Greg Craven, the high school science teacher who created The Most Terrifying Video You'll Ever See 2, also wrote a book called What's the Worst That Could Happen?: A Rational Response to the Climate Change Debate. A quick, easy, and fun read, this little book explains the platforms of the "warmers" and the "skeptics," or those who support the idea that we should take significant action to cut carbon emissions and those who oppose this idea, respectively.


Electricity power plant, Kozani, Greece

In this book, Craven doesn't attempt to decide who's right, but seeks instead to equip everyone with thinking tools that are actually helpful in deciding upon a course of action. In his view, it's all about "changing the question from, Is it true? to, What's the worst that could happen?" So he introduces  the decision grid and the credibility spectrum, two concepts that get us thinking for ourselves about the evidence that we do have, who's providing this evidence, and how to make a decision with it. As he points out, "part of the strength of the credibility spectrum and the decision grid is that they don't require perfection. You do what you can with the time you've got, make a provisional decision, and then remain open to new information."


This is important, since scientists are telling us that we haven't actually got much time left in which to take decisive action before feedback loops kick in and we reach a tipping point in our climate system. Such a tipping point would mean irreversible changes, potentially catastrophic. In fact, although he uses "global warming" throughout his book to refer to the climate change issue, Craven frequently mentions "the risk we run of triggering abrupt and catastrophic climate destabilization." His advice for immediate action: get the word out. This blog is our attempt to do just that: to circulate the facts that we have, to facilitate discussion and to motivate policymakers to action.


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***Photo by Lisa Murray: Electricity Power Plant, Kozani, Greece

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