What are the Billions of Good Paying and Meaningful New Jobs of the Sustainable Prosperity, Sustainable Consumerism and Sustainable Economy Revolution?

The principles of Sustainable Prosperity revolution come in part from the meta-principles of evolution. They will create a whole new and thriving sustainable consumerism and a new more fair-exchange-based economy based upon satisfying more and more of the need levels found within Maslow’s Needs Hierarchy for humanity.

The types of new and meaningful or expanding job types you will see in the new Sustainable Prosperity economy are:

  • Up to a billion or more jobs will be created worldwide as we adapt to the climate destabilization caused by global warming already built into the system. For example, by 2100 sea levels look like they will rise 1 1/2 to 2 meters and possibly more. This single consequence of climate destabilization caused by global warming alone (there are many others) will produce the greatest single construction and reconstruction project in human history as we move all homes and essential infrastructure at least 4-9 meters above sea level (due to storm surges, waves, and high tide peaks). There is also much we have to do for wildfire, drought, and inland flooding mitigation. To learn more about climate destabilization caused by global warming, click here.

  • Hundreds of millions of new sustainable and alternative energy jobs as we create the inevitable Third Industrial Revolution that could also, directly and indirectly, create as many as a billion new jobs worldwide. (The Third Industrial Revolution: How Lateral Power Is Transforming Energy, the Economy, and the World is described in detail in the new book of the same name by Jeremy Rifkin. It is the sparking new job creation in sustainable needed jobs that will create an initial momentum to move sustainable prosperity concepts into the main culture.)

  • Hundreds of millions of new recycling jobs will be created as the world adopts all facets of a new "recycle everything, waste nothing" culture. All facets of recycling will also do much to lower energy consumption and preserve scarce resources for future generations,

  • Hundreds of millions of additional new teachers of all kinds and skills will be needed as more of our leaders recognize that this is primarily a learning universe and education of humanity is the foundation to resolving all humanity's many challenges,

  • Hundreds of millions of farmers will be needed as food production shifts away from unsustainable, huge-scale factory farms to local smaller-scale, more sustainable farming,

  • Hundreds of millions of local business persons will be needed as business shifts away from unsustainable "too big to fail" multinational business corporations (who are finally made to capture all their true costs using the Triple Bottom Line) to more sustainable local businesses and cooperatives that can now compete fairly in the new sustainable prosperity economy,

  • Hundreds of millions of new jobs will be created by the hundreds of thousands of new sustainably designed products and the retooling of their production processes that will eventually be mandated by all world governments,

  • Hundreds of millions of new sustainable jobs will be created by exponentially increasing 3D printing applications and the Makers Movement. (See The Zero Marginal Cost Society: The Internet of Things, The Collaboration Commons, and The Eclipse of Capitalism by Jeremy Rifkin),

  • Tens of millions of therapists and coaches of all kinds will be needed to help individuals and organizations achieve Maslow's higher needs,

  • Tens of millions of police and regulatory agents will be needed to create the security and safety needed for the learning to take place and to enforce the new sustainable lifestyle regulations until it becomes a natural part of the lives and habits of the peoples of the world,

  • Millions of artists of all kinds will be needed to help us achieve Maslow's higher needs,

  • Tens of millions of other completely new jobs of all kinds will be created to help people develop and achieve Maslow's higher needs.

  • And finally, we will need hundreds of thousands of new specialized mathematicians and accountants who can create the continually evolving algorithms and formulas necessary to track full consequence capture, fair exchange, and the triple bottom line. This will allow businesses, organizations, and governments to have this information available to make better choices for fair exchange-based sustainable prosperity and to accurately assign consequence responsibilities for current business costs that are currently being unfairly exported to others and often invisibly placed upon communities, individuals, and the environment.

Let's hope that our government officials begin immediately to execute the new training and programs that will facilitate the new Sustainable Prosperity jobs above being filled so that the exponentially escalating job losses as we move through the Great Jobs Transition from the Second Industrial Revolution to the Third Industrial Revolution are not so severe over the next 20-40 years as to completely disrupt our governments and societies!

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