Yesterday, President Trump's Interior Department announced plans to open up oil and gas drilling in nearly all United States marine waters, putting more than 100 million offshore acres under imminent threat from the Trump administration and Big Oil.1

This is unacceptable, and we need you to take action today!


No Offshore Drilling

Protect our coasts from Trump & his Big Oil buddies!


We know that in order to avoid catastrophic climate disruption and have a fighting chance of keeping global warming within internationally-agreed limits, we simply cannot develop new offshore oil and gas fields.

We also know that oil industry expansion isn’t just a climate problem. Disasters like the Deepwater Horizon explosion have already taken an enormous toll on marine life and coastal communities, many of which are still dealing with the damages decades later.2

The American people are more determined than ever to stop drilling in the Arctic, Atlantic, and Pacific Oceans, as well as the Gulf of Mexico. Submit your comment now. This corporate giveaway will not go unchallenged!

Back in 2016, after years of scientific review and public outcry from millions of Americans, President Obama released a five-year offshore oil and gas leasing plan that protected large swaths of these oceans now set to be opened.3 Now Trump is scrapping the plan and replacing it with one that expands Big Oil’s access to nearly all of our federal waters, in yet another gift to the Trump administration’s Big Oil benefactors.

The administration is legally required to seek public input on this dirty plan, so we all have to weigh in. Add your voice: Submit a comment now telling the Trump administration that we won’t let them hand our shared ocean treasures to Big Oil without a fight.

We’ve got a long fight ahead of us, and comments alone aren’t likely to change the opinion of this anti-science administration. But flooding this public comment period is important for letting the Trump team know we’re on to them — this plan isn't about a healthy economy, working families, or Americans' interests. It's about giving Big Oil exactly what they want.

Submit your comment right now telling the Department of the Interior why offshore drilling is bad for our communities, our economy, and the climate. Let’s stop this Big Oil giveaway!

Truthfully Yours,

Janet Redman
ClimateTruth.org Action

[1] "Trump Moves to Open Nearly All Offshore Waters to Drilling," New York Times, 01-04-2018

[2] And if this plan moves forward, we can expect more — over the holiday recess Trump announced that he wants to scrap regulations put in place after the Deepwater blow-out. Read more from The Washington Post: "Trump administration to overhaul safety-monitoring rules for offshore drilling"

source: http://climatetruth.org/

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  • Thomas Miller
    commented 2018-01-06 03:21:13 -0800
    People could approach oil companies to ask them to implement rain enhancement. Then they will be able to compensate to some extent. It could be a win win situation with them gaining some credibility. Perhaps they will want to show corporate responsibility. At present drought and consequent fires are putting many tonnes of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Oil companies could reduce this by employing rain enhancement methods. See also California fires and drought Oil companies might be able to reduce CO2 buildup despite their activities if they could finance rain enhancement to reduce the huge fires. In fact I have already approached oil companies, but more numbers are needed. Could someone perhaps organise a petition to oil companies? I will sign it. I figure that President Trump is suppoting oil and gas jobs, so the best is to work with oil companies for the present. Oil companies could generate spray over the sea with floating spray pumps to increase humidity and rain: AMOUNT OF WATER VAPOUR IN THE AIR:
    If you want to find out how much water the air holds in 1 cubic metre, given temperature and relative humidity, you can use http://www.tis-gdv.de/tis_e/misc/klima.htm. Note that grams per cubic metre is the same as kilograms per 1000 cubic metres. Now 1000 cubic metres represents a volume with base of 1 square metre and a height of 1 km. So if the table says 5 g per cubic metre, then there are 5 kg of water in a column of air with base of 1 square metre and height of 1 km.
    Example: Tair=30 deg C. RH=30%. How much water vapour must be added to a column of air with base of 1 square metre and height 1000m to increase RH from 30% to 80%. Answer: From the table the answer is 24.3-9.1=15.2 kg. On one square metre on a hot day about 7 or 8 kg of water can be evaporated
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