Myself, our organization, and our allies are constantly struggling with how to communicate the truth about our current state of global warming. How do we effectively tell our members what many climate scientists know, but few will publicly state because of negative repercussions to their funding, careers, and personal safety?


We have been repeatedly told that:

  1. according to psychologists, always state the bad news first and that for every negative piece of information, five positives must be included or people lose attention.
  2. most individuals are so overwhelmed by the other parts of their lives they just can't deal with more bad news, whether true or false!
  3. bad news, even if truthful, is bad for fundraising, membership, and the overall viability for a nonprofit organization.

For those of you who are conscientious adults and want to know the facts before those facts change your life in dangerous ways, we have created a short summary of the 3 most relevant facts about our global warming condition. After each of the 3 items and other items on this page we have provided links to look at the research and data for yourself to verify the reliability and reasonableness of what we are saying or to find out what you can do about the challenges we are raising. We have also included numerous positive perspectives and news below so that you will hopefully read this whole special briefing.

The 3 most relevant facts about global warming:

1. Global warming has become irreversible. It will last for centuries to thousands of years. Because irreversible global warming will unfold as is described in the Climageddon Scenario prediction model and because things are going to get a lot worse for quite a while, one should do their best to enjoy the life you have now as much as is possible. Click here to see the data demonstrating our current condition of irreversible global warming. Click here for how we let this crisis happen over the last 35 years.

2. Because global warming is irreversible, global warming’s 20 worst consequences are now unavoidable. These consequences will regularly and continually increase in scale, severity, and frequency until the required global fossil fuel reduction changes are enacted. The needed fossil fuel reductions (and their green energy replacements,) will take at least another 30-50 years, but only if everyone on Earth agreed today to make all of the required changes and all global resources were immediately mobilized to enact those changes. Unfortunately, we are not remotely close to that kind of global cooperation. Click here to review an illustration of the 20 worst consequences that are already here or soon will be.

3. At this point, the only effective actions we can take, individually and collectively, are those that will slow and lessen the coming consequences long enough to enable emergency preparations and mass migrations (above or near the 45th parallel north or south.) Billions of us will perish in as little as 30 to 70 years if we do not start preparing now as well as migrating. This is particularly true if you currently live in an unsafe global warming location. (Click here to get the free list of these individual and collective actions called the Job One Plan that will help slow and lessen the coming consequences and give us more time. Click here for all the information you will need for wisely planning your emergency preparations and/or your migration from the unsafe locations.)

Now the good news

We face the greatest global challenge in human history. Challenge and difficulty, when confronted honestly and dealt with effectively, develop character. Additionally, if you are of a spiritual nature, great challenge and difficulty will also deepen your spiritual growth and development.

Unfortunately, we will be “blessed” with a continuous stream of increasingly difficult climate challenges for far longer than any of our lifetimes. If we are going to have any hope of surviving as a species, this challenge will without a doubt, force us to be smart, cooperate and grow as individuals in surprising ways.

Despite the honest and difficult news in 1, 2 and 3 above, keep in mind that if we act now to face this challenge both individually and collectively, we still have time to prepare, adapt, and hopefully save a large portion of humanity and its achievements. Click here to learn about the individual actions you can start today to slow and lessen what is coming and buy the world more time.

More good news

In addition to the preceding good news, there are many more surprise benefits that will occur as we work together on this challenge. Click here to read about more surprisingly positive benefits on one of the most read pages on our website! There are more than a dozen positive perspectives and benefits on this page to balance out the above difficult news!

What the Job One for Humanity nonprofit organization pledges to do

Our organization is here to help you understand and cope with every phase of our new irreversible global warming reality as well as its escalating consequences. Please see the following new section on our website for just one more way in which we are keeping this pledge to you. How to recover financially after a global warming related disaster.

What you can do to be more informed and help

1. Sign up for the latest research and news, as well as the early warning signals for the next global warming catastrophe by signing up for our free Global Warming Blog RSS feed. (We are not mailing these out any more. If your not signed up on our free blog, you will miss critical survival information.)

2. Let all the people that you love and want to protect know about our website and its contents. One way to do this is by adding our URL to your email signature or your web posting closings, somewhat like the following example.

Yours for humanity, our children and the earth,

John Smith


3. If you value our service and our persistent call for redirecting the world’s global warming reduction efforts back toward honest, deadline-driven and truly effective actions that will help save you and your loved ones, then please use this opportunity to make an online donation to help keep us going!

We are only $800 away from covering our monthly budget for February. (In a previous briefing we had stated that we had run out of our initial endowment and are now operating on a month-to-month fundraising basis.)


All of our staff and volunteers thank you for your donations and your ongoing support of our recently upgraded mission!

Lawrence Wollersheim

Lawrence Wollersheim
Job One for Humanity
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PS: Below is a new article on Rolling Stone Magazine linked from our blog you might like that is relevant to what you have read above. 



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Job One for Humanity offers a science-based plan to end escalating global warming that is practical, prioritized and effective for the time we have left. It s contained in the new book Climageddon. For more about Climageddon go to:
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February 27, 2018

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