels with little or no real options. I was thinking of making large donations to this site, but their nuclear stance makes me question their overall thought process.

  • commented on The 5 most important global warming facts that will help you save your life, business and loved ones! 2019-02-16 23:31:05 -0800
    Very Powerful, I am looking forward to reading and learning more and hopefully feel I can make a change. This website and its information seems to be exactly what I have been looking for.