We Welcome You to Job One for Humanity

We warmly welcome you to our global warming educational website.

Unfortunately, our global warming emergency continues to get worse at a faster and faster rate.

This website will tell you what few other global warming educational websites either fully understand or are afraid to say for many reasons.

Some global warming educational websites are afraid you are too weak to deal with the increasingly bad global warming news or, they dummy-down their information so much that it is near useless.

They believe either you are not smart enough to grasp it or, you are too weak to deal with it.

They act like, if they did tell you the painful new science concerning global warming, you will not stick around, volunteer or donate.

We will NEVER treat you that way.

We will always give you the most accurate current science available no matter how painful.

We will make it understandable usually with lots of illustrations. 

We always treat you as an adult who can deal with the painful facts and science of our current global warming emergency. And,

We believe that once you do understand the science of this emergency, you will do your part to help us manage it.

For over 10 years Job One has been providing a continually updated meta-systemic overview and analysis of all applicable global warming research. (The meta-systemic analysis used for global warming examins the systems and subsystems involved in global warming from a meta perspective that considers them both as stand-alone and individual systems as well as being interconnected and interdependent with and upon each other. Meta-systemic analysis involves detailed analysis of processes, contexts, relationships, and the continual transformations occurring among and between interconnected and interdependent systems and subsystems within the selected area of analysis. To read more about meta-systemic analysis click here.)

This meta-systemic overview and analysis creates a both a "big picture" and a Hegelian dialectical systems model of the coming global warming consequences and timetables. This analysis has also produced a set of prioritized and practical global warming solutions in the form of the Job One for Humanity Plan.

Our comprehensive meta-systemic analysis is not found on any other global warming educational website.

Most other global warming educational websites continue to present bits and pieces of new climate research or subtly "flawed" analysis by other climate research organizations like the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) that have undisclosed biases, vested interests or inherent conflicts of interests. Others educational organizations present partial or flawed analysis and solutions based on non-Hegelian dialectical and non-meta-systemic analysis and consequence predictions for the relevant climate, biological and human systems involved.

We invite you to start reading anywhere your interest carries you on our website and you will quickly discover that we are on the leading edge of original, meta-systemic dialectical analysis and highly accurate timetable predictions for the coming global warming consequences.


The staff and volunteers of Job One for Humanity


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