Why you will want to give every Millennial you know this new book on global warming?

There is a spellbinding new book on global warming called On Vestige Way by David Spielberg that just arrived at Amazon. It is an emotion-packed novel about how global warming effects the future and fate of the world’s Millennials, generation Z, corporations and the political alliances we take for granted. 

It is so hard to put down you will be missing work and sleep wondering what happens next to the story’s heroes and heroines struggling with the very real future challenges the younger generations will face most of all. Not only is it exceptionally well-written with compelling characters and elegant descriptions that seamlessly take you in and through every fast-changing scene, quite surprisingly, it also follows real global warming science more honestly than you will find almost anywhere else except in the newest global warming science books such as Climageddon.

On Vestige Way is such a good adventure read that I don't want to give away any of the major details of the story, but somebody's definitely going to make it into a blockbuster movie. It has both a James Bond wild adventure quality wrapped around a developing life-critical mystery that is impossible not to want to resolve once you start the book. 

As I was personally reading it, I simply could not believe that the author had not read the new Climageddon book and its predictions. This is because the science of this novel followed so closely with that book it just could not have been simple coincidence. After speaking with the author who has a doctoral degree in physics and has been involved with the sciences for years, I discovered that he came to his global warming story conclusions from his own independent study of the newest science and hard to find global warming consequence and timetable projections.

Do not hesitate! Get this book for every millennial and young person you know. 

Get it for anyone you know who doesn’t like to struggle through global warming science as in books like Climageddon and, who would rather be entertained and educated without ever even knowing that they are being educated.

On Vestige Way by David Spielberg is a five-star mystery and adventure novel. And somehow, a five-star global warming science book without ever trying to be anything but a compelling fantastic novel. How cool is that for the often attention-distracted Millennials and generation Z?

This book review was done by Lawrence Wollersheim the executive director of JobOneforhumanity.org a nonprofit global warming education organization.


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  • David Spielberg
    commented 2020-07-03 09:11:19 -0700
    Irreversible in the sense that there is no way to stop it. That does not imply things will not change in the future. It will run its course.
  • Robert Kolker
    commented 2018-07-07 15:28:20 -0700
    Irreversible? There is an ice age in our future. The Earth is not going to turn into Venus anytime in the next billion years.
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